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Pokemon Emerald Review :

Pokemon is Cool

by skyp Nov 12, 2010

Through the 10 or so proper Pokémon games that Nintendo has released for the Game Boy, then the Game Boy Color, and now the Game Boy Advance, the crux of the series has remained unshakable. A preteen hero goes out into the world, complete with parental blessings, to become the world's number one trainer of a bizarre, varied, and mysterious race of creatures called Pokémon. Along the way, our hero has some funky adventures. Essentially a singular director's cut version of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, Pokémon Emerald will feel especially familiar, and as such, it will likely hold greater appeal to the uninitiated or those who have been on Pokémon hiatus.

Collecting and Fighting: That is the main point of Pokemon.

After starting off as either a young girl or boy recently transplanted to a new town, you quickly ditch your homemaker mother to follow in the footsteps of your dad, who is already a celebrated Pokémon master. After being gifted your first Pokémon by local man-of-science Professor Birch, you'll head into the world to fight and capture wild Pokémon, as well as test your might against other up-and-coming trainers. Furthermore, you'll rank up your own standing as a trainer by traveling to different towns and besting the head trainer at the local Pokémon gym. You'll eventually get mixed up in some unsavory business with Team Aqua and Team Magma, two nefarious groups of Pokémon trainers, in addition to going on various adventures and side quests that you'll have to take on as you train and collect your Pokémon. The writing isn't quite as clever as Nintendo's own Advance Wars series, but it still pops and generally avoids the kind of condescending tone that makes most kids games unplayable by people outside the designated age bracket.

This game is AWESOME!

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9Story line
Story Line has always bin the same ever since Blue and Red. Baet 8 Gyms. Defeat your friend/rival, Wally. Beat Team Magma and Team Aqua. At the end, conquer the Pokemon League.
The graphic are in 2D, but still, acceptable. When the bring the Pokemon games to DS, they make it so its in 3D.
The sound/music doesn't really mean any thing in this game. I like it when you are battling Rayquaza because the sound is EPIC! Pretty good.
You are a young boy who starts his Pokemon journey with a gift Pokemon from Professor Birch. You beat Gym Leaders, Evil Teams and more!
9Lasting Appeal
It depends on if you like Pokemon. If you don't, you won't spend alot of time on this game. If you LOVE it you will beat this game, start to finish.
(Out of 10)


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