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Flaffy11 Review!

by Flaffy11 May 29, 2012

Flaffy11 Reviews again!

Well its me, Flaffy11! Today its the hottest day in West Yorkshire and i have caught a tan plus all the Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald! Finally I have completed the GBA game that is rare to find now. I believe that there should be Pokemon Emerald 2! Only one critisizem I hate, I wish you could pick your own cloths! Lets give a big hip hip hooray for Pokemon Emerald! Just like Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby, but better! I agree with many out there that there are good point and bad points about game. What will I rate Pokemon Emerald? ;)

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9Story line
Well everbody, Pokemon Emerald had a very mysterious story line to it! So, what did I think? Well with team Aqua V.S Magma, the problems with the legionaries and the hole theme of it all...well..it was very, very good! Fantastic, remarkable! I love the way they have twists in the hole story!
To be honest, the graphics where very old. Probebly due to the oldness of the game (made in 2000). People and Pokemon where drew ok, but I always think when battaling happens the grapics go slightly overlapping. However the diffrent drawings of trainers where ever so good!
Sound was brill, though in the next games (now Black 2, White 2 and Pokemon Grey) I think there should be a voice in the background. If you know what I mean? When people speak, it comes up in writting so there should be people talking in the background. Also Pokemon should make sounds when walking!
Nice, I thought the hole point was understandable. Also the people gave you clues which was a very nice affect! ;)
7Lasting Appeal
Over all I would rate this game a 7.6 because the good points are: All Pokemon are ether tradable or catchable There good affects and twists Diffrent genders are to choose from However my bad points are: Only writting No super rare Pokemon No hard to get to places/islands
(Out of 10)


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