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Pokemon Fire Red Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Fire Red cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 11 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 2 unlockables, 2 easter eggs, 6 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Fire Red on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Rare pokemon

by luiscaamal Nov 04, 2009

Hard to find Pokemon in honen that are rare and awsome that u also need to finish

murkrowin lost cave the last room its rare
delibirdicefallcave rare
onix+metal coat+tradesteelix
scyther+metal coat+tradescizor
poliwhirl+kings rock+tradepolitoed
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Unlockable - Secret

by avinduhewa Apr 23, 2010

Go to Island Two and go to the lowest house and talk to the man inside and do the following things:

Hall of Fame Sticker #1Beat The Elite Four One Time
Hall of Fame Sticker #2Beat The Elite Four Fourty Times
Hall of Fame Sticker #3Beat The Elite Four One Hundred Times
Hall of Fame Sticker #4Beat The Elite Four Two Hundred Times
Egg Hatching Sticker #1Hatch One Egg
Egg Hatching Sticker #2Hatch One Hundred Eggs
Egg Hatching Sticker#3Hatch Two Hundred Eggs
Egg Hatching Sticker#4Hatch Three Hundred Eggs
Winning A Link Battle Sticker #1Win One Link Battle
Winning A Link Battle Sticker #2Win Twenty Link Battles
Winning A Link Battle Sticker #3Win Fifty Link Battles
Winning A Link Battle Sticker #4Win One Hundred Link Battles
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Secret - How to really obtain a bike (for bigginers)

by Goldgary123 Nov 05, 2009

First go to vermillion city above the gym there's the pokemon fan club go in the house walk all the way up and talk to the old guy after the story he will give you a bike vouncher now go to cerulian city go to the bike shop and talk to the shop person and obtain your free bike

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by pokefan344 Feb 14, 2011

make sure there over level 50

1st. all of here pokemon are weakened against electricity exept for JYNX for JYNX use fire (JOLTEON)

2nd. bruno is fighting so get a psychic say haunter because it can use giga drain to beat his ONIX

3rd. I think shes weakness is ghost or psychic sorry im not sure (HAUNTER)

4th. Dragon type,dragon is weakened against dragon so get a DRATINI you will find one at safari zone by fishing with super rod in the center zone evolve it 2 times for a DRAGONITE

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by Safaroth Jul 23, 2010

First get Evee and Ditto. Next go buy a fire stone, a water stone and a thunder stone. Then go to island 4 and talk to the daycare woman. Give her evee and ditto. Go for walk and talk to the man outsde after a while. He' ll give u an egg. Go for a walk again (with your egg) and repeat the operation until you get 3 eggs. Make the 3 eggs hatch and give them the stones u bought. You will get ALL OF EVEE'S EVOLUTION!!! sweeet

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by Safaroth Jul 23, 2010

To get Pichu, get Pikachu male and Pikachu female (or Pikachu male or female and Ditto). Bring them to the daycare woman on island four. Go out for a walk and come back later. Talk to the man outside and he'll give you an egg. Make him hatch and you'll get PICHU!!!
For Tyrogue, get Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan and bring him to the daycare woman with ditto. Then you know the routine. get the egg and make him hatch. You'll get TYROGUE!!!

PS: Breeding two Pikachus will make an egg faster than breeding a Pikachu with a Ditto.
PSS: Pichu will know thunder and Tyrogue will know a BUNCH of cool moves.

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Secret - Elite4 Bruno

by skyp Jul 08, 2010

Elite4 #2 Bruno Specialist; Fighting
If you win you get 5600 Money.

His Pokemon;
Onix Types; Ground+Rock
Lv. 51
Iron Tail
Rock Tomb

Onix Types; Ground+Rock
Lv. 54
Sand Tomb
Iron Tail

Machamp Type; Fighting
Lv. 56
Bulk Up
Cross Chop
Scary Face
Rock Tomb

Hitmonchan Type; Fighting
Lv. 53
Sky UpperCut
Rock Tomb
Mach Punch Counter

Hitmonlee Type; Fighting
Lv. 53
Mega Kick
Brick Break

Elite4 Bruno skyp

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Secret - Cloning masterball and rare candy

by REGIGIGAS100 Jun 01, 2010

First you need a ditto or any pokemon you want and a rainbow pass..go to island two and go to the daycare..hold whetheir the rare candy or masterball to ditto before giving it to the daycare...with the other pokemon..wait until the man gives you an egg and until it hatches..take the item and you can have another one..i earned 70 masterballs in one day..jeje

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Easter Egg - Finding these pokemon..

by REGIGIGAS100 Jun 01, 2010

Sumtyms its hard to find a few pokemons because of the version...if you want to have the complete evolution of evee...just have a ditto and daycar it at island two...keep repeating this until you have threee evees..then buy leaf stones,thunderstone,and water stone if you dont have one at celadon dept....then use it to three eveees..whoala you have the three evolution of eveee.the other two which is umbreon and espeon are only be get by trading evees with sun stone or moon stone at other versions.

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Secret - Hidden Move Tutor

by skyp May 26, 2010

I will tell you the move and where to get it.

Mega Punch: Outside of Mt. Moon, There will be two Black Belts. Talk to the one on the left.
Mega Kick: Outside of Mt. Moon, There will be two Black Belts. Talk to the one on the right.
Seismic Toss: Left of the Pewter Mining Museum, there will be a scientist. Talk to him and he will teach ONE Pokemon Seismic Toss.
Rock Slide: Near the end of Rock Tennel, There will be a Youngster. He will teach a Pokemon Rock Slide.
Counter: On the 3rd floor af the Celedon Department Store, the person behind the counter will teach Counter.
Soft Boiled: Be hind the pond in Celedon City a man is standing. He teaches Soft Boiled.
Mimic: The Mimic Girl Will teach you it in a trade for her Pokedoll.
Thunder Wave: A women on the 2nd Floor of Silph Co. will teach it to a Pokemon.
Substitude: In Fuchsia, a man is looking at Kangaskan talking about that he wants to be a substitude. He will teach the move.
Dream Eater: In Viridian City there will be a man talking about how his dream was eaten. He teaches the move.
Metronome: In the Cinnibar Research Lab, in the 2nd room a Scientist will teach Metronome.
Double Edge: At the end of Victory Road, a boy will teach Double Edge.
EXPLOSION!: Some where on Island 1, a Hiker will teach EXPLOSION!
Ultamate Moves: On Island 2, a girl will teach a ultamate move to you starter Pokemon.
Body Slam: On Island 4, two boys will teach it.
Swords Dance: A boy in Island 7 will teach it.

Thats All! skyp

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Easter Egg - Celadon City: Game Corner: Coins Galore!

by skyp Jul 12, 2010

If you want alot of coins for the GameCorner in Celadon, go to the GameCorner. Go to your Bag and use the ItemFinder. You will find ALOT of coins on the ground. Use those coins and money to buy a Porygon.

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Pokemon Fire Red Cheats


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