Pokemon Emerald Review

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Pokemon Emerald Review :

The best pokemon game... ever?

by ckjkj Dec 09, 2010

Following the release of pokemon ruby and sapphire in the 'Hoenn" region, Pokemon emerald brought a new life to the world of pokemon. While not only adding new pokemon, it brought better graphics than pokemon ruby and pokemon sapphire. Pokemon emerald gave the players more challenges and even more pokemon you could catch! You could not only obtain Kyogre and Groudon, but also Rayquazza! This game is incredible with the enhanced game play, graphics and sound. This game has the best non hacking glitch, the cloning glitch, Allowing you to duplicate pokemon and items! This was truely a great game.

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8Story line
The story line let's choose your name and gender. Your goal is to become pokemon champion of the hoenn region but first you must battle team magma & aqua, 8 pokemon gyms, many trainers, wild pokemon and the elit 4! Not to mention the hundres of puzzles between them all!
The graphics in pokemon Emerald have much improved then pokemon ruby and sapphire, bringing more color to the game making it clearer.
The sound in pokemon Emerald is cut up in different sections of the game, each desert, moutain, cave , ocean etc. has different types of music. Every time you encounter a pokemon you will hear its cry, no pokemons cry is the same!
The game play includes 8 pokemon gyms, each with a variety of types, between each gym the is always an obstacle you must face. 1 pokemon league, the pokemon league is the hardest challenge you will face, with the elite 4 and the champion wallace. battle frontier, a new area where you c
10Lasting Appeal
Pokemon emerald was certainly a game with a lot of new features. It just could be the best pokemon game before the nds was released!
(Out of 10)


spices    wrote on dec 09, 2010 6:09 am


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