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Pokemon FireRed Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon FireRed cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 134 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 24 unlockables, 11 easter eggs, 4 glitches, 94 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon FireRed on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Starter Difficulties

by yoshi114 Jan 19, 2012

In pokemon, you have a choice of picking 3 starter pokemon. which are like difficulty settings to me here they are:

Bulbasaur (Easy)Bulbasur is like easy because he has an advantage in 2 gyms in a row, and other hard fights along the way. Bulbasaur also has fairly good stats
Squirtle (medium)Squirtle is like a medium difficulty because he has an advantage in the first gym, but not the second.squirtles' high defence may help you in all types of batttles, however he has rather low speed.
Charmander (Hard)Charmander definatly takes the cake for hard because he has a type DISadvantage in the first 2 gyms and is also not helpful in the third either, however a good player should be able to overcome these downsides(personally my favorite starter)
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Secret - Legendary Dog

by jakobd39 Oct 02, 2009

Suicune if started with charmander, Raikou if Squirtle, Entei if Bulbasaur

Go to a grass patch, use repel and search. If no legend, search in a different route untill you find him. I recomend saving before doing this.

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Secret - How to find items WITHOUT item finder or pushing A where ever you step

by jimster Jun 05, 2009

When you are in a grassy area Not te ype of grass whr pokmon are found but wen the grnd is green.
wen the gound is green you should see fnky lines of differnt sades, there will be times when you will see a DARK line one that should stand up more than the rest that is where you will find an item, just wak over to it and push A
you can test this on Victory road if you didn't get the items, or on the islands

I found stuff on both Victory road and the islands

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Secret - Bad Secret-Better moves

by Google-plus Apr 29, 2009

If you want better moves then you should evolve your pokemon with a stone away. You should level it up until you think it will just learn all the moves from the pokemon then evolve it.


Staryu can learn Hydro Pump but Starmie can't.

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Secret - Easily catch any pokemon (legendaries included)

by jimster Feb 23, 2009

well first its better if the pokemons hp is either in low yellow or red now its easier to catch now if you want an even better chance at catching the pokemon either paralze freeze sleep, burn or posion ( except burn and posion lower its life even more so becarefull the best are paralzye sleep and freeze) then throw a ball that fits the loactaion or time or just any ball will work

Ultra better than great ball better chance anyways(than a greatball)
Greatball better chaces of catching than a pokeball
Pokeball regular catch rate
Master automattically catchs pokemon

(note there are more balls to see how well the ball works read its description)

So in a recap weaken pokemon either paralyze sleep or freeze the pokemon While weaking the pokemon unless u use thunder wave or static then TRY and use a ball that is best suited for the desired pokemon
*note for legendaries its best 2 save b4 encountering

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Secret - Trainer Tower

by Unregistered Jan 28, 2009

An easy way to beat trainer tower is to go up to your first opponent, battle them and then go back downstairs, and go to the healing center in trainer tower, heal your pokemon, go back upstairs, and keep reapeating that.

l l

l l
l l l l l l

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Easter Egg - Cutting grass!

by pokemonmasterjustin Jan 16, 2009

While you are out near the tall grass make sure you have a pokemon that knows the HM CUT, then use CUT while you are in the tall grass, then your pokemon will slice a few strains of tall grass!

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Secret - Nuggets! If You Already Have The One After The Cerulean Bridge

by Unregistered Aug 04, 2008

The First Nugget Is At Cerulean City. You Must Defeat The People On the Bridge And The Last Person Will Give You A Nugget Which Can Be Sold At A High Price At PokeMarts.The Second Nugget Can Be Found In Saffron City. You Must Go Inside The Copycat's House. Go To The Second Floor And Go To Her Desk. Face The Empty Area Next To The Computer On Her Desk. You Will Obtain It By Pressing The "A" Button. Hope I Was Help.
The Dragon Emperor

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Secret - How to get an arcanine easy

by whitekitty24 Apr 21, 2008

go to lavender town, go to left and get to the route to get to celadon and saffreron city, on the way you will see a big graassy area that needs you to cut trees to get inside, go to the middle and look until you find a growlithe boy or girl, girls are harder to get, train to the level you want hen buy a fire stone , use it on the growlithe and you have got your self a arcanine!!!!

p.s. i caught mine there at level 15 and the quickest way to train is the cycling road od day care place near cerulean city

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Secret - Team Strategy for Elite Four

by Unregistered Sep 06, 2010

If you are not sure about what Pokemon to use against the Elite Four (the first time) and you chose Squirtle as your starter try this combination:

Blastoise(duh): Water moves will be effective against Bruno's Onix' as well as Gary's Sandslash, Arcanine, and Rhydon.

Raichu: Raichu's Electric moves will be highly effective against all of Lorelei's Pokemon excluding Jynx. Also will easily dispatch Gary's and Lance's respective Gyrados as well as Lance's Aerodactyl. and Gary's Pidgeot

Flareon:Will have played a more important role earlier in the game while raising it however now, it will be highly useful for use against Gary's Venusaur and Lorelei's Jynx.

Articuno: Articuno's capability of using Flying type moves will prove effective against Bruno's Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, and Machamp. Also, Articuno's Ice moves are ideal for dealing with both Lance's Dragonairs and his Dragonite.

Kadabra: Unless you have been fortunate enough to trade an Alakazam out of a friend then Kadabra will be your best bet for facing Agatha. Kadabra's Psychic type moves will easily dispatch both Agatha's Gengars and her Haunter as well as being effective against Golbat and Arbok.

After these four essential type requirements are met in your party you really aren't limited by what else to carry, I recommend a minimum of level 55 for all carried Pokemon but don't hesitate to go higher.

Supplement your party with another of your favorite type or just whatever you think looks cool.(other legendary birds?)

That's it.

Hope someone finds this information helpful if not slightly redundant.

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Secret - How To Get Mewtwo

by PokeMaster151 Jul 31, 2009

First You must Get Your National Dex, By beating the elite 4 then catch 60 different pokemon. Then you go to celio on Island one after you must go to Mt. Ember where the team Rocket thugs are then you must beat them and go inside there you will find the ruby go back and give it to Celio. Then He will ask u to find the saphire he will give you a new map and a Rainbow pass. Go to the next island and explore go to the Ice cave where you will find the first elite four member team up with her and fight them! Afterwards and you will go to her house then to the next island. You will find the saphire and a scientist will steal it go to the map and find the Meadow you must get two of the passwords to get in the warehouse. THATS ALL I WILL REVEAL oh and after recovering both go to the Cerulean City and in the cave There you will find Mewtwo at level 70 He knows swift psychic recover and safeguard! PEACE!!!

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Unlockable - Where to get the legendaries

by jimster Jan 26, 2009

where to get all the legendaries in firered
hope this is helpfull

Unlockable:How to unlock:
ArticunoSeaform islands moves required Strength,Surf
ZapdosPower Plant moves required Surf
MoltresIsland one mountain moves required Surf and Strength
MewtwoCerulean cave cave left of cerulean city beat the E-4 (and get ruby/saphire) moves required Stength,Surf,(rocksmash optional)
MewGamesshark,Action Replay,or special event
Lugia/Ho-ohAction replay, gameshark or special event island 8 ones east path and ones west
DeoxysSpecial event gameshark,action replay isle 9 solve the puzzle
Entei,Raikuo,Sucininedepends on starter found around Kanto after national dex is retrieved
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Secret - How to catch Moltres9fire bird) without a master ball

by jimster Jan 19, 2009

step1 find moltres on Mt.ember(DO NOT TALK TO IT YET)
step2 make sure u have lots of ultra balls and somewhat strong pokemon)
step3 make sure one of your pokemon can either paralze or put it to sleep
step4 save the game
step5 talk to moltres(battle)
step6 weaken moltres Moltres either red or low yellow health
step7 put it to sleep or paralze it
step 8 through an ultraball at it until its caught

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Secret - Hidden coins

by jimster Jan 19, 2009

when in the Casino walk around(slowly) pressing A each time b4 you take a step and sometimes you will find coins the highest bunch is 100(*note if u use itemfinder u dont have to push a every time u take a step)
u can also talk to ppl playing the machines 3 ppl will give u coins 10,10,20

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Unlockable - Moves!! galore

by blazingdarrieus Dec 01, 2008

certain pkmn moves that they dont learn growing up

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Charizard-heat wavejust get 2 tiny mushrooms or 1 big and go to 2 island and go in the house next to the game corner
venomoth-silverwindsame as the first
hypno-nightmaresame thing
arcanine-extreme speedlevel up an arcanini up to level 50 and then go to 2 island and do the same thing as the others
nidoking-thrash-megahornlevel up to about level 45-50 then go on 2 island
nidoqueen-bodyslamsame thing but there may be another move
vileplume-petaldancelevel up to levl 45 and he will learn it
magneton-metalsoundsame as the others
dugtrio-tri attksame as the others
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Secret - Move Secrets

by frozenfire123 Jun 30, 2008

If you use sunny day and then use solarbeam, you won't have to wait another turn for it to attack. This lasts until sunny day fades. Also, use earthquake when a pokemon uses dig, it will cause damage. Same with surf and dive.

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Secret - E4

by tyranitar08 May 08, 2008

to easily beat elite 4 need lots of revives and fullrestores, a fire type (i used 2 tho) an electric, an ice, a fightin, and a water

my team was charizard (:]oh yeah)lvl49
blast burn
mega kick

articuno lvl54

moltres lvl53
toxic(works well on rival)
flame wheel

cross chop
brick break
seismic toss

poliwrath lvl48
water pulse
brick break

zapdos lvl55
thunder wave
drill peck

with this team i kicked ***:)
just use them right

and use the fightin type first against loreli

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Secret - How to beat your rival in safferon city

by whitekitty24 Apr 21, 2008

fly to vermilion city go up until you reach the pond after the two campers in the grass,
then use your super rod and fish until you get a pretty good level poliwhirl(trust me it works) them catch it and then fly to celadon city and buy a water stone on the fourth or third floor of the celadon mart(the huge building) and use it on the poliwhirl or level it up until level 38 or above, then use the water stone and fly back to safferon.to get to your rival get the card key then go to the third floor,go down until you find the locked door and the scientist throught the door fight or go past him
and go to the warpy thing and it will transport you.best team:
lv.35 raichu with thundershock
lv.32 persian with faint attack
lv.30 pigeotto with fly
lv.38 poliwrath with surf and quick claw attached
lv.40 water pokemon(just in case, best is a Cloyster with hidh defence)

best place to train is route 17 along the cycle road

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Unlockable - Legendaries Locations

by Unregistered Mar 27, 2008

I found this on the official site so this is all true. I'm not a scam artist that posts false info (that's just plain dumb).

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Mewtwo lvl 70Unknown Dungeon (need: beat Elite 4, National P/k Dex, Fix machine on Island 1)
Raikou lvl 50Beat Elite 4 (squirtle as your starter)
Entei lvl 50Beat Elite 4 (bulbasaur as your starter)
Suicune lvl 50Beat Elite 4 (charmander as your starter)
Ho-Ho lvl 70Rainbow Island 8 (Navel Rock) Top left (need: Mystic Ticket)
Lugia lvl 70Rainbow Island 8 (Navel Rock) Top right (need: Mystic Ticket)
Deoxis lvl 30Rainbow Island 9 (Birth Island) Complete puzzel (need: Auroura Ticket)
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Secret - The net & nest ball

by KevsPats Oct 12, 2007

First get the old rod then catch 6 magikarps. Bring them all to the man who gave you the super rod. Save the game first because he will measure the magikarp for example you will have a magikarp that measures 41 inches if you gave him another magikarp that is below 41 or the same at 41 inches he will not give you the net ball. The same as the heracross girl in 5 island that you need to show her heracross.

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Secret - Get money quick and easy!

by someonedied Aug 29, 2007

needed materials & pokemon:meowth that knows payday equiped w/ amulet coin and a grass pokemon that knows sweet scent...first go to grass area w/ strong pokemon second use sweet scent yo lure a pokemon then weaken it third finish it of with payday...give me a thumbs up!!!

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Easter Egg - Togepi

by shinymewtwo Jul 30, 2007

first unlock the forth island then on island for theres a place called water maze at the end of the maze there is a old man talk to him he will give you a egg so have a space in your party.

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Cheats - Were to get the saffire

by Unregistered Oct 16, 2006

you go to 6 island then go to dotted hole use cut to get in go north ,east ,west,and south.you will see the saffire then a man will come and steal it from you .go to team rockets ware house and you will battle him if you win you get the saffire

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by Unregistered Dec 10, 2007

To clear the rockets in saffron go to the silph co.and go to the floor with the rocket standing with the panel diagnoly and then go on the panel and take one step in any direction and get back onto the panel and go right and get the poke ball you have the card key.Explore and open every door one will lead you to one panel DO NOT GO ON IT go behind it and and then up one step then keep going left and you will see another panel GO ON THIS ONE beat your rival and talk to the guy he will give you lapras now go on the panel where gary was facing and keep going down unlock the door and beat the boss talk to the people get out oh yeah!

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Cheats - Turn poke ball in2 master ball

by Unregistered Dec 18, 2006

I used this cheat to catch my mewtwo.It works w/ all types of poke balls (ultra ball=best).hit a+b just b4 releasing poke ball.hit b+select just when poke ball is abot to open(hold both of these rules until the required times)

hope it helps :-) from, ralphy-boy

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