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Pokemon FireRed Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon FireRed cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 134 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 24 unlockables, 11 easter eggs, 4 glitches, 94 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon FireRed on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Secret to get selphy in lost cave

by gimena01 Nov 12, 2007

1. Go into lost cave and at the place where the hiker s who says the place is full of ghosts and he thought it was an ancient ruin.
2. Go right
3. Go up
4. Go back down
5. (You'll see a psychic girl with 2 Natu and 1 Xatu.) Go down again
6. Go right.
7. Go back left.
8. Go down,
9. Go right
10. Go up
11. You will see Selphy walking around and then she'll come to you and battle you with 2 Persians at level 49. Defeat her and take her back home.

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Cheats - Getting togepi

by togepi 101 Aug 15, 2006

If you want togepi beat the elite 4 twice. Go to five islands. Deposit 1 pokemon. Go to beach go up. Surf to water labrienth. Make your way left. You will reach an island with an old man and a trainer on it. Talk to the old man. If your pokemon love you he gives you togepis egg.

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Cheats - Mewtwo and The Elite Four

by Unregistered Jul 06, 2006

Catch Mewtwo:

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually catch Mewtwo with an Ultra Ball. Its all about luck. Buy around thirty-five Ultra Balls (your choice, just nothing under twenty-five).
Save your game right at the tiny island where are are only a few steps away from Mewtwo but not yet fighting him. This is an absolute must, because you might have to reset the game in case you accidentally faint Mewtwo or he gets you. If you mess up, simply reset the game to right before you fought him. This gives you limited chances.
Simply whittle him down to low health and keep chucking Ultra Balls at him. This can get hard because of his recover move. If you run out of balls, restart the game.
On my third or fourth restart to capture Mewtwo, I struck lucky and got him on my third Ultra ball. Not kidding. He's one of the must-haves for your party, just don't use your Master ball on it.
In case you don't get lucky right away, just be patient. It wouldn't hurt to buy more balls if you don't feel like resetting every time you run out.

Hint: Save your game before capturing any of the legendary birds. Save your game before you go in to fight the Elite Four. It can cost alot of Hyper Potions, Max Potions, Full Restores, Revives, etc if you lose and have to buy them all over again. So when you lose to the Elite Four, reset the game so you can still have the same amount of items as before.

Perfect team:
I know there are many ways to construct a faithful and strong team. Here is my favorite team.
Jolteon (the evolutions of Eevee are pretty strong)
Golem (trade Graveler with a friend to induce the evolution, then trade back)

Best types against Elite Four:

Lorelei- Electric works the best every time. Make sure your electric Pokemon doesn't have a weakness to ice or water.
Bruno- Water and Flying. Use surf or water attacks on his Onix or Steelixes and flying moves on the rest.
Agatha- Use Psychic and Dark. Mewtwo is an ideal psychic because it is so fast.
Lance- On Gyarados use electric, ice works for Dragonite and Dragonair, both water and electric works on Aerodactyl, and electric can take Kingdra.

Rival Gary
There are many different Pokemon he can have depending on your starter. Electric, Fire, Water, and ground/rock are some useful types. Heracross can be taken down with Fire or Psychic. Alakazam isn't too hard to defeat, Dark will work. Tyranitar can easily be fainted by a Water.

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Hints - To get sapphire

by Unregistered Oct 24, 2005

Got to dotted hole thats in five island. Get a Pokemon that knows cut and use it on the door. It wiil open and you have to fall through the holes to get to sapphire. Walk up to it and a person will come and take it and say the password to the rocket hideout. Go to it do the password and then you have to get through battling team rocket grunts and then you get to the scientist win then he gives you the sapphire.

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Unlockable - Get the National Dex (JP Version)

by dgmm7797 Oct 09, 2008

Once you have beaten the Elite 4 and have more then 60 pokemon in the pokedex, go to Pallet Town and see the Professor. He gives you and Gary the National Dex, which allows you to view the entries of all 386 pokemon.

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Easter Egg - Rival lvl down

by rio-50 Feb 27, 2008

Its is said that ifd u lose the first battle against your rival at professer oak's lab the lvl of his pokemon will be diffrent,they will be a lower lvl NOTE:i am still not sure if this easter egg is true.

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Secret - How to get a sapphire

by Unregistered Jun 19, 2007

go to 4 island and go to the icefall cave near lorelei's house on the left.need to surf.go to the last ice step and go over 2times.climb up the ladder.go to last ice step on bottom go over 2times.when u get off ice thing go up ladder at the bottom.the item is then right infront of u.

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Unlockable - Kanto legendaries

by rocko23 Aug 24, 2009

You need the nationial pokedex for all except first 3. these are all extremely difficult to catch, bring tons of ultra balls.

moltresgo to the top of mount ember on one island
zapdosfly to the rock tunnel, go north, surf, and go in the building. zapdos is in the last room
articunogo to cinnabar island, surf east until you get to the seafoam islands, go in. on the first floor with water, surf across it and jump in the first hole.
mewgo to an event
mewtwoinfultrate the rocket base. then go to the cerulean cave
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Secret - How to get to channel cave

by KiraGirl2 Sep 25, 2008

go to the resort(five island water area) go up far as you can then go right until you see a cave there it is

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Cheats - Mew&auroa ticket

by Unregistered Dec 05, 2006

Could someone please tell me how/where to find mew&how to get the auroa ticket Please if you or you friends know how to get any of them please tell me

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Hints - Getting togepi

by togepi 101 Aug 16, 2006

In order to get togepi beat the elite 4 twice. Go to island 5 with 5 pokemon. Stay on beach and go north. Surf into the water labrienth. Make your way left. You will reach an island with an old man and a trainer. The old man talks to you and if your pokemon love you he gives you togepis egg.

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Hints - Rare Candy

by Shawnthedragon Mar 19, 2007

In Cureleuen City there is a house with a backyard. And look for a Rare Candy

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Secret - The real way to get Mewtwo!

by pokemonmasterjustin Mar 19, 2008

This will be a walktrogh on how to get Mewtwo.

NOTE: Make sure you have a lot of ultra balls and repels!

When you beat the elite four go to Curulian city and go to where the guy was blocking the cave he WILL be gone you surf from where the guy in the green shirt is and then go to the cave now make sure you use the repel there are a ton of wild pokemon in this cave. Get past all the maze stuff and you should finally see Mewtwo battle him and try to weaken him ( he knows recover so make sure what you are doing ) then as soon as he is finally weakened use the ultra balls to catch him.

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Secret - In Game Trades

by skyp Jun 23, 2010

In the game there are hidden trades;
Cerulean City - House on left of the PokeCenter Bald Man wants a Poliwhirl, you get a Jynx.


Route 5 - Underground Path south of Cerulean City Little girl wants Nidoran-M you get Nidoran-F.


Vermilion City - House to the left of Poke Mart Little girl wants Spearow, you get Farfetch'd.


Route 2 - House south of Pewter City (Enter through Digglet's Cave or use CUT) Young Boy wants an Abra, you get Mr. Mime.


Route 11 - Town Separation House east (to the right) of Vermilion City (second floor) Young Boy wants Nidorino, you get Nidorina.


Route 18 - End of Cycling Road, Town Separation House that goes to Fucchia City (second floor) Young Boy wants Golduck (Fire Red) or Slowbro (Leaf Green), you get Lickitung.


Cinnabar Island - Laboratory 1st Room Old Gentleman wants a Raichu, you get Electrode. Young Female wants a Venonat, you get Tangela.


Cinnabar Island - Laboratory 3rd Room Young Man wants a Ponyta, you get a Seel.
This also works for LeafGreen.DU!
I also posted a cheats for In Game Move Tutorers. skyp

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Secret - How to get a Pichu.

by 888999catcat Jun 08, 2009

First catch 2 Pikachu's then go to 4 island and give your Pikachu's to the daycare people and then leave the island and about five minuets later go back to 4 island and go to the daycare man and he will give you a egg and that egg is your Pichu.

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Secret - Itemfinder goodies

by Unregistered Apr 20, 2009

at the celadon game corner, you can find misplaced coins there, upon entering the game corner, use your itemfinder and KA-CHING! free coins! the coins you can collect just amounts 220 coins sadly, but if you chose charizard,, and you carry 2 meowths, [1 male, 1 female] you might collect coins at the prize of 500 coins,, good luck findings those coins!

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Secret - How to get ruby and saphirre for the guy on island...also how to get free nugget

by Unregistered Apr 13, 2009

Okay this is how to get the guy in front of the PC linkage thing to give 1-7 islands PC linkage THE WHOLE THING. This means the RUBY AND THE SAPHIRRE. Plus a WEIRD GUY THAT GIVES YOU GOLD.
1. Win the Elite Four, get national dex, and solve the problems of the people on 1-3 islands AKA that random guy and finding Lostelle. If you haven't gotten to 1-3 islands but you already beat the elite four thats just sad.
2. Go to the guy in front of the PC linkage thing on one island, that would be in the pokemon center. Talk to him-you HAVE TO DO THIS or else it won't work. You don't have to listen though.
3. Go to Mt.Ember. You will see some team rocket guys on the right side of the volcano. Talk to them and they will battle you.
4. When you epically defeat them and they epically fail(they have terrible pokemon)go in the cave go all the way down until you have the ruby. Ta-da you have the ruby.
1. Go back to the guy in front of the PC and talk to him blablabla who cares what he says anyway he gives you the rainbow pass.
2. Go into the ice cave on 4 island and mess around trying to get above the waterfall you have to do something with ice and ladders. Then you have to go into a cave and fight team rocket again.
3. Go to the dotted hole on island 5 use cut on the doors. You have to fall through the holes in a certain sequence. I forgot it so just look it up or somnething. Anyways you'll get the saphirre and this scientist jerk comes and takes it.
4. Go to the rocket hideout ON ISLAND 6. NOT ON THE MAINLAND. You have to do something with arrows and BATTLE EVERYONE YOU CAN BECAUSE IF YOU DON'T YOU CAN'T GET TO THE SCIENTIST. Then get to the scientist and battle him. Ta-da you now have the saphirre.
1. Go to 1 island and give the guy in front of the PC the saphirre. He'll thank you and say a lot of stuff that's not really worth listening to.
2. Go to 3 island and go into the cave that you see when you first get there(the one where a guy says that he's prospecting for gold and when he strikes it rich will buy a house in kanto, something along those lines). The cave will now be really long go all the way to the end and talk to that guy. He will give you a nugget I think. Or maybe he doesn't and you have to use an itemfinder I forgot but I *think* that he gives the nugget to you.
Also, there's another exit with some grass outside you can catch some kinda... 

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Secret - How to talk to the old guy and get in the backway to the museum haha in all your friends faces

by Unregistered Apr 10, 2009

These are just some cheats that are obvious but easily skipped over so you can laugh at all the people who don't know them.
How to talk to the old guy on route 16 next to celadon city
1. Cut down the tree next to the fence go to the path above the tree battle the people there.
2. Go into the building and talk the old guy. He will say, "How did you get in Good effort!" (this is the part where you laugh in your friends faces).
3. If you exit the building and enter the house talk to the girl she will give you the HM fly.
How to get in the museum the backway
1. Go to pewter city and in front of the museum. Keep going to the right until you see a space on the ledge.
2. Go up there and use cut on the tree then go into the side building with the red door.
3. You just snuck in the museum this is when you can laugh in your friends faces again! Here you can get seismic toss and if you have amber talk to the scientist but you can't really get into the museum.
Want to laugh in peoples faces again See the secret I submitted for pokemon diamond "Way around etrena forest".

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Secret - What happens when you get to the end of lost cave

by Unregistered Apr 10, 2009

Recently, I unlocked the sevii island 4-7 and discovered how to get to the end of lost cave AND what happens then. But, I brilliantly wrote down how to get to the end of the cave on a post-it which I brilliantly lost. So please enjoy, and try to figure out how to get there.
1. Go to the lost cave. It is near five island east of resort gorgeous.
2. Get to the end of the cave. If you see the same hiker you saw at the beginning, you went the wrong way. Write the way you went somewhere because when you go the wrong way, you start over.
3. Youll get to this place there may be an item there but anyways theres a lady. She will battle you, than she will give you a silk scarf and leave.
4. If you go back to her house at resort gorgeous, she will demand a pokemon. You should catch the pokemon anyways but not with all six pokemon because if you go to a PC, she will ask for a different pokemon. Idk what she gives you if you show her a pokemon but i bet its really valuable.
Also, the other people on resort gorgeous, the rich people anyways, if you use the vs seeker battle them over and over, you can get rich really fast.
It doesnt take more than half an hour to figure out, really.
Who found all those AMAZING pkmn emerald and diamond cheats!
And also the In-Your-Friends-Face cheat thing

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Easter Egg - Get Metal Coat and Kings Rock

by Unregistered Mar 16, 2009

u know 2 evolve onix u need 2 trade it with metal coat and krabby with king's rock but u don't know how 2 get it ? Then don't worry' Ill help you!

Metal Coat-Go to 5 island surf down u will see an island w/ 3 trainers u can either fight them or ignore them surf down again until you c a guy standing by a pillar land there and you"ll c a poke ball get it and then u have metal coat.
Kings rock go 2 7 island then down after a while you'll c rocks and broken 1s get the poke ball inside and then tada! u have the King's Rock.
Hope this helps' keep on training :)!

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Secret - How to Catch Mewtwo

by ToonLink Mar 02, 2009

To catch Mewtwo you need to give Celio the ruby and Sapphire then fly to Cerulean city then surf to the area where that person use to block the entrance of the cave. Then once your at Mewtwo save your game. Also, becareful he's at level 70 type:Psychic his moves are swift, Psychic, recover, futer sight so good luck on catching him hoped this helped.

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Secret - Get all the starters!!!

by misty_may1998 Mar 02, 2009

First you need to have two GBA's and 2 FireRed games. Then using the first FireRed pick your starter and trade it to the other game, but before you trade it you need to pick another starter but different from the one that you chose earlier.(and also capture another pokemon in both games) Then after trading the first starter to the other game, new game the game that has no starter(because you traded the starter to the other game, but you still have tswhe one that you captured earlier) then pick the last starter [ for example earlier in the first game you chose bulbasaur and the second game you chose squirtle then you trade squirtle to the other game(but you will trade the other pokemon that you captured earlier in the second game) after that make a new game in the first game and chose charmander and capture another pokemon in both games again then trade the charmander for the other pokemon that you captured earlier in the second game then viola! all 3 starters in one game.( Pls don't leave a comment if its a negative one).

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Secret - Shiny pokemons

by sharingan_eyes Feb 23, 2009

kk today i am going to tell you how to get your starters and lengedary pokemon like mewtwo, moltres, zapdos,articuno the're are more but i am not going to say all the lengedary kk, so let's get started with it shall we?
for starters:
well before you chose a starter save in front of the pokeball you want to pick, then chose the pokemon say charmender, go to summary and check if the sprite has got a glod star in it's right upper corner if not turn off your gameboy and turn it on again and do what i said but do not save again kk i know it will take alot of time but you can also use action replay or gameshark but i am saying this to you because you can get bad eggs that can ruin your game.
for lengedary pokemon:
before you battke the pokemon save in front of it, then battle it if it glows some stars when the battle begins and has a different color then congratulation you have a shiny lengedary pokemon, it will probaly take alot of time but as i said you can use cheats to make every pokemon in your game shiny, anyway continuing to explaining welll if it isn't shiny turn off your gameboy and turn it back on but do not save save only one time so you can turn off your gameboy or else you won't be able to catch the pokemon in shiny version kk.

happy catching believe i know it is very hard to get one and you have to keep turning off and on your gameboy and checking the pokemon to see if it is shiny but it is worth it kk because you may have friends that collect shiny pokemon and you can trade them shiny starters or legendary pokemon to get other pokemon you don't have and that you can't catch in the game o complete the pokedex. !!Piece!!

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Secret - Hidden Items

by darkone Jan 26, 2009

there are many hidden items throught the game you need itemfinder to find
2 that i found today are
1 at vermilloin city use the itemfinder when you are right in front of the pokecenter. it is on the beach, i forget wat it was i think it was max ether
2. there are lots of hidden items on cycling road

also on treasur beach on 1 island 1nce a day there will be items all over such as ultra ball, pearl, and stardust


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Secret - How to get running shoes

by mathew-mage8 Jan 16, 2009

To get the running shoes all u have to do is beat the pewter city gym

then go to the scientist on the right side of the city then he should give it to u

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