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Pokemon Emerald Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Emerald cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 389 cheats in our list, which includes 15 cheats codes, 1 password, 55 unlockables, 35 easter eggs, 53 glitches, 230 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Emerald on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Hints - Cloning

by Rare Candy Salesman Apr 30, 2007

here is the real way how to clone

1:go to battle frontier and to battle tower
2:go to the pc
3:put the pkemon you want to clone
4:log out in the pc then save:
5:log on in the pc
6:get the pokemon that you placed in the pc
7:go to the multi link girl the 4th one in the counters near the pc
8:go on pick any any any thing but there will be a short pause then it will say do you want to save? close the gameboy and turn it on again (do not open so fast wait for 5 seconds)
9:check the pc and your pokemon that u want to clone should be there you could clone legendarys too
10:have fun!

hope i helped..

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Hints - Legendarys... what 2 do

by PokeMaster282 May 29, 2007

ok, a lot of have ran into a legendary pokemon and ether failed to catch it or, just accidently killed it. listen, SAVE BEFORE BATTLE SO YOU CAN TRY AGAIN!(if you can)

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Hints - Pokeball

by Unregistered May 24, 2005

After you beat the elite four go to stevens house at mossdeep city and there will be a pokeball on his desk.

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Cheats - Lati@s

by rat Jun 16, 2006

use mean look block or catch pokemon with shadow tag

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Cheats - Find a Ditto and the other fossil

by Unregistered Feb 20, 2007

Ditto is obtamable ok go to the fossil maniacs house after you have beeten the elite four the cave that he was blocking yu can now go in it. Go all the way east till you reach the fossil turn back and you will run into Loundreds, Whismurs, and Dittos these pokemon are from Lv 30-50 YOU CAN EVEN CATCH SOMETIMES A TRAPINCH READY TO EVOLVE. but its very rare.

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Hints - Battle the gyms over agian

by Unregistered Nov 08, 2006

once after beating the elite four go on you poke'nav then look for a square pokeball right next to a gym leader then call they'll say my gym is ready to re open.then go to the gym talk to the leader they'll battle you agian

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Hints - Nosepass location

by Unregistered May 30, 2006

Nosepass can be found at granite cave in dewford via rock smash.

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Secret - Secret Word For Walda

by VladGLX Mar 10, 2008

Okay guys now this is 100% real. Now you may have encountered a house in Rustoboro city where a young girl named Wanda isnt laughing and her father asks you to say something.

You may want to make her laugh, as this allowes you to recieve an extra bonus in the game, a New Box Wallpaper of your choosing.

For everyone, the random numbers and letters she wants to hear is different. You must find out your ID number and type it into this website, then choose what you would like your wallpaper to look like. After that you tell her whatever code the site gives you....here is the site!


Like i said this definetly works, for mine i choose the "legendary" background to put all my legends in there ;)

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by hdm210 Dec 04, 2006

Well first you must have already "unlocked" Battle Frountier then follow these instructions:

1.Get a skitty

2.Go to Battle Frounteir

3.Go right outside Battle Tower

4.Run left in the first house you see

5.Talk to the girl

6.Trade your skity


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by Unregistered May 21, 2007

if u unlocked battle fronteir, go near the waterfall. walk down. there will be a weird tree. go near it. make sure you have some ultra balls, if not a master ball. step near the tree and save. water the tree with the wailmer pail. you will battle the tree. if u lose, no biggie. simply turn off the power. keep battling it till u get it right.

the tree will disaper. go 2 the edge of the water and surf. go down the waterfall. surf 2 ur left. there will be a cave. it's called atisan cave and its filled with smeargles!!!!!!

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Hints - Easy Hatching

by Unregistered Oct 31, 2006

There is an easy way to hatch an egg. You'll do it 75% faster.
Materials needed:
Pokemon that has Magma Armor ability (like Slugma. NOTE: must have magma armor Pokemon first in your party.
Mach Bike

Ok, there is a completley staright path between Verdanturf Town, Route 117, Mauville City, and Route 118. The only 2 things that stop you in your tracks are the sign to the Verdanturf Battle Tent and a rock 2 spaces above a trainer in Route 118. Magma Armor does prevent freezing, but its second effect is making eggs hatch faster.

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Hints - LIES

by oblivion20 Apr 27, 2007

the triangle on birth island you just have to keep clicking on it even if it goes through your character it still works i know cause i have deoxys

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Hints - Stones

by GameKid Aug 19, 2006

Vulpix-Ninetales: Fire stone
Gloom-Vileplume: Leaf stone
Nunsleaf-Shifty: Leaf stone
Skitty-Delykitty: Moon stone
Jigglypuff: Wigglytuff-Moon stone
Staru-Starmie: Water stone
Feebas-Moltic: Increase Feebas's Beauty

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Secret - The Best Starter!

by Blastoisedude Jul 05, 2007

MUDKIP! Its good on a LOT of the Gyms! To be exact its good on Roxanne, Brawly, Wattson (when it evolves it learns Mud Shot), Flannery, and Tate & Liza! Hope this helps!

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Hints - Claw N Root Fossile

by poke-master Jun 26, 2006

After getting either the claw or the root fossil from the mirage tower in the the desert(i dont no wut time it appers n disappers)and the other fossil goes into the ground. Go 2 the fossile maniacs house in fallarbor town talk 2 his sis. She gives u the tm dig. Go in the hole her bro made go all the way down till u see the fossil maniac. Keep going he tells u that u shouldn’t go in the hole he made kuz its 2 dangerous. Go in it and keep going till u find a fossil.(hint)(u kan find ditto in the kave he makes. Get 1 if u want our pokemon 2 make babies.

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Secret - Multiplying Pokemon

by Articuno Mar 06, 2008

Ok First Beat the Elite 4.
Then Go To the Battle Tower
Put The Pokemon You want To multiply in the PC and Make Sure there is Free Slots in your Party Depending on how many pokemon you want to Multiply At once. (max= 5)
Then Save Game.
Withdraw Your Pokemon Then Talk To the Lady nearest to The PC.
When She Says save the game You have to off your game Half way through Saving.
Hope This helps.


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Hints - Mystery gift option

by tylerpokela Aug 18, 2006

Go to a Pokemart with a clipboard. go to the clipboard. Write down (link together with all). Save game. Link to another pokemon game and turn it off. Turn it on and access the mystery gift option.

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Hints - Rare Berries

by Unregistered Jul 10, 2006

Go to the berry masters house and talk to his wife she will ask you for a phrase and here are some that will get you rare berries but you can only use one a day......tell her-"Super Hustle" and she will give you a Belue Berry or tell her "Overwhelming Latios" and she will give you a Durin Berry or tell her "Challenge Contest" and get a Pamtre Berry or tell her "Great Battle" to get a Spelon Berry or theres one last phrase to get a rare berry and it is "Overwhelming Latias" and you will get a Watmel Berry

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Cheats - Get the 1st evolved form of your pokemon again

by CoolBear Feb 19, 2007

1.Get a Ditto
2.Put Ditto In the DayCare
3.Put your already evolved pokemon in the DayCare

*They Might Have an Egg!*

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Glitch - Multiply Pokemon

by Icicles Oct 22, 2007

When In The Battle tower have The Pokemon you want to multiply in your cpu and save. then take your pokemon thata you want to multiply out so youy have the pokemon you want to multiply and 1 spare slot in your team. Got to the lady closest to the Cpu. When your saving just about to enter battle tower off your Sp, gba or ds. On it again and you should have a pokemon in your Pc And in your team :) Please rate me up :)


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Secret - Hope These Help You!!!

by Unregistered Jun 23, 2007

I have all 3 regi's, rayquaza, kyogre, groudon, gorebyss and huntail.

to get Huntail&Gorebyss: you need - someone to trade with
- a clamperall [found underwater]
- a deep sea scale/tooth the other person needs the other one [if you get the deep sea scale they need the deep sea tooth]

1. give the deep sea scale/tooth to your clamperall and the person u trade with do the same to there clamperall.
2. trade them over and they will evolve.
3. trade back untill u get the one u want. if u have the one u want to start off with then trade anyway so ure pokedex lists u have both.

Groudon&Kyoger - they're no mystery its easy to solve how to get them.

Rayquaza - is found on top of the sky pillar. in i think route 129. u have to have beaten the elite 4 [E4] and u need a mach bike, master ball/heaps of ultra,great,pokeballs. and a tough team.

regiice,regirock,registeel - they're in acient ruins.

regiice -under the sea [the pokemon emerald guide book give u meanings of braile and the route] you need a wailord and a relicanth.

regirock - found near fortree.

registeel - the desert above mauville city.

HELPFULL- one of the caves.. regirocks or registeels braille reads that u run around the walls of the cave 3 times untill the door opens / were the braille is. one makes u use flash and rocksmash

regiice's braille reads that u dive.

I hope this helps:)

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Cheats - Cloning Pokemon And Items

by Unregistered Aug 29, 2006

Hers a great cheat! All you need is to have beaten the elite four. After that, it's all very simple. All you do is go to the battle tower and have the pokemon you want to clone ready! Go to the pc and put in the pokemon you want to clone. then turn of the pc, and save the game. Immediately after the game is saved, take out your pokemon you put in earlier, then go to the mule battle ladies and accept the challenge. Then chose lv50 or open level. Then chose the pokemon you want to clone and one more pokemon. Then she'll say "Before entering the battle room, your progress must be saved. Is that okay?». Say yes, then there will be a second that the game will pause for a second or to. Then she'll ask "Would you like to save the game?".Say no then immediately turn off the game and turn it back on. The pokemon you cloned will be with you. Go to the pc and look where the pokemon you cloned will be there! But if you still have the master ball from the aqua’s hideout, give it to another pokemon you want to clone and you will have two master balls!

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Hints - Getting a Free Premier Ball ( Well, sorta...)

by Unregistered Apr 23, 2007

When you go to a PokeMart buy 10 PokeBalls. The store clerk will throw in a free Premier Ball. (Warning: only works with PokeBalls.) Remember, PokeBalls are 200 dollars each.

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Cheats - Getting rare pokeblock berries

by MCS Mar 23, 2007

go to berry masters wife and enter the passwords. you can enter 1 password per day

cool latios
overwhelming latiaswatmel berry
great battlespelon berry
super hastlebelue berry
challege contestpamtre berry
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Cheats - Pokemon cloning in Emerald

by Unregistered Oct 03, 2006

Here's how you clone a pokemon

1.Beat the elite four.
2.Go to the battle tower in battle frontier.
3.Deposit the pokemon you want to clone.
5.Withdraw the pokemon you want to clone.
6.Go to the lady furthest to the left.
7.Talk to her.
8.Select any two pokemon.
9.The lady will ask you if you want enter the two pokemon.
10.Say yes.
11.A two second pause will occur.
12.It will ask you if you want to save.
13.Say no and reset.You will have it.

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