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jan 24, 2008Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Submitted

how do you get to a pokemon event

jan 20, 2008Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

pick mudkip then when it envoles go to the second gym and use mud shot to beat the gym

jan 15, 2008Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

u can catch any pokemon with any ball i caught rayquaza with a pokeball

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jan 03, 2008Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Submitted

in the battle dome your rivels may be weak but as you go in again start using your stronger pokemon becuase your rivels get stronger

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jan 03, 2008Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Submitted

Can someone tell me how blazikein knows thunderpunch?(i triead the move tutor but it didn't work)

dec 28, 2007Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

any worthful cheat I beat the whole so anywhere

dec 28, 2007Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

easy xp its so easy 1.get the xp share 2.give it to the pokémon you want to train 3.fight with the pokémon end you wil get more xp

dec 27, 2007Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Submitted

where to find the hm stregnth

dec 21, 2007Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Submitted

how to get 2 fossils:go 2 mauville city desert and choose 1 of the 2 fossils and if you finish choosing go to fossil hunter house and in the inside of his house there is a cave go inside go to right run and run and run as you found the fossil.

dec 19, 2007Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Submitted

how do you get walda to smile in pokemon emerald

dec 03, 2007Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Submitted

Where is the exp share.

nov 25, 2007Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

gameshark coad for shiney pokemon

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nov 20, 2007Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Submitted

How to get the good rod

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nov 17, 2007Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

Steal trainer's pokemon

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nov 06, 2007Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Submitted

can Anybody who has actually beaten the game please tell me how to get celebi? please

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nov 05, 2007Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

Make the clock runing in littleroot town(in my house)

oct 29, 2007Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Submitted

how do you get the rocket to count to one hundred plzzzzzzz some one reply

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oct 17, 2007Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Submitted

lady in Saleport with "secret item" which pokemon do I need.

oct 16, 2007Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Submitted

how to get jirachi

oct 13, 2007Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

I would like to know the following things Where is the old sea chart? How do u get 2 mirage island? How do evolve feebas to milotic? ( BE VERY SPECIFIC) How do get Jirachi? How do you get Deoxys?

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oct 09, 2007Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Submitted

how do you steal pokemon from the battle factory plzzzzzzzzz tel me

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oct 08, 2007Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

how often does the roket launch mine says 99 and i dont wont to miss it

oct 05, 2007Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

where can you buy a wireless adapter?

oct 01, 2007Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

can u tell me how to cross the victory roadany maps vedios will do u can also tell me ane links please help me!!!

sep 23, 2007Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Submitted

how do u get a picture by ur name help me

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