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Pokemon Emerald Review :

Pokemon Emerald

by sdan12 Jun 08, 2011

The game starts out as you moving to a new town with your mom. And your dad as a gym leader. Little do you know... Your about to go on a Pokemon adventure of your own! Battle your way through trainers, gym leaders, Team Aqua & Team Magma, And the Elite Four. In this game you go through your adventure as a young trainer destined to be #1. There are gonna be a lot to do. You battle other trainers. Kick gym Leader butt (your father too) and even get caught in the middle of two rival teams try to fill the world with water and volcanoes. And you find out who the real champion is. If you like any Pokemon games you'll l love this. So try it!!!

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10Story line
The story line is really good. It involve: gym leaders, a rival, Team Aqua & Team Magma, the Elite Four and champion, the Battle Frontier, and a whole lot more!
Theyr'e okay. Not the best but really good for a game boy game. The pokemon are really well illustrated but the details on the charceters are not very good. But overall it's okay.
The sound can get high or low depending if your playing on it with a DS or a Game boy. The music is really, really annoying! Plus the music can iratate other people in the room!
The gameplay is awesome! The game has never frozen up on me and the game responds autimaticly. The game never gets stuck anywhere you play either. So, the gameplay is really good!
10Lasting Appeal
This Pokemon game is very fun but at times challenging. But what's the fun without the challenge? The storyline and urge to complete the Pokedex will keep you on yours toes for hours! Just ask me. I've had this game for years and I'm STILL hooked. I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do.
(Out of 10)


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