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Pokemon FireRed Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon FireRed cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 134 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 24 unlockables, 11 easter eggs, 4 glitches, 94 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon FireRed on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Acess to mystery island 1-3 & 4-7

by mathew-mage8 Jan 16, 2009

to access to the first 3 mystery island

u must of finish all the gym leaders

To access to mystery island 4-7 umust of finshed the elite 4 to get the rainbow ticket

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by Unregistered Jan 14, 2009

You Need An Action Replay Version 3 To Perform This Cheat To Get Deoxys.

72BC6DFB E9CA5465
56671F3A 6F4F4D6B

DMA ENABLIER(Must Be On All Time)
8D671FD9 6F6BEFF2
78DA95DF 44018CB4

You need to be at Virmilion & have gone to at least one of the sevi islands then you can put in the codes. Put code in a New Game Slot.

MYSTICTICKET (8th Island - Lugia-Ho-Oh)
EAEF00BE 85EA8374
141BB87C 83D7018F
194F7975 5E68B89E
2782EFCA 4EED1397
After entering the (M) and DNA ENABLIER codes, enter the MYSTICTICKET with those only. Do not enter the AURORATICKET yet. Now start the game and go to the PokeMart. You should see MYSTICTICKET for sale when you click buy. Buy one and save and turn off. Now disable the MYSTICTICKET and enter the AURORATIKET.

AURORATICKET (9th Island - Deoxys)
EAEF00BE 85EA8374
141BB87C 83D7018F
194F7975 5E68B89E
641B9F5D 3A0D0482
You should see AURORATICKET for sale when you click buy at the PokeMart. Buy one and save and turn off.

Now Disable The AURORATICKET and Leave On The DMA ENABLIER AND (M).

Now enter Birth Island/Navle Rock Enablier.

Birth Island/Navel Rock Enabler
07CF2578 E43B4EBF
Now you should start the game with the (M), DMA ENABLIER and Birth Island/Navle Island Enablier.
Now go to the Varmilian Port and Tak to the Sailor. He should sa that's a rare ticket and Birth Island and Navle Rock should appear. Now your free to capture Deoxys, Ho-Oh, and Lugia.

THE ACTION REPLAY CODES ARE BY Pokemonhacker and loadingNOW. I wrote the Instructions and stuff.

I know some people will have trouble with slving Deoxys Triangle Puzzle so I did this for you guys.

Note: When solving this puzzle, you need to tap the buttons that I tell you to tap lightly or you'll end up with extra steps. HERE GOES:

Solving The Triangle Puzzle
1)Approach the triangle from below and press A.
2)Press the left Directional Pad 5 times left, now press down once and press A.
3)Press the right Directional Pad 5 times right, now press up 5 times and press A.
4)Press 5 times right, down 5 times, and A.
5)Press up 3 times, left 7 times, and A.
6)Press right 5 times, and A.
7)Press 3 times left, down two times, and A.
8)Press down 1 time, left four times, and A.
9)Press 7 times right, and A.
10)Press left 4 times, down 1 time, and A.
11)Press up 4 times, and A.

If you need help on this game, u can contact me at syrus42000@yahoo.com

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Secret - Get those legendary birds

by Unregistered Jan 05, 2009

ok so everyone may be wondering where those pesky lendary birds are well i can shed soe light on tha=e subject ok so zapdos is located at the power plant just go to the pokemon center near rock tunnel then just surf at the piece of water their go straight down then theirs the power plant next is articuno you can find him at the seafoam islands the moltres everyone is used to finding moltres in the victory road but its now on the first island at the volcanoe you will find some team rocket bullshit their but they wilnot fight you not yet though

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Secret - How to get pichu and magby

by Unregistered Dec 25, 2008

you can get this two..."pichu" to get pichu,go to the island 4 and go to the day care center.you must have a ckiditto before you do this.and the lady will ask you if you want to raise your pokemon,first,give her your ditto and pikachu.and then,your ditto will turn into pichu.next,give her your ditto and magmar,same as you did to pikachu and ditto.now if you had the two.raise that two fucking pokemon and beat all the shitting trainers

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Secret - Mystery Gift

by Regiprank Nov 17, 2008

In any Pokemon Mart, go to the clipboard by the shop owner and enter "Link Together With All." You will now have access to the mystery gift system.

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Glitch - Mystery gift

by Unregistered Nov 17, 2008

go to a poke mart there should be a note book go up to the notebook and press a now type in the words link together with all and the shop keeper should notice then save and turn of and at the menu one of the options should be mystery gift click on it and when you r at a live event u can download deoxys by da way if any one knows a cheat for unlimited master balls please put it up

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Secret - More time in the Safari Zone

by dgmm7797 Oct 10, 2008

In the safari zone , stand in any grassy area. Instead of moving left and right, just tap left or tap right so that your character turns but you dont move. By doing this, you'll still run into random encounters but your time in the safari zone will not decrease.

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Secret - To Catch legendary dogs

by Unregistered Sep 22, 2008

You need first:
national dex
flying pokemon

first fly to safron city and move left up and left going to a patch grass move wobuffet at the first slot and just go to the grass again and again to see

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by Unregistered Mar 31, 2008

yo ok so this is how u get a level 100 buterfree e-z. ok so then you capture a metopod in the forest. then you give him lucky egg so he will get 2 X xperiance. then you battle the elite 4. IMPORTAT: DO NOT EVOLOVE HIM OR HE WILL LEVEL SLOW. then you battle the elite 4 many times then when he is level 99 EVOLVE HIM NOW BECAUSE IT IS YOUR LAST CHANCE. the level up 1 more time.

CONGRADULATION you have a level 100 butterfree e-z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it is really good one time i beat the elite 4 with it alone any i only used 3 potions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Secret - How to get mystery gift

by Unregistered Mar 27, 2008

go to any poke mart then go and fill up the sheet fill it up with link together with all

ps:you can only use it if you have a wireless apdater

pss:you can use it in catching jirachi and other pokemon related to jirachi

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Secret - Moltres!?!

by Dialgakilr49 Mar 12, 2008

1st, make sure you have a lot of ultra balls, some super, hyper, or max potions, and some full heals. after you are done shopping for your supplies, go to One Island, Your target is MT. Ember.Then, Go down kindle road until you get to MT. ember. once you get to the top, Moltres will be waiting. SAVE!!!! It is lvl 50, so i recommend a lvl 60 or lower water type, a pokemon that has a focus sash and knows endeavor and has low health, or a rock type. once you can get it down into the red health, you can try a few ultra balls. make sure you have a lot of ultra balls before you battle, though. Keep pressing the "A" button when you throw ultra balls at it. If you run out of Ultra balls, then turn it off, and start again until you finally catch it. (KEEP READING IF YOU CAUGHT MOLTRES)


(I just bought a used Fire red game, and it had 99 master balls so i just threw one at it, so if you have only 1 master ball, DON'T USE IT!! SAVE IT FOR MEWTWO!!!)

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Secret - E4 win

by Unregistered Jan 29, 2008

the only real seacret is that use LOTS of revives i used 127 but it will work

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Secret - Best team ever

by bambam8 Oct 26, 2007

blastoise l.v 100[hydro cannon,hydro pump,scull bash,bite]
kaddabra l.v 70[phcic,pybeam,confusen,trick]
zapdoes l.v 70[thunder,fly,thunder shock,flash]
articuno l.v 70[ice beam,fly,powder snow,deflect]
moltres l.v 70[overheat,fire blast,flamethrower,ember]
dragonnite l.v[dragon claw,hyper beam,out rage,surf]
I hope you like this team also this made me beat the elite 4 85 times that made me find all the legendairs on ilands 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.

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Secret - Razor-leaf critical hit

by Unregistered Oct 15, 2007

When you are using razor leaf you are supposed to
tap the a button right before the 2 big leafs come out
and then when it is just about to take their life away it should
be a critical hit 60% of the time.

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Secret - Rare balls

by Unregistered Oct 11, 2007

when u fix the trade system on 1 island go to 2 island u will see a pokemart seller

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Secret - How to catch moltres

by pokemonrock300 Oct 08, 2007

To catch molters you need badges 7 and 8.To get into gym 7 get the key from the pokemon mansion and win the bill will meat you outside and you will go to 1 island and bill will give you a stone to give to someone on 2 island,talk to him in the game corner and he will ask you to find his girl then,go to 3 island and go to the end of the berry forest and you will find lostelle and you will battel hipno and then,lostelle will thank you and you will go back to 2 island with her then,her dad will thank you and you will give him the stone and then go back to 1 island and bill will thank you and then the 8 gym is open.win then to the pokemon leage and half way there your next door neighbour will battle you.win then go to vermilion city (walk,go on you bicycle or fly)and get on the boat and say 1 island then go into mt.embar spar and talk to the old man and he will give you a HM then go to mt.ember then when you get to the top you strength and SAVE!Then battel and get its hp down to 1 then keep using ultre bals untill you catch it.It will be at lv.60.

........................................................................................ ..

hope it works!!


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Secret - You can't

by Unregistered Sep 27, 2007

It is a glitch from the jap. version of the game. In the jap. version you would have to use the walk through walls cheat to get in. There is a trainer in that room that that has a over level 100 missingno [jap. version only].If you try to go into the room in the american version with the walk through walls cheat the game will just freeze up.

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Secret - Get infinite ultra balls in island 1

by someonedied Sep 10, 2007

first go to the treasure island then press the a button when looking at the low right side then go to another island then go back until you get a 100 ultra balls

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Secret - Female Pokemon

by Unregistered Sep 06, 2007

Do you want a female eevee? To get one put the first eevee you get in the game with a ditto in the daycare on four island. keep hatching eggs and you will eventually get a female. It also worked with growlithe. try it with the pokemon that you can't find in the wild.

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Secret - How to get totodile,cyndaquail,and chicorita

by Unregistered Aug 31, 2007

right sfter beating the 5th gym get out of the gym fly to ur house and ur mom will ask u what ur favorite is and depending on wat u say depends on wich one u will get u will get it at lv.5

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Secret - Beat the Elite Four with four Pokemon

by Unregistered Aug 28, 2007

First you need a Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon and Rayquaza.
[Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon evolve when element stones are used on Eevee]
[Rayquaza can be caught in Ruby/Saphire/Emerald Versions]

Level them up to Lvl.100.

Use the following attacks.

Dewgong [Use Jolteon] Thunderbolt
Piloswine [Use Rayquaza] Outrage
Cloyster [Use Jolteon] Thunderbolt
Jynx [Use Jolteon] Thunderbolt
Lapras [Use Jolteon] Thunderbolt

Steelix [Use Vaporeon] Hydropump
Hitmonlee [Use Flareon]Flamethrower
Steelix [Use Vaporeon] Hydropump
Hitmonchan [Use Flareon] Flamethrower
Machamp [Use Rayquaza] Outrage

Gengar [Use Flareon] Flamethrower
Arbok [Use Flareon] Flamethrower
Crobat [Use Flareon] Flamethrower
Gengar [Use Flareon] Flamethrower
Misdreavous [Use Flareon] Flamethrower

Gyrados [Use Jolteon] Thunder
Aerodactyl [Use Rayquaza] Outrage
Dragonite [Use Vaporeon] Ice Beam
Dragonite [Use Vaporeon] Ice Beam
Kingdra [Use Rayquaza] Outrage

Heracross [Use Jolteon] Thunder
Blastoise [Use Jolteon] Thunderbolt
Tyranitar [Use Rayquaza] Surf
Alakazam [Use Flareon] Flamethrower
Eggxecutor [Use Flareon] Flamethrower
Arcanine [Use Rayquaza] Surf

My party consists of
Lvl. 100 Jolteon(Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thundershock, Double Kick)
Lvl. 100 Rayquaza(Fly, Surf, Outrage, Extremespeed)
Lvl. 100 Vaporeon(Ice Beam, Blizard, Waterpulse, Hydro Pump)
Lvl. 100 Flareon(Secret Power, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Quick Attack)
Lvl. 100 Charizard(Blast Burn, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Ember)

I have 15 Lvl. 100's all together so far.
Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Umbreon, Espeon, Rayquaza, Dragonite, Charizard, Ampharos, Latias, Latios, Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, and Armaldo.

I have beaten the Elite Four 163 times to get these Pokemon to high levels with the above listed move strategy. I hope it helps you.

Email me with questions.

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Secret - How to get exact copies of ur pokemon! same lev and everything!

by GameMaster15 Aug 27, 2007

First you trade all the pokemon u want 2 copy 2 ur Emerald. Then on ur Emrald Fly to the battle fronter. Go 2 tthe battle tower.walk 2 the P.C. and deposet the pokemon u want 2 coppy in a empty box. then exit out of the p.c. and save the game. DO NOT DO NOT TURN THE GAME OFF! go back into ur p.c. and withdraw the pokemon u put in the empy box. then walk over 2 the nearest laddy that does the LINK MULTI BATTLE ROOMS. talk 2 her.challeng.pick open level. select 2 pokemon. the lady will then say, BEFOR ENTERING THE BATTLE ROOM YOUR PROGGRESS MUST BE SAVED. IS THAT OK? say YES. then it will ask you is it ok for u to overight the saved file. SAY YES AND TURN OFF THE GAME! when u turn it back on u should check ur p.c. and have a coppy of the pokemon in the empy box, and the origenil in ur party. it will have the same moves and lev. then just trade the pokemon back 2 ur fire red. I HOPE THIS HELPS!


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Secret - How to make many EVEEs

by Unregistered Aug 27, 2007

go to four island and breed evee with a ditto. you can only do this of course if you have access to four island and you have a ditto and evee...The breeding area for pokemon is quite easy to find in four island...you can do it yourself

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Glitch - Infinaty rare candies

by Unregistered Jul 11, 2007

to get inf rare candies go to battle tower (pokemon emerald) put a rare candy on a pokemon in your pc go to the closest lady click double battle then open lvl when it's saving turn off your gba turn it back on it will say the game has been curupted then continu go back to the pc and take the rare candy off of the pokemon go to your bag and you'll see 2 rare candies
P.S. save before you go to pc first time

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Hints - How to beat ice cave

by daredevil1 Mar 28, 2007

ok after u go to the ice cave u will not be able to go up unless u have the hm move water fall which is found in the cave after you get waterfall go up the waterfall and then u will have to battle after that go up and use surf if you are lucky u will find lapras

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