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Pokemon Emerald Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Emerald cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 389 cheats in our list, which includes 15 cheats codes, 1 password, 55 unlockables, 35 easter eggs, 53 glitches, 230 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Emerald on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Glitch - POKERUS it is not a lie

by StarScream08 May 26, 2008

i was cruzin through route 119 through that huge grass and ran into a tropius (didn't have 1) i caught it didn't take any notice.... little while after went and healed my pokemon and nurse started talkin about the virus.. i was like wat? then i deposited the tropious and boom all my pokemon got it in like 1 day

its real your stats usually raise like 1-5 points per lvl now they go 8+ its so good

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Easter Egg - Bagon with Hydro Pump

by ckjkj Apr 22, 2010

First get a Male Seadra/Kingdra that knows Hydro Pump and a female Salamence. Breed them and when the egg hatches, you will get a Bagon that knows Hydro Pump. Useful for making a Special Sweeping Salamence.

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Secret - Secret base hideout

by CTC-CRUSADER May 04, 2009

First u have to go to this boy by a tree.the type that says "if some vines drop down,this tree can be climbed" kinda looks like a pine tree...on route 111.north side of the desert to route 113 to fallabor u see a boy standing by that tree and staring at it then go up to him and click the button A. and thats about it he'll give u the move secret power and tell u can make your own base cool huh. try it on the tree where that boy was.
hope this helps.!!! P.S. go to lilycove and go to their big store then go to floor 5 and get your stuff their and at fortree... please rank me good i will also answer your questions just add comment and i'll reply... thanks... oh and the only requirement is u have a pokemon that can learn secret power i used beautifly... thanks for your time CTC-CRUSADER OUT. i will aslo make more cheats for u guys.!!!!!!

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Unlockable - Feebas

by Unregistered Jul 09, 2007

Go to Dewford Town and make the phrase "Tasty Diet".Go to Fortree City and Surf on the water near the Weather Institute.Go all the Down until u hit the rocks.Use a Super Rod on the left bottom piece(Don't Surf) U should get Feebas in a few tries.Thank You.RATE THIS CHEAT.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Shiny PokemonGet 6 pokemon that has the ability Illuminate and put them in your team.This cheat works, I tried it and found a GREEN Teddiursa in the Safari Zone.
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Cheats - How to get fossils

by Flygon-Latias Jan 22, 2007

Okay this is how you get to the fossils go to the desert
then if mirage tower is the go in (you need to bring a mach bike)go up every ladder and you will get to the top.It's not hard to chose a fossil if you opened up the desert underpass.when you pick a fossil the tower will be gone the fossil you didn't pick will go to the desert underpass.so go there after(if you have the underpass).OoPs i forgot to tell you all you find in the tower is trapinch and sandshrew.The trapinchs are level 23 and up;the same with sandshrew.most of the trapinchs have that arena thing where they trap others.SEE YA

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Unlockable - Three legendaries

by shadow95 Aug 06, 2008

how to catch rayquaza, groudon and kyogre

Unlockable:How to unlock:
rayquazapass the pokemon league and go to sky pillar
groudonafter getting rayquaza go talk to weather man and he will say where is sunny, go there and u will find rayquaza
kyogresame as groudon but he will where is raining
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Secret - How to clone pokemon the real way

by Unregistered Aug 11, 2007

first go to the battle tower in the battle frontier. go to your pc and deposit the pokemon you want to clone then save. withdraw your pokemon that you deposited and go talk to the lady on the far right. say challeng then pick open level. now choose two pokemon. put the pokemon that you want to clone first then any other pokemon. she'll ask you if she can save the game. say "yes" and wait till the regular save part pops up.(just like as if you're really saving your game) but this time press b when this shows up and turn off the game. turn the game back on and you'll see the pokemon that you wanted to clone in your team. go to your pc and there's another one! don't believe me? well i have 30 celebis,30 rayquazas,30 groudons,30 kyogres,30 latias' and lots more.

happy cheating!
the cheatmaster

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Cheats - Best starter pokemon

by Unregistered Oct 20, 2006

The best starter pokemon is mudkip. i easilly beat the first 6 gyms.

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by Unregistered Oct 02, 2006

to clone go to the battle fronteir then to the battle tower go to the pc and store the poke mon you want to clon save then withdraw it talk to the the blue haired lady closest to the pc enter any 2 pokemon and she says you must save say yes and then the game say would you like to save turn off your game then turn it back on and 1 in your party 1 in your box items and stats shiney nature exactly the same it works i swere

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Easter Egg - Cydiquil/Chikorita/Totodi le

by skyp Jun 06, 2011

In Pokemon Emerald, you will get a special treat from Prof. Birch when you complete the HOENN Pokedex. In his lab will be 3 Pokeballs, each containing a different Johto starter Pokemon: (Cyndiquil, Chikorita, and Totodile).

What ball they are in:

Left - Cyndiquil

Middle - Totodile

Right - Chikorita

You only have one pick, so be careful.

Note ~ this Easter Egg doesn't work on Sapphire or Ruby!

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Code - Get baby Dragons!

by PokeFan909080 Mar 30, 2011

I have been catching those pokemons at my pokemon emerald so here they are! i added snorunt and spheal cuz blah nvm..

( If you want to ask me where is the other pokemons that are not here , just ask im happy to answer!)

BagonMeteor Falls ( if you still don`t get it, search at youtube!)
TrapinchDesert near Mauville and Lavaridge ( Duhh)
BeldumAfter or Before beating the league, go to Mossdeep City , then go to Steven`s house,pokeball with beldum inside is in the table.
SphealShoal Cave ( if u still don`t get it , search at youtube!)
SnoruntShoal Cave (the same as Spheal description)
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Secret - Strong pikachu

by ckjkj Dec 09, 2010

Okay, so this is how to get a power pack Pichu that knows volt tackle, iron tail, thunder, and a random fourth move.
First you will two pokemon, a male and a female.
The male pokemon may be a Pikachu or Raichu(when testing this I used a Pikachu). It can hold an item(though mine did not.) It needs to know Thunder and Iron tail. the other two moves may be whatever you like.
The female pokemon HAS TO BE A PIKACHU. It has to be holding a light ball. This can be found on some wild Pikachu or through a MOD shop. The Pikachu needs to know Thunder and Iron tail also. The other two moves may be random.
Give them both to the Day Care Lady and let them mate. Once you have the egg use the Mach Bike to ride through the route, to Verdanturf Town, back through the route, to Mauville, and repeat.
Once the egg hatches, you should have a Pichu that knows volt tackle, thunder, iron tail, and some random fourth move(mine knew flash because the mother did and it was under Pichu's learnable HM/TM list.)
Heres how it works:
The mother decides the breed, making this baby a Pichu. The father donates the moves. Since both the parents knew Thunder and Iron tail, and it was under baby Pichu's learnable TM/HM moves, those two moves were passed to the baby. The Mother Pikachu holding the Light Ball gave the Pichu Volt Tackle

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Secret - Battle the true champ

by ckjkj Dec 08, 2010

After you have beaten the Elite Four go to the Meteor falls and climb up the waterfall. Go to place where you encounter lots of Bagons. You'll notice that there is a room there now go into the room. In the room you'll see Steven, talk to him and you will fight Steven but be ready his pokemon are very powerful.

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Secret - The Ticket at Pokemon Emerald

by CyberTomahawk77 Jan 14, 2010

Well actually me I'm using the Gameshark code to complete all the tickets there

Aurora Ticket in PC:
483511F5 E6C8E537
Mystic Ticket in PC:
BE39B3A8 280987E1
Eon ticket in PC:
0A6626D3 648DA17A

Well that's all I know!

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Secret - How to get past the wigily tree!

by pokemonmasterjustin Mar 09, 2009

To get past the wigily tree in the Battle Frontier, you must get a Wailmer Pail from the Flower Shop near Rustbro City. then, head back to the Battle Frontier and use the Wailmer pail on the tree, the tree will actually turn out to be a Sudowoodo!

Sudowoodo is on Lv. 40, but I suggest catching it because it is the only time that you can catch it in the whole game!

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Secret - How to train Ground pokemon easily

by jimster Feb 20, 2009

ok first giver your desired character exp share ( found in the tv station or w/e)
well you know the news crew Gabby and that other guy well battle them with your pokemon first in your party or second and use a gorund move on the camera guys magneton it should easily faint thus giving your pokemon bonus exp points. then QUICKLY try and faint the other pokemon Loudred whismur or exploud if done right your trainning pokemon will gain even more expierence

*NOTE their postion changes constantly until you battled them a certain amount of time One south of the sandstorm, then right of mauville, and right of fortree then back to the snadstorm area so be sure to keep chasing them around and continue these steps until your pokemon gets to level 45-50 IF THEY GET ABOVE %) THEIR EXP POINTS WONT WORK WELL SO TRY AND TRAIN THEM BEFORE THEY GET TO 50 or better yet 46

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Secret - How to land Fighting and Normal-Type moves on Ghost or Ghost/Dark

by Aldermar Feb 02, 2009

Have Machoke or Machamp that knows Forsight and then use any Fighting Moves on Ghost Pokemon.

For Normal-Types like Linoone, have it know Odur Sleuth and then attack with any moves.

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Secret - How to get Latios or Latias

by jimster Jan 16, 2009

after you beat the Elite -4 go home and your mom will be looking at the T.v. talk to her and ashe will say something like"they say theres been a rare pkmn sighting it was...Oh darn what color was it" then u will b able to choose either Red or Blue red being Latios and red Latias the first time u meet them should be easy after that they flee

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Easter Egg - Mew

by pokemonmasterjustin Jan 05, 2009

You get Mew by getting the Old Sea Chart, you can get it by using Gameshark or an Nintendo event, then ride the ship from Slateport City or Lilycove City and ride to the island. Once you get to the island you will start to walk around a little and you will eventully enter the trees. Mew will apear in front of a lot of tall grass, but you can't just fight Mew, you have to do a little puzzle first. You have to try to outsmart Mew by catching up to him in the tall grass. Once you finally outsmarted Mew you battle him. But the trick is Mew is on Lv. 30 so you have to bring a pokemon to weaken it.

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Secret - How to catch shiny pokemon! (actaully works)

by Unregistered Jul 11, 2008

ok,first off you must have atleast seen the pokemon in your pokedex (note can't be national must be directly from the games original dex)Then go to the pokemon in your pokedex and hit the A button. Now select area,and look on the map where red strips glow acrossed the map of hoenn.

These strips mark where you can find the pokemon.

Now also look at the tiny flashing red dots that may or may not be on screen at the moment.

those dots are the exact place where you can find a shiny version of that pokemon.

Go to the destination(s) and walk in grass,fish,surf,etc. and you will eventually find a shiny pokemon upon whitch you were looking for. Note it may take a while to find the shiny for even at thier exact destination the game designers made it hard to find them.

Trust me it helped me find a golden shiny poochyeana!

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Secret - Getting Pictures in Lilycove Museum

by Undertaker2009 Jul 10, 2008

To get pictures in the museum, you have to talk to the guy in front of the stairs in the museum. Then you have to beat the Master Rank contest and the artist will come out and show you the picture he drew of your pokemon for winning. Tell him yes to put it in the museum and he'll take it there. You have to beat each contest. Which is five contests. When you go back to the museum, there will be more people up stairs and all the frames will be filled. Talk to the guy who told you to get pictures and he'll give you a Glass Ornament for your secret base.

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Secret - Amazing level 100 pokemon

by munchlaxrocks3 Mar 24, 2008

4 this u need action replay get the teleport to navel rock code(b5b9e5c0 b11ce872)and the walk through walls code(7881a409 e2026e0c 8e883eff 92e9660d)start your game but turn off the ar, then go to the battle factory the get 1 pokemon you dont want (a good way to get rid of bad eggs aswell) go to a guy then select open level the guy will take you throught to a different room then will take your pokemon and give you 3 others after you select the pokemon turn your ar on and he will lead you through another door and you will be on navel rock (in the rock though just walk off it) turn off your ar go home and you will have 3 level hundreds, but the next time you enter the battle factory it will say you've been discalified but thats it

hope it helped

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Secret - Getting battle frontier symbols

by Unregistered Mar 18, 2008

you defeat each place a certain amount of times until you get to the brain of each. when the brain is defeated, u get the symbol! hope this helped :-)

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Secret - Easier catching (supposedly)

by Unregistered Mar 13, 2008

this usually werks 4 me, but dont get mad if it doesnt werk 4 u: when catching a pokemon, or a pokemon u WANT 2 catch, get 1 of ur pokemon that is just about 2 or 3 levels lower than the 1 u want 2 catch.i say this because if it sum levels higher, it may not go down 2 the red health stat that u want unless it faints (wild pokemon stats). make sure it knows a good immobalizing move (sleep powder, thunder wave,attract,etc. just make sure its not will-o-wisp or toxic bcuz these moves deplete health, and when its low,thats real bad)and if its not very quick, have it carry a quick claw with it.when u get it down 2 the health u want, and its asleep, paralyzed, or wutever, throw the pokeball of ur choice at it. just b4 it opens, swiftly and repeatedly tap the B button when it rolls right. when it rolls left, do the same thing with the A button. if it manages 2 roll right again, tap the B button sum more fast times...aaaaaaand... ta daaaaa!!!!;) new addition 2 the team! P.S. this REAAAAALLLLLLLYYYY helped me 4 catching the 3 regeez(regirock, registeel, and regice)

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Easter Egg - Azurill

by AC/DC rules Mar 05, 2008

usally u would get marill wen u put 2 marills in the day care
but if u giv 1 of em the sea insence they lay a azurill egg

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