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Pokemon FireRed Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon FireRed cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 134 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 24 unlockables, 11 easter eggs, 4 glitches, 94 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon FireRed on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Hints - Mewtwo

by Unregistered Dec 05, 2006

While many people say that you can only catch mewtwo with a master/ ultra ball, that isnt true. I caught mine with a great ball. You need to get a strong pokemon that knows sing or yawn. e.g jigglypuff and one that knows false swipe like scyther. Put it to sleep, use false swipe when it gets to yellow and keep throwing great balls at it. Hope it works for you, it did for me

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Glitch - Blue words.

by Shadowstaravia Mar 10, 2009

The glitch is pretty rare. It was a sunday and my little bro was playing pokemon fire red. I noticed when he was in battle, the words were blue. He selected fight, then the game froze. Don't worry the game still works. If the words are blue in battle, turn off the gameboy.

-Glitch discoverd by my little bro Tony. XD

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Unlockable - Mewtwo

by ToonLink Mar 02, 2009

Mewtwo's tuff but your even more prove him by catching him yeah! Your Lucky I also added something to this cheat! But To get Suicune Start your pokemon adventure with Charmander. For Entei start you pokemon adventure with bulbasaur. For Raikou start your pokemon adventure with squirtle. Note: If you call any of these Legendaries you don't have a second chance. so save before battling them.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
MewtwoGive Runy and Sapphire to Celio
SuicuneFind him wild in Kanto after giving Celio The Ruby and Sapphire
EnteiFind him wild in Kanto after giving Celio the Ruby and Sapphire
RaikouFind him wild in Kanto after giving Celio the Ruby and Sapphire
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Unlockable - ItemFinder Secrets

by dgmm7797 Oct 10, 2008

There are places in the game where important people/Pokemon have stood at one point. If you use the Itemfinder on the EXACT spot where they were, a special item will be found which is usually very rare. You cannot find these items any other way.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
LeftoversUse Itemfinder where Snorlax was near Cycling Road and Silence Bridge.
Macho BraceUse Itemfinder where Giovanni was in Viridian Gym.
Sacred AshUse Itemfinder where Ho-Oh was in Navel Rock.
Soothe BellUse Itemfinder where Mr. Fuji was in the Pokemon Tower.
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Unlockable - Mystery Gift

by dgmm7797 Oct 10, 2008

Go to any Poke Mart and click on the clipboard near the shopkeeper. The clipboard is a questionaire. Type in the 4 words "Link Together With All" and the shopkeeper should notice and gives you access to the Mystery Gift system. Save the game and restart. At the Front Menu, there should be a new option called "Mystery Gift" With Mystery Gift, you can unlock many things.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Aurora Ticket/DeoxysYou can now download the Aurora Ticket at Nintendo Events. This allows you to go to Birth Island, where Deoxys is located.
Mystic Ticket/Lugia and Ho-OhYou can download the mystic ticket at Nintendo Events allowing you to go to Navel Rock, where Lugia and Ho-Oh are located.
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Unlockable - Secret Trainer Card Stickers

by dgmm7797 Oct 10, 2008

Go to Island Four and go to the lowest house and talk to the man inside and do the following things:

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Egg Hatching Sticker #1Hatch One Egg
Egg Hatching Sticker #2Hatch One Hundred Eggs
Egg Hatching Sticker #3Hatch Two Hundred Eggs
Egg Hatching Sticker #4Hatch Three Hundred Eggs
Hall of Fame Sticker #1Beat The Elite Four One Time
Hall of Fame Sticker #2Beat The Elite Four Fourty Times
Hall of Fame Sticker #3Beat The Elite Four One Hundred Times
Hall of Fame Sticker #4Beat The Elite Four Two Hundred Times
Winning A Link Battle Sticker #1Win One Link Battle
Winning A Link Battle Sticker #2Win Twenty Link Battles
Winning A Link Battle Sticker #3Win Fifty Link Battles
Winning A Link Battle Sticker #4Win One Hundred Link Battles
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Unlockable - Diploma

by dgmm7797 Oct 08, 2008

To get the diploma, catch all 386 pokemon (i.e. fill the national dex).

Unlockable:How to unlock:
DiplomaFill National Dex completely
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Secret - Mystery gift

by zac1000 Feb 28, 2008

go to any mart and fill out the qustienir on the counter make it say {link togeteher with all }

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Secret - How your wrong

by CheatMaster29 Oct 09, 2007

the only way to get Deoxys is pokemon event, action replay, and/or game shark. is it a lie whoever told you you can get Deoxys i pewter city. Like saying, how do you get Zapdos in a pokemon center. not to be mean...

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Hints - Tickets

by kira yamato Oct 09, 2007

use wireless adapter after u got urself a mystery gift...link with a fren...then go 2 a pokemon center,go upstairs talk 2 a green shirt guy

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Secret - Getting a squirtle,bulbasaur,and a charmander egg

by Blastoisechamp Sep 11, 2007

First capture a ditto [at the east side of fushia city] then make sure that it's in your party and the pokemon you got from prof.oak then go to four island [you can only get there when you have the national pokedex and when celio told you to get the other diamond or something]then there will be another day care but it takes care of two pokemon this time.and that's all

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Secret - Catch mewtwo w/ great ball

by someonedied Sep 03, 2007

you need:magneton lvl.70 first use spark until it's H.P. is red but before that get 6 ultra balls and 6 great balls then when you finish go to mewtwo to get to him quick use repel then use all of your ultra balls then use all of your great ball when your lucky you can catch it...i tried it for only 3 times and it worked

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Cheats - Catch mewtwo

by Unregistered Feb 02, 2007

First of all, you have to beat the Elite Four one time. Then, go to One Island and talk to Celio. He will ask you to find 2 gems. For the first one, go up to Mt. Ember and go towards two Rockets. You'll stop to hear them talk, then walk up to them. They'll battle you with weak Pokemon, then run away. go into the cave and you'll find a gem. Pick it up, then go to Six Island. Go up to the Dotted Hole and use cut. then go up, left, right, and down. There will be a gem. try to take it, but a Rocket will steal it from you and tell you the password to the Rocket Warehouse. Go to Five Island and into the warehouse. Find your way through the green arrows and you'll battle a few easy Rockets, including the guy that stole the gem. If you beat him, you'll get the gem. Then return to One Island and give the gems to Celio. You now can gain entrance to Cerulean Cave. Go to Cerulean City, heal your Pokemon, and buy lots of Max Repels and Ultra Balls. Yes, it's totally possible to catch Mewtwo with an Ultra Ball! I did it. If you still have it, you'll want to save your Master Ball for a bigger prize...anyway, go up Nugget Bridge and surf down to the cave. Use Max Repel as soon as you get there. You'll want to save your strength, and watch out for Wobbufetts. If you meet one, you can't escape or switch out your Pokemon. Wobbufetts in Cerulean Cave are wicked strong and they're moves are deadly. Ok, now that that's covered, surf up and around until you come to flat land with lots of brown rocks on it. You won't need to break any of them. Go up the stairs to your right and go around and down the stairs on the other side. Go up the ladder on the island beside you. Ok, now you're in a maze. go down, and you'll see three paths. go down the one farthest to your right. follow it until you reach a ladder. Climb it.(Just for fun, once you climb the ladder, you can go down to the wall and look over to see Mewtwo on an island!!!) Now just follow the path and surf to the island. SAVE YOUR GAME!!! This is importent in case you accidentally defeat Mewtwo!(You should do this before attempting to capture any legendary Pokemon!) Go up to Mewtwo and press a. He will say "mew" and fight you. This is tricky because you'll have to weaken him to 1 HP and give him a stat problem. Don't poison or burn him, because it will reduce, defeating him, the last of his HP if he breaks out of an ultra ball. Good Luck! After I caught Mewtwo, I gave him a soothe... 

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Hints - Get Eevee and More

by Unregistered Feb 01, 2007

First, you'll need the Eevee from Celedon Mansion. (I would recomend not giving it any stones yet, though it will still work if you did) Save Eevee until you beat the Elite Four and gain access to Four Island and Cerulean Cave. In Cerulean Cave, catch a Ditto. (To catch Ditto easily, read one of my other entries called The Master Ball Cheat) On Four Island, Put Eevee and Ditto in the Daycare Center. Soon you will begin recieving eggs. Keep Eevee in the Daycare Center until you get 5 eggs. (Just so you know, you can breed any Pokemon with a gender, including your starter, with a Ditto) When three of the eggs hatch into Eevees, use stones to evolve one into Vaporeon, one into Jolteon, and one into Flareon. To obtain Umbreon and Espeon, you'll need Sapphire or Ruby Version and a link cable. Trade both Eevees to Sapphire or Ruby. Put them in your Party, and continue the game. When they begin to like you, depending on what time it is they will evolve into either Umbreon or Espeon. You can control what they will be by switching one into your PC at different times. You won't want two Umbreons! When they evolve trade them back to Firered. Enjoy!

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Cheats - The ULTIMATE team , no im not kidding

by pokemaster28 Nov 24, 2006

NOTE: dont even look at this , unless u u have a gamecube with coliseum for g-cude , and action repkay , for g-cube , two game boys , one fire red ,a dn another pokemon game compatible with fire red , and a gameboy to g-cube link , ( (with that being said)

The cheat:

First of all hook up a whole bunch of pokemon on coliseum , then trade five of those , which ever to , the game compatible with fire red , breed all five of those , then on fire red , do the whole get the package to Oak thing , so u get the pokedex , and can trade pokemon , then catch five random pidgeys and rattatas , then trade them for the babies , they will grow super fast and strong , and ull kill the elite four

Note:this cheat would be better for sapphire and ruby , because u an get all kinds of pokemon , cuz in fire red leafgreen , and emerald u can pnly get the ones in the regualr dex , u cant get the national dex that easily

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by darkrai_is_here Apr 04, 2008

Birth Island (same as on LG or Emerald) - Go to a Nintendo Event to get a ticket of some sort and then go to Birth Island through Slateport docks and find a triangle.{Examine it and it flies away. Use the least possible no. of steps to reach it.} repeat ? times until DEOXYS is born. You get a different form on FR/LG/Em to each other.

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Easter Egg - Good team for the elite 4

by fsc0987 Jan 07, 2008

A good team for the elite four (1st time) without cheats is:

Blastoise lvl. 60 Hydro pump, surf, bite, blizzard
Dragonite lvl. 58 Overheat, dragon claw, fly, surf
Alakazam or Kadabra lvl. 57 Psychic, hyper beam, psycho cut, energy ball
Arcanine lvl. 58 Take down, flame wheel, flame thrower, fire blast
Nidoking lvl. 56 Surf, earthquake, earth power, ice beam
Kingler lvl. 60 Flail, crabhammer, guillotine, return (make him like you)

thats the team i used for the e4. i didnt need any healing items.

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Unlockable - Ruby and Sapphire Gems and the three legendary birds

by KevinPatrickAndrei Nov 20, 2007

You needed a pokemon who learns cut , strength and surf

Unlockable:How to unlock:
RubyGo to Mt. Ember and defeat the team rocket
SapphireGot to the dotted hole and use cut on the door (the door that can't be opened)
ZapdosGo to the power plant
ArticunoGo to the Seafoam Islands
MoltresGo to Mt Ember
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Secret - Ultamint stragay to beat elite 4 easly

by bambam8 Oct 29, 2007

dewgong vs zapdoes
closter vs zapdoes
laperis vs zapdoes
jyix vs blastoise [use bite while useing blastoise]
ploiswine vs articuno or blastoise [for articuno use ice beam for blastoise use hydro pump or us hydro cannon]
steelix vs blastiose
hitmonchan vs blatiose
hitmonlee vs blastiose
machamp vs blastiose [use hydro cannon
steelix vs blastiose
gengar vs blastiose
misdieveris vs blastiose
arboke vs blastoise [use bite about 3 times]
gengar do the same as her first gengar
crobat vs blastiose [use hydro cannon]
garidoes vs zapdoes
kingdra vs zapdoes
dragonnite vs articuno's ice beam
dragonnite vs articuno's ice beam
arodacto vs blastiose's hydro cannon
herocross vs moltress
tyranatar vs blastiose
venasaur vs moltress blastiose vs zapdoes chaizard vs garidoes
alicazam vs blastiose's bite 3 times
arcinine vs blastiose
gyaridoes vs zapdoes
items to breing for me i brung 5 full restors and 5 reivise
happy battling

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Secret - Breeding any Pokemon

by Unregistered Aug 09, 2007

Do ya want a lot of pokemon for your Pokedex? Well, here ya go! First, get a Ditto. Then take your pick on any pokemon(you can't breed legendary pokemon). Go to the Day-Care center on Four Island. Put in your Ditto, and the pokemon you want to breed. After that, check out some of the islands. Then go back to the Day-Care. Talk to the old man and he might give you an egg. P.S. you'll get an egg even if your pokemon don't like eachother. I tried this cheat with a Ditto and Flareon, and know I have, like, 3 Eevee's! Hope this helped! ^_^

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Cheats - Easy exp

by Unregistered Dec 20, 2006

easy exp: all you have to do is beat the biker guys west of celadon city, go to a pokemon center, go back use vs seeker. battle them keep doing this until your happy with your pokemons level.


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Hints - Recommended team

by Unregistered Jun 29, 2006

Here was my team for the elite 4:

Scizor Lv 100
Rayquaza Lv 85
Groudon Lv 78
Kyogre Lv 74
Zapodos Lv 55
They were pretty good with out using any heal items, except full restore on Groudon and Kyogre.

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Hints - Tyranitar

by poopface pie Nov 22, 2006

You catch him as Pupitar on island 7

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Secret - How to open the dotted hole on 6 island

by KiraGirl2 Sep 25, 2008

get sciantist to move use cut near the door

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Easter Egg - Ok

by lil_shiny Nov 08, 2007

electrabuss doesnt evelve in fr and lg. it can eveolve into electrive in d/p. to eveolve it you tade it to a friend wth electriver

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