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Pokemon Emerald Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Emerald cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 389 cheats in our list, which includes 15 cheats codes, 1 password, 55 unlockables, 35 easter eggs, 53 glitches, 230 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Emerald on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Get Latios & Latias easier

by pokemonmasterjustin Jan 17, 2008

First, here's a quick hint: When your mom asks you after the E4, what pokemon did you see in the sky... This is the hint: Red= Latias ( female ) Blue= Latios ( Male )
Now after you see Latias/Latios at least one time, look at your pokedex then select Latias/Latios go to area, then you'll see the location of where its at!
But, this a WARNING: Every time you go into a town/city or Rt., IT CHANGES ITS DIRETION! But luckly it will still be near you...

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Secret - Groundon and Kyogre

by pokemonmasterjustin Jan 09, 2008

When you beat the E4, go to the weather station on Rt.119 and talk to the guy on the 2nd floor and he'll say this " there's a Drout/Rainfall on " and whatever Rt. he says. Drout=Groundon Lv.70 and Rainfall=Kyogre Lv.70. Remember go to the Rt. he says ONLY if he says a Rt. First Kyogre: Go to the Rt. he says where the rainfall is and where you find this underwater carven that wasn't there before, dive into it, keep going on the path and then you'll see Kyogre
Goroudon: Whatever Rt. he says where there is a Drout go there, look around and you'll find this hole in the mountain that wasn't there before go on the path and there is Groundon.

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Easter Egg - The best combination for tough contests!

by Unregistered Aug 27, 2007

First you need to have already unlocked lilycove city.Next go to the sky piller after the deal with all three legendary pokemon.When you are there catch a banette at any level(please be patiente because it might take awhile to find).When you have caught it make sure it has the moves curse and spite.Then after you give it yellow pokeblocks to the max hit the tough contests and if your banette is not in the last slot use curse the spite and repeat.My proof is that my banette beat all the tough rounds!

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Glitch - The 3rd missingno

by jenny333 Apr 27, 2009

the first species of missingno was in pokemon red. it looks like a cardboard square thats ripped into peices

the second species of missingno was in pokemon ruby. it has the symbol of when you didn't see a pokemon in the pokedex. its black and white with a question mark.

with advanced cheats, cheating tools, and glitches, hackers have discoverd a new species of missingno!

its called IND. the person who discoverd this didnt call it IND. it was already like it!
IND is a missingno that is pink circle. it can learn peck infinity times! to get IND, you need to find a gameshark code that could make pokemon that can't evolve,evolve! try and use the cheat on groundon, use a rare candy to make it level 55. and look ITS THE WONDERFUL IND! the best pokemon ever! lol

warning: during evolution prosses, the game might freeze.

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Secret - How to get a Master Ball!

by pokemonmasterjustin Feb 09, 2009

Go to Team Aqua's secret base and take the teleporter on the right. Then a bunch of telaporters will show up. keep going in them until you reach a place where there are 4 pokeballs. Go to the BOTTOM-LEFT pokeball, you will pick up a nugget. Then go to the pokeball ABOVE the one that the nugget was in. When you pick that up you will have your Master Ball!

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Secret - Beat champion

by darkone May 15, 2008

when at the safari zone catch a pikachu and raise it to 50(its gona take a while) then raise to about 60 and chalenge e4 it should at least grow 2 levels then use lightning moves on the champion but not on wiscash because its groun type switch to a grass pokemon if u have one aboul level 45 or up on wiscash hope it helps to beginers

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Secret - Unbreon and espeon [full version]

by kahoo Dec 10, 2007

as long as many magazine,guide book,or something were hard to know and understand
now here I explain them

how to get them:
you trade 1 of eevee to R/S/E and make them adores you in R/S/E(no in FR/LG)
then if you want more ,breed it first.
now them adores you
don't up them lv if that time is no pokemon that you want


if you want (exp)espeon
make it adores you
wait until time that you want
and up it 1lv

it will evolution

if this got problem
don't vote bad first
you can e-mail me or add me in massenger and tell me what's wrong
here is:hoe_3003@hotmail.com

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Hints - How to get millons of pikachu's!

by Unregistered Apr 23, 2007

First you must need a pikachu or raichu. Go to the safari zone and make your pikachu or raichu first in your party.When you walk in the grass,(where its corner is)you realize that lots of pikachu's are coming after you!Now this gives you a high chance of getting a light ball so pichu can learn Volt Tackle!i'll teach you how to get Volt Tackle from pichu later.See ya! From the SalamenceSteven

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Code - Gameshark Codes

by jared2411 Jul 01, 2009

Please enter this codes to GAMESHARK codes!

9266FA6C97BD 905B5ED35F81 B76A68E5FAB1this code is [m]Must be on
ED59169FCEB6 79BA7465DC00Infinite PP
7089F5A153BB 10C6FC61E2C9 70C160A0F3B3Enable National Dex(Select)
A74756D223B7 99468975ECD8 A74756D223B7 79D8B53556DF A74756D223B7 890C1D3556DD A74756D223B7 70C02130F393 BF76157FF645 708BF4E949BAAccess Brich's bag[L+R+Up]
AE45D79E2DF6 06B6AA5A3903 AE45D79E2DF6 805C1D31C295Battle Mew[L+Sel]
AE45D69EADF6 FF2A165F8C45 AE45D69EADF6 805C1D31C295Battle Deoxys[R+Sel]
AE44970EADD6 76F022123307 AE44970EADD6 805C1D31C295Battle Ho-oh [R+A+Sel]
A845D79CADEE 866E1F5B8800 A845D79CADEE 805C1D31C295Battle Lugia [L+B+Sel]
AE45D79E2DF6 06BCBD335902 3B3D7845CC00Choose Latias/Latios [L+Sel]
AE45D69EADF6 06BC3C33D902 BBBC78434C16Battle Latias/Latios [R+Sel]
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Unlockable - Open Doors To Regis

by Unregistered Jan 29, 2008

Go left from pacifidlog town stay at the very bottom you will land on a platform go to the midle surf left again dive

Unlockable:How to unlock:
open doorsdo waht I said and have a wailord in front of your party and relicanth in the back
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Cheats - Item Cloning Without More Pokemon

by Cloner Master Nov 30, 2006

Clone a pokemon using the Cloning Cheat as you would (NOTE: all pokemon you get can be cloned dont believe that Bs about Groudon Kyogre and Rayquaza cant be cloned i know becuase ive cloned them)
after cloning a pokemon holding the item as many times as you want (Recommended: 30 Pokemon with items such as Rare Candy, PP Max, Master Ball) all you do is go to the box deposit in the battle tower at battle frontier and deposit the final 5 pokemon with the items then DO NOT SAVE! then withdraw the last 5 go to the lady that is closest to the PC in the building then just talk to her and do all that crap then when she asks to save and you experience the time gap select yes on the first save then when it asks to overwrite the data turn off the power then turn back on you should have the 5 pokemon in your party from before you turned off the power and the box should be full select move items then put all the items in the bag then talk to the lady and repeat all those step when talking to the lady and when you turn on the power again you will notice the pokemon in the box have all the items still and you have all the items you took still in your bag
i hope you enjoy this =) i have becuase i used it to get 399 Rare Candys and 499 Ultra Balls and 777 PP Max's so use however mush you want =)

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Cheats - The true way 2 catch a feebas really!

by Unregistered Nov 13, 2006

Feebas can be so annoying to catch. but if you use this method,youl catch it in an instant. first off is easy,go to DEWFORD TOWN. talk to a man above the pokemon center.when yes or no pops up say YES. after this fly to MAUVILLE CITY. then walk to route 119.VERY VERY IMPORTANT:keep on walkin till you reach the weather center.cross the bidge and go down the stairs/all the way down. once you are down both sets of stairs,there will be two grass tiles.stand on the right one and surf down. im sorry i cant give you exact location for the feebas because it is random. can you believe that feebas only appears on 6 tiles out of 100?! the feebas will be in this lake if you followed these directions. try and catch a feebas with mild,rash,or modest nature if you want it to evolve into a milotic. ps.if i were you i would use an old rod and fish in a pattern from south/down to north/up. i really hope that you are able to catch the most rae pokemon in the game. ERIC

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Cheats - Find vulpix & duskull

by Unregistered Jan 08, 2007

to find vulpix go to Mt.Pyre although it might take awile.go to the foggy part of Mt.Pyre if you look hard enough you might just might find vulpix.and for duskull you have to go back down and go up the stairs and when you find a hole go in it you will find Lax Incence go down the second hole you will find two holes go to the bottom one you will find Water Incence then go down the last hole then keep on looking around and thats my cheat.

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Secret - What starter pokemon????

by josed Oct 01, 2010

Ok if you are playing pokemon emerald and you dont know what pokemon to get at first torchic mudkip or treeko.

You shuld get torchic if you are the person that like to train your pokemon in Atk.

You should get mudkip if you are the person that dosent like teaching your pokemon surf cut or rock smash. Mudkip can lear many of does mooves.

You should get treeko if you are the person that likes fast pokemon. If you are ever in a double battle and you have two pokemon like treeko and pikachu. pikachu and treeko both have really good spead and atk so both of them are the best together in a double battle.

Thx for reading and vote thumps up hope it helped.

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Unlockable - How to catch Remoraid, Stantler, Miltank, Pichu, Sunflora, Chimecho,

by Unregistered Jul 27, 2007

you need to have the new johto safirer zone, beat the elite four, flash, strength, and patients

Unlockable:How to unlock:
RemoraidYou need to go to the safirer zone and go into the little stream go to the top and there is a rock you need to go 1 space away from the rock and use super rod. You can catch these remoraids easily and quickly lvl. 25 to 31
StantlerGo to safirer zone and go into the midlle of the patches of grass and lightly tap you d pad so you turn a 90 degree angle. It takes a while to find so be patient
SpinarakGo to safirer zone and go to the top of the zone where more patches of grass are found. There you must go into middle of patches of grass and tap on the d pad so you turn a 90 degree angle. It is pretty rare so be patient.Mi
Miltankgo to safirer zone and run around in lower patches of grass it is the rarest of all the johto pokemon in the safirer zone.
Pichuyou need a ditto. (which you can get in fallabor town after you beat the elite four in desert underpass) and you need a raichou which you can get in the safairer zone. Once you have both go to the day care center and put them both in. Very soon the husband will say he has an egg. take it and wait until the egg hatches. Once it does you will have a lvl. 5 pichu.
Sunflorafirst you need a sunkern which you can find in the safirer zone in the new johto pokemon. It is usually in the lower patches of grass. Once you have the sunkern you need a sun stone. Use it and your sunkern will evolve into a sunflora.
ChimechoGo to the top of Mr. Pyte and you will see Mr. Pyte and his wife. Down a little lower on the left you will see patches of grass. You need to go in the grass and keep checking around this pokemon is very rare so be patient.
MawileTo get this pokemon you need flash and the cave at evergrande city. You need to start at the beginning of the cave and into the 2cd room where it becomes dark. Then you need to move the 2 boulders aside using strength. Then you go down and up where you see a little ledge. Stay in that area and keep searching around. This one is very very hard to find.
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Cheats - Lati@s

by rat Jun 16, 2006

use mean look or block be sure item is quick claw or shadow tag wynaut or wabbufet

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Hints - Cloning legendarys

by Pikamew67 May 23, 2007

To Clone legendarys you:

1.Deposit two eligible pokemon in the battle tower pc.

2.Also deposit the legendarys you want to clone in the same box.

3.Back out of the pc completely and then save.

4.Get back on the pc and withdraw those same pokemon.

5.Register the two eligible pokemon and when it says "do you want to save?" the first time say yes and there will be a gap.

6.When it says there is an already saved file do you want to overwrite it say no and cut off the game without saving.

7.Cut back on your Gameboy and you should have them in your party (the real ones) and your box (the clones).

8.You can clone up to five at a time.

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Code - Rate my LV 50's team

by Unregistered Aug 01, 2008

All of these are lv 50. Please be honest when you rate them if you rate them.

Gligar- Hyper CutterEarthquake,Faint Attack, Aerial Ace, Slash
Flygon- LevitateDragon Claw, Crunch, Faint Attack, Earthquake
Metagross- Clear BodyPsychic, Shadow Ball, Metal Claw, Aerial Ace
Swellow- GutsFly, Wing Attack, Aerial Ace, Quick Attack
Swampert- TorrentTake Down, Mud Shot, Muddy Water, Surf
Sudowoodo- SturdyFaint Attack, Low Kick, Slam, Block
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Secret - Get HM Strength.

by metaknight527 Mar 12, 2009

To get HM04 (Strength), you need Rock Smash and the badge from Mauville City. Now go to Rusturf Tunnel and destroy the boulder in front of the black belt guy and he'll give you the HM Strength!

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Code - Cloning Items and Pokemon.

by Pokemon271 Oct 08, 2012

Are you tired of leveling up your pokemon and you only have one rare candy? Are you too lazy too catch legendary pokemon using non-Masterballs? Then you have come to the right cheat. (Not really a cheat though its a glitch). In order to do this you must go to the Battle Frontier, which is unlocked after beating the Elite Four. To go to the Battle Frontier you must go ride on the SS Anne at Slateport/Lilycove, come out and go back to the lady who will ask you where you wanna go. Go to the Battle Frontier. Then, go to the Battle Tower, the centre of all the major battle sites there.

1. Go to the PC on the far right. Then, deposit a pokemon you want to clone. (It is recommended for it to hold a rare item like the Masterball, Exp Share, Amulet Coin, Rare Candy.)

2. Go out of your PC. Save your game. Then, withdraw back the pokemon you deposited.

3. Go to the lady nearest to you. When she asks to enter two pokemon in the battle, pick two of em and continue. Switch off your emulator when she says "SAVING DATA... DO NOT TURN OFF" when she says to save.

4. Turn on back your gameboy. Go to the PC, and withdraw the cloned pokemon if you want it, or go to "Move Items" if you want to take the Cloned item from the Cloned Pokemon.

IMPORTANT- (This can be done with only up to 5 pokemon at a time)

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Unlockable - Johto Starters.

by markrod10 Jul 16, 2012

This is how to get the johto starters in emerald. First complete the regional pokedex ( without event legendary pokemon). Then go to talk to the professer. He will congratulate you by saying he has three pokemon from a far away land. He will let you pick one. So that is how you get the johto starter.

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Glitch - Warning:Releasing Pokemon

by sdan12 Jul 11, 2011

When you release a Pokemon make sure it doesn't have an item that you can only get once because if it's holding an exp.share or an amulet coin, you can only get those once. So you have to be carful when you release Pokemon and you should always check and see if there holding an item and if so, you should take it off.

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Unlockable - How 2 Evolve A Feebas

by sdan12 Jun 13, 2011

When you catch a feebas, it's really hard to evolve it. That's because, when you want a feebas to evolve into a milotic, you have to get's it's beauty all the way up with poke blocks. And when i mean all the way up, i mean you have to use the poke blocks to get the beauty in contests up. If it doesn't work, just breed it and try it again.

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Secret - Lilycove Department Clearance Sale

by ckjkj Dec 10, 2010

Defeat the Elite 4 then if you are lucky you will see an advertisement for the Lilycove Department Clearance Sale on TV. Fly to Lilycove immediatly and go to the Department Store's roof level and you will find many decoorations and items available that cannot be got anywhere else.

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Secret - How to get Scarfs

by ckjkj Dec 10, 2010

There are different colored scarfs that are obtainable threw Pokemon emerald. The scarfs help you in the contests, for example they can raise your Pokemon's beauty. To get one you need to give pokeblocks to one Pokemon and raise one of it's attributes to the max. I suggest using gold pokeblocks. After that you need to fly to slateport. Go to the Pokemon fan club and talk to the man that's siting on the couch. He will examine your Pokemon and if you have one of the pokemon's attribute to the max he will give you a scarf depending on the attribute. For instance if your Pokemon has smart to the max then he will give you a green scarf. Now you can win those contests with ease.

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