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Pokemon Emerald Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Emerald cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 389 cheats in our list, which includes 15 cheats codes, 1 password, 55 unlockables, 35 easter eggs, 53 glitches, 230 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Emerald on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Easter Egg - Mirage Island

by Undertaker2009 Jul 09, 2008

Mirage Island is an invisble Island located on Route 130. Most of the time it will be invisible but on rare cases, the island will be visible. To find out if the island is there or not, go to Pacifidlog Town and talk to the old man in the bottom right house looking out the window. He will tell you wheter the island is there or not. The cause is unknown so a bit of luck is needed to find it. On the island you will find the rare Leichi Berry that powers up your Pokemon's attack in battle when it gets weak. In the grass, you will only find Wild Wynauts.

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Secret - How 2 clone pokemon in emerald

by blackUmbreon Feb 02, 2010

This guide will tell u how 2 clone pokemon in emerald (only)

1. go to the battle tower
2. make sure u have the pokemon u want 2 clone in ur party
3. go to the pc in the battle tower
4. put the pokemon that u want 2 clone in the pc box
5. save the game
6. withdraw the pokemon back 2 ur party
7. go to the girl close 2 u 2 make a challenge
8. select 50 or open it doesnt matter
9. then the lady will ask u if u want 2 save the game click yes
10. there should be a 3 sec pause once it starts saving turn off the power
11. turn on the power and go in the game
12. look in ur party the original pokemon will be there then look in the pc box and the cloned pokemon should be there

how to clone items

1. go to battle tower
2. logg on the pc
3. go to deposit items
4. save the game
5. go back on the pc and withdraw the items
6. go to the lady near u (known as the multi link battle room) the lady on the right
7. make a challenge and enter 50 or open doesnt matter.
8. after that she will say do u want 2 save click yes
9. after the pause it will start saving when it starts saving turn off
10. go back on the game logg on the pc and withdraw the items

now u have double pokemon and double items cloning is also usefull when it comes to get alot of master balls and rare candys

WARNING: if ur up 2 the part when it says take out or withdraw ur items then when u take out ur pokemon do not put anything back in or they will be lost forever.

if u dont bieleve that this cheat is real or u dont get it watch this video

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Unlockable - THE STUFF

by thenewpokemonmaster Feb 12, 2008

Do it

Unlockable:How to unlock:
GroudonBeat the Elite Four, and go to the land lair
Unlock special pokemon: KyogreBeat the Elite Four, and go to the sea lair.
Unlock special pokemon: RayquazaGet Magma and Aqua to get Kyogre and Groudon out of the cave, and go to Sky Pillar.
Unlock special pokemon: BeldumSee Steven's house after you beat the Elite four
Espeon and UmbreonIn Emerald, there is only ONE way to get Espeon or Umbreon, what you do is first, you trade over an Eevee from FireRed/LeafGreen, then make it love you (Berrys.. Having it not faint, Etc) then, train it one level up during the day (The clock in your room MUST be between 12:00 AM and 11:59 AM) and the Eevee will evolve into Umbreon, train it one level up during night (The clock in your room MUST be between 12:00 PM and 11:59 PM) and the Eevee will evolve into Espeon.
Trainer Card Color UpgradesAs you accomplish more along your journey, your Trainer Card will change colors and rise in rank, depending on completing certain tasks. After completing one task, it will rise in one rank, but there are some tasks that cannot be completed until beating the Elite Four. You must do these tasks:
Getting the other LatiTo get the other Lati (Latios or Latias), Mix Records with a Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire game that used the Eon Ticket. You can then get to a hidden island via the SS Tidal where you can find the Lati you didn't choose.
Berry Master's Wife PasswordsTell the Berry Master's Wife certain phrases to receive the following berries. You can only tell her one of these each day.
Frontier BrainsYou can encounter special trainers, such as Pike Queen Lucy, in facilities of the Battle Frontier. Beat them to earn Symbols for your Frontier Pass. The last trainer will be the brain. For example, you beat the Pike once. You're in the 13th room. A woman will tell you the Pike Queen is coming. Go in any room to battle.
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Hints - Unlimited Beldums

by Unregistered Feb 03, 2006

First trade a Pokemon for a Ditto, that is holding an item (any item). Then go to the Daycare center and leave a Metang or Metagross with a Ditto. Even though Metang or Metagross doesn't have a gender, it will still have a Beldum egg.

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Glitch - Pokemon cloning emerald only 6 POKEMON

by venusaur17 Aug 14, 2007

here's how it works
go to the battle tower
1. put the pokemon you want to clone in your party, and i suggest giving them items
2. go to move pokemon and deposit all but one of your pokemon in an EMPTY BOX.
3. take another pokemon in your PC and switch it wih your one pokemon and put it in the same box
4. exit the PC and save.
5. switch one of the pokemon with the pokemon in your party PUT IT IN ANOTHER BOX
6. withdraw the rest of your pokemon.
7. go to the lady closet to the pc NOTE if you have pokemon with the same items, take the items
8. challenge open level, say yes, there will be a gap.
9. when she says DO YOU WANT TO SAVE THE GAME turn the gameboy off.
10. turn the gameboy back on, go to the PC, and there you go six pokemon holding any items you gave the origanal
this works with all pokemon (yes mew, mewtwo, the dogs, the 5 birds, celibi, regis, even Groudon, kyogreand rayquaza) you just need 2 eligible pokemon to enter.
Veusaur with 17 ribbons, out.

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Cheats - Easy Eggs

by Daniel 99 Jun 19, 2006

to do this you need the following a male pokemon of your chose and a ditto put the 2 of the together in the day care as normal and what you will get an egg soon this only works if you use a male pokemon (trust me I tried)

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Cheats - Clone any pokemon even legendaries

by Unregistered Mar 06, 2007

to clone any pokemon even groudon, rayquaza, or kyogre go to battle tower and go to the pc on the right.save the game in front of pc before you get on the pc.then deposit any pokemon u want to clone then exit off the pc and save again.then withdraw the pokemon you deposited and go to the multi link battle lady.when she asks what 2 pokemon to use put any of them except for groudon, rayquaza, or kyogre then when she says are you sure you want to save the game turn the game off.There you go!All the pokemon you withdrew should be in your party and your pc
:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:Your Welcome!
Submitted by:PokeGod144

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Easter Egg - Emerlad ruby and saphhire

by KatieTraxie Sep 18, 2009

The Gym leader in Ruby and Sapphire will be Wallace.The Champion is Steve.

The Gym leader in Emerald is Juan.The champion is Wallace.Also Steve helps you alng the way and never battle you.battle with you.

They are diffeences.

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Glitch - Clone items

by Google-plus Apr 01, 2009

Head to the battle frontier This is similar to cloning pokemon except your cloning items faster Go to the battle tower then go torwards the PC Give a pokemon an item in your box and it could be any item besides Key items Exit the PC and save where you are Go back to the boxes and remove the item from the pokemon Go to the far right side of the battle tower and tell the woman that you would like to save the game During the moment where you save shut the game off or press A+B+Select+Start Re-enter your game and in you bag and box the number of that item doubled

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Secret - Cloning/unlimited rare candy

by Unregistered Nov 10, 2008

go to battle tower. deposit a pokemon holding a rare candy to an empty box. exit pc. save. withdraw pokemon. talk to link multi battle lady. challenge lvl 50 or open challenge. pick 2 pokemon (doesn't matter who). when she asks if you want to save, say yes. when she says are you sure, say no. turn off game. turn back on and check pc. you should have a clone of the pokemon and another rare candy. repeat.

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Secret - Helpful Attack Combos

by Undertaker2009 Jul 10, 2008

Belly Drum + Rest
Belly Drum + Psych Up
Charge + Electrical Attack
Defense Curl + Rollout
Dragon Dance + Physical Attack
Endure + Reversal/Flail
Flatter + Psych Up
Foresight + Fighting Move
Leech Seed + Ingrain
Lock-On + Zap Cannon
Mean Look + Perish Song
Mimic + Imprison
Mind Reader + Sheer Cold
Rain Dance + Water Attack
Rain Dance + Thunder
Rest + Sleep Talk
Rest + Snore
Safeguard + Thrash/Outrage/Petal Dance
Spore + Focus Punch
Substitute + Flail/Reversal
Substitute + Focus Punch
Sunny Day + Solar Beam
Sunny Day + Synthesis/Morning Sun/Moonlight
Sunny Day + Fire Attack
Stat Up Move + Baton Pass
Swagger + Psych Up
Swagger + Screech
Toxic + Dig/Fly/Dive/Bounce
Toxic + Protect/Detect

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Glitch - Cloning pokemon

by Undertaker2009 Jul 09, 2008

1.Beat the elite four.
2.Go to the battle tower in battle frontier and save.
3.Deposit the pokemon you want to clone in a empty box.
5.Withdraw the pokemon you deposited.
6.Go to the lady furthest to the right (muti room).
7.Talk to her.
8.Select any two pokemon in a open level challenge.
9.A two second pause will occur.
10.She will ask you if you want to save.
11.Say yes and Turn the game off before it finishes.
12.If it say a error occur, that's how you it worked.
13.Check your team and the boxes.

*Give a item to the cloning pokemon to clone it.
**I'm not sure if it will work in Ruby or Sapphire.

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Glitch - Cloning Pokemon and Items

by Undertaker2009 Jun 26, 2008

1.Beat the elite four.
2.Go to the battle tower in battle frontier and save.
3.Deposit the pokemon you want to clone in a empty box.
5.Withdraw the pokemon you deposited.
6.Go to the lady furthest to the right (muti room).
7.Talk to her.
8.Select any two pokemon in a open level challenge.
9.A two second pause will occur.
10.She will ask you if you want to save.
11.Say yes and Turn the game off before it finishes.
12.If it say a error occur, that's how you it worked.
13.Check your team and the boxes.

*Give a item to the cloning pokemon to clone it.
**I'm not sure if it will work in Ruby or Sapphire.

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Secret - Steven's pokémon

by XxxphobiaxxX Jul 16, 2007

Recommended types:water fire electric fighting ground fire
skamory lv.77:claydol lv.75:aggron lv.76:cradily lv.76:armaldo lv.76:metagross lv.78
I jus beat him with a lvl 79 raquaza with fly,waterfall,outrage, and hyper beam:lvl 73 groudon with solarbeam,fireblast,fissure,rest: and a lvl 74 Kyogre with hydro pump,shear cold, surf, double-edge with a few hyper pots and leppa berries/elixir/ether

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Secret - Faster Way To Hatch Eggs

by The__Pokemon__Master Jan 21, 2008

I Have A Full Proof Way To Hatch Eggs. First After You Get the Egg, Put it in the first slot in your Party. Then Put Slugma Or Magcargo in the Second Slot and the mother in the Third (unless its a ditto, then put the fater in the third) And the fater in the Forth. And Make sure there are no More pokemon in you party. Go All the way down to the Beach Next to Mallvile and go to the rock right by the Water. It's A straight Line All the way to Vanduft Town. If You Follow those Directions The Egg Shold Hatch In About 10-15min.
Hope I Helped

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Hints - Gambling

by Unregistered Apr 17, 2007

First Beat Battle Frontier then go to the house near the Battle Pyramid then the person facing the television then talk to him he'll say he makes bets on trainers' sucesses. He'll talk about a certain event (like Battle factory Double Battle). Then loan him some BP (also known as Battle Points). If you complete the event sucessfully. You'll get your battle points back plus a little bonus.

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Hints - How to get a painting of your pokemon

by Unregistered Aug 16, 2006

To get a painting of your pokemon you have to beat the master rank of beauty cool etc. I got my painting of melodic.

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Secret - Be extremely CAREFUL!

by Unregistered Jul 21, 2008

Most websites that have cheats, hints, secrets, glitches, etc., DO NOT test them before they are posted! Never do a cheat that looks suspicous. For instance...
You CANNOT get ANY rare pokemon in Pokemon Emerald without using a gameshark or through nintendo event! (With the exception of Latias, Latios, the 3 regis, Rayquaza, Kyogre, and Groudon). And just for the record, the famous "rocket launch" glitch where you get Deoxys and/or Jirachi DOES NOT work! It has been proven, people, so just give it up, please...
Do not try ANY cheat that says the words "restart your game" in it. These don't work-- people are just trying to trick you into losing your game that you worked so hard on.
Here are some secrets I know, for a fact, DO work. I tested them ALL!!!
1) The glitch where you clone your pokemon in emerald at the Battle Frontier does work! There have been reports of people losing their pokemon, however, so be careful and follow instructions carefully.
2) Telling the Berry Master's wife special phrases DO give you rare berries~ But you can only tell her these phrases once per game, and as a result, you can only get one rare berry per game. So get planting!

Thanks SO much for reading!~ ^_^ I guarentee this is 100% CORRECT. Any questions, comments, or complaints, you can contact me at my email: pkmnmastermikou@yahoo.com and I will be happy to reply! Again, thanks!

~Mikou Shokora, Pokemon Master

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Secret - Move multiple pokemon in the box at once!!!

by cavemansam1234 Jun 28, 2008

Ok here's what you do. When you're using the "move pokemon" mode in the pc, press select to make the glove orange. Then, you should notice that when you press A on a pokemon you automatically pick it up, right? This time, press and HOLD A on a pokemon, and the pokemon should become a little white. Keeping A held down, move your glove around the box, and more pokemon will become white! After all of the pokemon you want are white, release a and all of the pokemon you selected should pop up! Move over to different boxes as you used to except now you can move more than one pokemon for easier use! Hope this helped!

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Secret - The regis

by phaty Mar 24, 2008

First off youll need to unlock the caves.to get the first thing you need you will have to get the super rod from mossdeepand go fishing and catch a wailmer level it up to 40 any way u want. then go to sootopolis city dive in the water go outside the place where the seaweed is well you wont find it easily but you have to catch relicanth and he doesnt need to be a certain lvl. then put waillord in the first slot of your party and relicanth last.in pacifilodge there are some rapids find the right one that leads you to an area where u can dive. oh before u do all this i guess theres something about getting dig from a boyin fallabar town u have to beat the pokemon league fist(i suppose i never tried to get it before i beat the pokemon league) teach it to a pokemonin your party it doesnt matter who.then go to the place in the rapids where u dive in go in the water then swim into the the place where theres brail on the wall and press b to go up when u do there should be braill everywhere go up to the top part of the cave and use dig it should open up go through and go up farther and press a on the wall a earth quake should happenand they should open up all the caves
regirock-located at route 111 in the desert- go in read the brail and move back 2 and left 2 then use rock smash-hes lvl 40-use the clone pokemon thing an (i know u saw it by now) and make many master balls thats what i did and use them on him
registeel-route 120 going from fortree to the safari zone its in between there look for it may take u some time-go to the middle of the cave and use flash-hes also lvl 40
regiice-route 105 theres 2 island surf to one and go to he back of it surf again inbetween the two island there is a path of water that leads right to it-run around the cave clockiwise in the grooves to contrary to what people say u dont have to run u can walk-also lvl 40
you can use them in battle frontier i beleive

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Cheats - Get Shedinia

by Unregistered Jan 05, 2007

first, you must have a nincada in your pokemon list. then you must train nincada into lvl. 20. in lvl. 20 nincada will evolve into ninjask. you must have one slot in pokemon list empty. whit ninjask, you collect shedinja. (sorry for gramatical errors i'am from slovakia )

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Secret - Mystery event

by Yamz Aug 11, 2007

How to get the mystery event you have to go to petalburg pokecenter and talk to the guy next to the p.c. and say mystery event is exciting it will not work right away but save game after you do it

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by LATIOS10 Apr 18, 2007

first beat the elite four go home and wacth tv say which colour the pkmn was to mom
when you find one of the lati's have a pokemon that nos mean look or
block so they cant escape have 60 ultra balls or 65 great ball and one ultra ball
and make sure his health is very low and give him a status problem
and use the 60 ultra balls in a row or use 65 great balls in a row then use
the ultra ball and there you have it a latios or a latias
it does work

and dont listen to the other one i tried it it dont work
u see im from the pmd page

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Hints - Beat the elite 4 easily in pokemon emerald

by SUPERBLAZIKEN Apr 03, 2007

in pokemon emerald you can catch Raquaza before the pokemon league. you go to the sky piller after the disaster is resolved. you will need mach bike to get there plus it is advisable if you don't want use your master ball,you should have several lv.60 or pokemon plus a ton of ultra balls to do it. it may take several tries.

As for the league you should use raquaza for your main pokemon plus also have some lv50to60 back up pokemon and some revives and hyper potions. you should beat them before on your first try

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Hints - Pokemon day-care center hint

by Unregistered Feb 23, 2007

Listen up people, i shall tell u that every single step is worth exactly 1 exp. point.There, now listen people stop talkin' about the stupid cloning cheat, 1 is enough!!!

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