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Pokemon FireRed Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon FireRed cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 134 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 24 unlockables, 11 easter eggs, 4 glitches, 94 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon FireRed on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Get in to teamsrocket warehouse

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Once you have collected all 200 Pokemon in this game, go to the Celadon Mansion in Celadon City and the man who is incharge of the Game Freak will give you a diploma.

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Glitch - Shiny Pokemon without gameshark code but using Wild Pokemon Modifier(WPM) and Impossible HP Pokemon

by Unregistered Apr 29, 2009

It is a rare occurance. People beleive that if you use a gameshark then you wont be able to find a shiny Pokemon but that is a lie.At 1:10 today my friend Sho used the WPM and found a Pidgeotto and he caught it but realized it was a different shade of color.when he went to his PC he looked at it and it was shiny.Also with the Impossible HP Pokemon all you have to do is have max stat cheat turned on and then turn the gameshark off and switch to a Pokemon and when the battle ended it had 65495 HP in my Ruby.Thnx 4 l00kin'

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Secret - Determining Pokemon's feelings towards you

by dgmm7797 Oct 10, 2008

When you use an item on one of your Pokemon outside of a battle, such as a Potion, the Pokemon will either move closer or away from you in the short intermission sequence. How far the Pokemon moves depends on how much it likes you. If it does not move at all, it feels neutral.

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Secret - How 2 easily defit d elite 4 and best starter

by Unregistered Apr 23, 2008

Okay 1st ur starter must be squirtle den evolve it to blastoise den catch these pokemon

JYNX ( got in a trade )

perish song( so when d last pokemon is brought out it will faint)
Shadow Ball( Good against psychic like The Jynx of lorelei etc. and got in d game corner)
Ice puNch ( so that it will be good agaunst Lance)
Psychic ( quite useful against agatha)

Dragonite ( game corner or safari zone)
Dragon claw ( good against lance)
Blizzard ( so that you can battle dragon vs dragon)
Wing attack( so that it overs grass types like venusaur)
Flamethrower( okay so pick any thing in this slot)

Thunder punch
thunder( all electric types good against lorelei)

Blastoises recommended moves
hydro cannon
water pulse ( okay i dont need 2 say who ur up against dumb idiot)
bite ( so dat u can fight alakazam or a back up 2 jynx)
hydro pump

Any pokemon can team up against these pokemon so do wel remember train them so u cant possibly lose owkay

Please add in friendster jhomfernandez@yahoo.com

and where is d daycare wer der u can raise 2 pokemon and wer can u catch a magmar and why cant i go 2 d cerulean cave

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Hints - Questions

by Unregistered Nov 28, 2006

if you need to ask any questions go to gametalk.com and then go to the bottom under gba and find fire red and leaf green and ask there.

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Secret - How to get the rainbow pass

by pokemonismylife Aug 12, 2010

To get the rainbow pass(aka, the way to get to all 7 islands) you have to first find the ruby. after the elite four, and after the moltres capture, go to one island, and proceed to the mountian in the north. go to where the hiker offers to teach explosion, and go right, you should see two rocket grunts argueing about something. They notice you of course, push you aside, and leave an open cave door. Go inside, and make your way down the cave. at the bottom, you'll see a red crystal. A ruby, perhaps? Pick it up, bring it to the nerd in the poke center on one island. He'll have a short spazztic outburst, then tell you to find the saphirre. To do that, he gives you his rainbow pass.

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Unlockable - Luxury ball

by pokemonmaster3000 Jun 30, 2010

First,find selphy in lost cave.then talk to her she will ask to see a pokemon. show her the pokemon and her butler will give you a luxury ball

luxury ball----------^
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Secret - Rocket password

by Bebo200 Apr 26, 2010

If you go to 1st island after you beat the elite 4 you find team rocket blabing about the password you then go to the 5 or 7 island and use cut on door you then findout other password you then go to 4 island and tada! youre done!

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Easter Egg - Fame checker Brock Misty Lt Surge

by jimster Jun 08, 2009

1 sign outside gym
2 Brock
3 youngster in pewter gym
4 Trainer on route 4
5 old man at mt moon
6 Pokemon Journal at museum (part with old amber)
1 sign outside gym
2 Misty
3 Trainer in gym
4 Trainer on seaform islands
5 girl by Bill's house
6 Journal in poke center in cerulean

Lt. Surge
1 sign outsid gym
2 Lt.Surge
3 Trainer in gym
4 Trainer in gym (same as above)
5 trainer in gym
6 journal in poke center Vermillion

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Unlockable - UNLOCK items & prizes

by Unregistered Sep 06, 2007

Find out your self.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Up gradeComplet single
Kings rockComplet Multi
Porygon9999 coins
Conect with HolenGet ruby & saphire
National pokedexGet data on 60 pokemon
Get unknownDo bulder puzzle on 7 islans
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Cheats - How to get the 2 stones

by Unregistered Feb 02, 2007

now after you beat the elite 4 go to 1 island and go to where you saw moltres but if you remember the team rocket guys went digging for treasure now go to them they will spot you and battle once you beat both of them go in go through. Now go to the guy at 1 island by the machine he wants the stone but you have to give it to him. Now he gives you a rainbow pass go to 4 island go to the cave near the end of the island and get through it now the pokeball it contains waterfall now get at the part with the waterfall use waterfall on it go to the ladder and the more team rocket face them. now go to 6 island go to the dotted hole te guy is gone get through the cave now you find the other stone but a guy takes it.Then go to 5 island go to the warehouse enter the code you find the guy then he gives it back now talk to the guy who wanted it now you can trade with ruby and sapphire!!!!!! I know i rock

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Secret - How to get the legandaries

by KiraGirl2 Sep 25, 2008

moltres:mt ember
zapados:power plant
articuno:seaform islands
mewtwo:cerclum cave(sorry about the spelling)
rikou/entai/suicune: dependin on you starter you will get the type of his/her weekness these guys will apear at random make the little person go for a walk in weak areas

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Unlockable - Best way to get togepi..

by Unregistered May 26, 2009

To get togepi..
First, you must go to pokemon center in 5 Island, choose a pokemon (just one) and put it in your pocket make sure that that pokemon loves you! I recommend a water pokemon because you will need the move surf..
Second, you must find an old man using surf to the northwest of that island. You will find a girl and an old man. Talk to the man, if he see that you are taking good care of your pokemon and the love you, he will give you an egg (that's Togepi).
Third, wait until the egg hatch. it will start in lvl 5..
Note: If you confident enough that all your of your pokemon loves you, you can bring five of them, leave a free space for the egg. Even if just one of the pokemon doesn't love you,the old man will not give the egg to you.

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Secret - More ways to get money and have your pokemon gain exp points

by Jem45961 Apr 20, 2009

another great way to get more money and have your pokemon gain exp points is to verse lots of pairs (two people in the one battle, they are found standing exactly nect to eachother) as both your pokemon gain good amounts of exp points,if u see to people next to eachother than i recommend that if u have pokemon that are weaker than others or certain ones that you want to move up levels sooner than i would put one of da pokemon that u wanna battle with in the lead, and the other one at the top of the list cause those are the ones that are alwayes chosen, also once u have beaten the elite four on 1 island there is a pair, two karate men and a lady running around, all of their pokemon have grown to like level 50 so u get more money and ur pokemon get more exp points

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Easter Egg - Easy money & lvl

by Tony_bird96 Apr 17, 2009

To get easy money and lvl here is what you do when you beat the elite 4 get the jems and unlock the islands 1-7:
1.you need a flying pokemon who knows how to use fly.
2.a water pokemon who knows how to use surf.
3.a vs seker.
4.a high and low lvl pokemon
5.got to island 5 and walk up to the top left of the island and use surf and take a right.
6.you will be at resort gorgeous go on land but dont go in the house.
7.put the lowest lvl pokemon in front.
8. use the vs seker and go to a trainer.
9. as soon as you start battleing change pokemon to the strongest.
10.when oponints pokemon is dead and it says if you would like to change pokemon click yes and do it untel opponent is out of pokemon and there is the stoff.
there are 3 types of traners:
1.painters- uses smeargle lvl 50 but dosnt giv lots of $ but nice exp.
2.lady-2 of them 1 one the far left uses 48 hopip and 50 skiploom, right uses mareep 47-48-49 flaffy lots of $ and alright exp.
3.a little boy-raticate-53 and 53 pidgeot nice $ and exp.

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Secret - Trainers tower secrets

by Lazyboys126 Oct 13, 2008

in the trainers tower,people get their strongest pokemon ready for battle.

secret#1: is that all of their pokemon is equal to the level of your highest level pokemon.Example:if u have a level 65 charizard,then all of your opponents pokemon willl be level 65.

secret #2:even though it will be long and add time to your score at the end,you can go back to the first floor after you have designed a type of match and go to nurse joy,heal your pokemon,and go back.it will help you out a lot without using a lot of revives.

secret#3:in certain game packs of firered version,people in the trainer tower have shiny pokemon.these are uncatchable,but when you beat them,they will still be shiny.Example:in my game pack,i saw a shiny espeon(green) in the first double's battle and a shiny seaking(light orange)on the 3rd-5th floors(somewhere in that area)this may not be helpful,but it is always cool to see shiny pokemon.

thanks for reading!!!

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Unlockable - Nidoking and nidoqueen

by whitekitty24 Apr 25, 2008

how to get yourself a nice nidoking and nidoqueen easy at the begining of the game

p.s. it works cause i have a lv.17 nidoking and a lv. 22 nidoqueen

Unlockable:How to unlock:
nidokingon the way to mt.moon find a boy nidoran level it up to 16 then use one of the moon stones found in the cave
nidoqueensame for the boy nidoran but is harder too find
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Secret - Alright now of the request kbcs asked this question

by KiraGirl2 Nov 07, 2008

where to catch entei

first of all i have a nice handy chart

bulbasaur entei

charmander suicune

sqirtle raikou

if this were not true i would not be doing fire red with a bulbasaur never liked him

now if you have chosen balbasaur as your starter and have the national dex...

the dude is everywhere i recomend you go to weak areas first i caught mine in the 1st patch of grasses you ever see

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Secret - Easy way too get the first badge

by Unregistered Jun 23, 2009

for all you starters and tell me how my team is
First when you start the game you go outside and go into the tall grass oak will stop you from going in there. he will take you where you pick your first pokemon. bulbasaur easy squirtle medium and charziard very very very very hard. but whatever pokemon you pick your rival will pick the weakness of it. just walk out and your rival will battle you. you will most likely lose because remember how i told you how your rival will pick the weakness. ok go into the high grass take a and try to find viridon city go into the forest and you will be in pewter city when you get out. try to find a pllace thats yellow and fight brock but dont forget to train your pokemon or you will lose!!! ok my team is ho-oh lv 76 used gameshark lugia lv 71 used gameshark blastoise lv 52 deoxys lv 52 gravler lv 52 and zapdos lv 50.

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Secret - How to get Mew(Part 1)

by reto50 May 19, 2009

First,you need to have just arrived in Vermilion City.If the S.S. Anne have left,you need to new game.Do the usual thing.Well,almost.DO NOT FIGHT THE TRAINERS ON THE ROOMS!Instead,go battle your rival.Do not get the Cut.Instead,go out,go to the Pokemon Center,get your weakest pokemon,got to the ship,get cut,lose purposely on trainer in room.continue on game.go back.oh yeah.i gotta go.wait for part two,people!

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Unlockable - Palcio

by Dinofreak Mar 25, 2009

you can get a palcio by going to the big feilds someone says do'nt go in there choose the highest evolved pokemon then keep evolving it untill you get a palcio

Unlockable:How to unlock:
you can get a palcio by going to the big feilds someone says do'nt go in there choose the highest evolved pokemonyou can get a palcio by going to the big feilds someone says do'nt go in there choose the highest evolved pokemon
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Unlockable - How to beat the Elite Four with one Pokemon

by TheLar Nov 27, 2008

First catch a Mewtwo with a Naive nature then train it to Lv. 100. It should have 354 HP (I have one) Make sure you have 29 potions, 14 Full Restores and 15 Max Potions. Your Mewtwo should know Swift, Future Sight, Recover and Psychic. Then just take on Loreli. Save. Then take on Bruno.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Mewtwo (Naive Nature)Cerculean Cave Basement
LoreliUse Swift and Future Sight ONLY!
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Secret - Twisted spoon

by pokemonmaster0 May 05, 2008

to get the twisted spoon you have to go to cerulean cave catch a whole bunch of lvl 45-52 kadabras and one of them should have the twisted spoon.

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Easter Egg - A shiny eevee

by Unregistered Aug 13, 2007

Have 5 pokemon make sure it is in this order all lv 40 or up venasaur Arcanine Raticate Pigeot and onix go behind the building you got the tea go to the room at the top save infront of the pokeball click a check your team it may not be shiny so turn your game on and try again it took me 1349 try but it was worth it.

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Unlockable - DARK + Pychc evee

by pokemonguru01 Jun 19, 2009

Need eggs(Ditto and evee in day care island 4)

Dark eveehappines lvl max at night(lvl 53)
Pychc eveehappines lvl max at day(lvl 53)
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