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oct 28, 2008Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Submitted

cant find latois or latias and my mom did not say red or blue

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Easter Egg - Latios and Latias Event:

The Latios and Latias event Happens after beating the elite four. Then when your going down stairs your mom will ask you to watch tv after that she will ask you if it said blue or red. if you want Latios blue, if you want Latias its red. and then after that once you find Latias or Latios randomly in the grass or water but it will be at other areas. not certain types, they will run since they run use your masterball or a pokemon to prevent it from running. Masterball is a 100 percent catch. So use it on them or a Legendary pokemon.

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Unlockable - How to get a lati:

Requirments:1 Beaten Elite 4

2Battle fronteir


How it goes is clone a pokemon with a master ball(Try catching Raquaza in an ultra ball)and get the extrasave the Master ballBOTH!!!>:(hinthint!

find it and catch the lati

Unlockable:How to unlock:
The lati(Latios or Latias)beat Elite 4
SSTicketsame as E4
master ballAquas beat in Lilycove
cloning glitchBattle fonteir
atiossay blue or get the eon ticket
Latiassay Red or get the Eon ticket