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Pokemon FireRed Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon FireRed cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 109 cheats in our list, which includes 11 easter eggs, 4 glitches, 94 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon FireRed on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

HaVe as many Charizard,Blastoise or Venasaur

by monde14 Nov 01, 2007

When you finish th elite four you can go to the fourth island where there is the daycare man and woman have your ditto to the daycare and your Charizard, Blastoise or Venasaur. go to vermirmillion and take a walk and in just a few minute go back again to the daycare and talk to the old man and he will give you an egg that when hatch can be charmander,squirtle or bulbasaur

hope this secret help you.Pls. thumbs up

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WhAt to use against gym leaders

by metaknight527 Feb 02, 2009

Brock: Gra.ss and water types are the best. If you chose Bulbasaur or Squirtle, the battle should be a breeze. If you didn't, use Mankey's fighting attacks. You can also use Charmander when it learns Metal Claw (But be alarmed! Rock-types are strong against Charmander!)
Misty: Use Electric types or gra.ss types against her. If you didn't get Pikachu by the time you reached Cerulean City and you don't have Bulbasaur, go north (Beat your rival first) and catch an Oddish or Bellsprout (Depending on if you're playing FireRed or LeafGreen)
Lt. Surge: Ground-types like Sandshrew (If you're playing FireRed, use Diglett) or at least busted out the TM Dig you got earlier, you should be able to unplug him.
Erika: The best would be to use Fire or Flying types like Charizard (If you chose Squirtle or Bulbasaur then bust out Vulpix, Growlithe, Pidgeotto, Spearow etc.)
Koga: Psychic-types like Kadabra (Or at least a Venomoth's confusion) should be able to KO all his Pokemon.
Sabrina: Bring a rock/flying/fire/psychic type such as Golem, Pidgeot, Charizard or Alakazam for the Venomoth and a bug type like Beedrill for Sabrina (You could also use a dark-type attack since you can't get dark pokemon yet).
Blaine: Water, Rock or Ground types are best. Bring an Onix, Golem, or any other rock/ground Pokemon. By now you should have the Super Rod to get a LOAD of Water-types to go against Blaine. If you chose Blastoise, you should DESTROY him!
Last gym leader (I don't want to spoil his name, so Pyro777, if you're reading this, please don't click thumbs down on this cheat): Water-types are best against you-know-who's Pokemon since they can take them all out, especially the Rhyhorns. Use the load of Water-types I mentioned earlier. If you chose Blastoise, you'll DESTROY him!

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thE secret of the Alternate cave

by jimster Jan 21, 2009

many pkmn actually lie in the cave however everyone mostly see Zubats(which are common around the game) however if u stay there long enough u might find...
1.Mareep (uncommon)
2.Aipom (uncommon)
3.Pineco (uncommon)
4.shuckle (uncommon)
7.stanler (uncommon)
9.zubat (common)

stay in there until u find the pokemon that u want
*note i am not sure how long it will take i do know that u will find Zubats there alot

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by FCSNAKE Jul 14, 2010

In the nugget bridge before you get ur nugget for beating all 5 trainers go to the pokecenter take out your weakest pokemon and deposit the rest and go back get ur nugget then lose then when you go back again he will give u another nugget keep losing until u get as many nuggets that u want

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MoLtres Catching

by KiraGirl2 Apr 23, 2009

For Those That Need Help Here Is What To Do. (Many Ultra Balls Helps.) Save Before Moltres And Have A Strong Pokemon With Surf. Another With Thunder Wave. Put The Pokemon Knowing Surf At The Front Of Your Party. Talk To Moltres To Start The Battle. Use Surf. If Moltres Doesn't Use Endure, Shut Off The Power. If It Does Send Out The Pokemon With Thunder Wave And User Thunder Wave. Happy Catching!

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LeGendary Pokemon and their locations

by jakobd39 Oct 05, 2009

Articuno: The cave at the back in Seafoam Islands
Zapdos: Powerplant
Moltres: Top of Mt. Ember in One Island
Mewtwo: Deep in Creulean Cave
Mew: Unknown
Raikou/Suicune/Entei: Random after the national dex is obtained

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hoW to catch mewtwo!

by yanimagtoto Dec 04, 2008

first you have to beat the elite four. then,get the ruby and sapphire and give it to celio.the ruby is in mt. ember and the sapphire is in a cave also sorry i dont know the name:( and use cut on the braile to get it. after thatyou must have 60 species of pokemon then show it to professor oak. he will give you the national dex. then go to cerulean city. go pass the bridge then after the left edge of the bridge,there is a place to surf. then keep surfing after you should see a cave entrance. that is the cerulean cave. go through the ladders then surf up. and after you should see stairs then BOOM MEWTWO is there! use masterball or ultraball.

P.S pls. rate!

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A Few ways to gain expierence -Request

by jimster Jun 08, 2009

How to gain expierence
1 give the desired poekmon an EXP share and battle trainers with Strong pokemon(approximatly the same level as yours)
2 trade your pokemon with a friend then trade back the pokemon will gain a boosted exp points again battle pokemon of same level
3 battle pokemon trainers or wild pokemon with high levels and you shoulc gain expierence

Since you say your pokemon are at level 40-55 you can challenge the Elite- 4 BUT have alot of revives and full restores with you

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to get deoxys

by raven_siccion Sep 10, 2007

you shall have aurora ticket and go to the 9 island birth island and you see triangle just press A to the triangle until its red and you will see DOEXYS!!!

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HoW to unlock isle 8-9

by jimster Jan 16, 2009

these islands hold legendaries such has Lugia Ho-oH and Deoxys
these games can only be unlocked through special nintendo event, gameshark,or action replay
code in gameshark,action replay
or you must go to a nintendo pokemon fire red leaf green and they will take care of it

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ThE best way to catch Mewtwo

by Unregistered Feb 06, 2010

I have an amazing way to catch Mewtwo!This might take a bit longer than others but it is worth it!First,you must be able to buy timer balls from the vendor on island 2.Next you must purchase at least:30-40 revives,40-50 timer balls,and 20-30 max potions,along with about 10 max repels.Get you highest level pokemon out of the PC (have about 2-3 pokemon that can survive strong special attacks from a level 70 pokemon.(yes,you find mewtwo at level 70.)
The cave:To get into mewtwos cave in cerulean city you must have beaten the elite 4 and completed the network connection between R/S and FR/LG.After you have done that you may enter.Mewtwos cave is kind of like a maze.You will need the HM's Rock smash,Surf,and StrengthWhen you finally get to mewtwo,SAVE IN FRONT OF HIM!!!MANY PEOPLE LOSE TO HIM AND HAVE TO START BACK FROM WHERE THEY LEFT OFF!!!!!!!!Now,while fighting mewtwo it is important to remember to make the battle go on for about 30-40 turns.WEAKEN HIM ONLY A LITTLE!Then,after the battle has gon on for awhile,try and paralyze him I find it helps a little.When the battle has gone on for this long start throwing timer balls.They will be much stronger than ultraballs.Don't worry if you don't catch him on the first try,he is very powerful.But, when you do catch him,he is a very strong pokemon to have in your team.Good luck and have fun! :P

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HoW to complete the Fame Checker Bill Mr. Fuji

by jimster Jun 08, 2009

1 rival at Ceurlean
2 youn boy at Cerulean
3 old man at fuschia
4 Celio Island 1 when machine is fixed
5 Celio Island 1 when machine is fixed
6 Celio Island 1 when machine is fixed
Mr. Fuji
1 Rocket in pkmn tower
2 girl in Lavander
3 Old man at Lavendar
4 Pokemon Journal at Cinnabar island
5 Picture in Cinnabar Gym
6 Magazine in Lavader

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hoW to train flying type pkmn easlily

by jimster Jan 19, 2009

first u need to have access to isle 1- 7 then go to isle 6(dotted hole area)
right b4 the dotted hole there are three hikers the first one has rock ground pkmn the next has rock ground pkmn and the third has Machokes
battle the third one over and over again
until you are happy with your flyers level flying beats fighting

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hoW to unlock isle 1-7

by jimster Jan 16, 2009

isle 1-3 beat leader blaine bill will be oputside he will take u 2 isle 1 then celio will give u isle tickets 4 isle 1-3

then beat the elite 4 for isle 4-7 beat e4 then go 2 mt on isle 1 go in the cave and recover the ruby to celio then go to isle 6 saphire gem celio will give u rainbow pass 4 isle 1-7

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reCommeneded moves for starters(evolved form)

by jimster Jan 15, 2009

heres a list of moves that i recommend u use for this pokemon( list may contain more than 4 moves)

Blastoise Hydro Cannon Hydro pump,bite, water pulse, surf,ice beam,crunch

Charizard Blast Burn,Flamethrower, Fireblast, Fly, Wing Attack

Venasaur Frenzy Plant, Solarbeam, Sunny day, toxic, Razor leaf sleep powder

**(YOU CAN TEACH THEM OTHER MOVES but i think these moves are the best)

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HiNts Posted

by Lucario46 Sep 22, 2008

Get easy money:
G to 5 island and Go north until you see Lady Cindy. She has 2 Hooppips and 1 Skiploom. Beat her and you will get $20000!

Open the Dotted hole:
Go front of the door and go to your pokemon party and use cut.

Item evolution:
Seadra-Kingdra trading Seadra with Dragon Scale held
Poliwhirl-Politoed trading Poliwhirl with King's Rock held
Onix-Steelix trading Onix with Metal Coat held
Scyther-Scizor thading Scyther with Metal Coat held
Porygon-Porygon2 trading Porygon with Upgrade held

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yoU need a ditto

by Unregistered Jun 02, 2008

you need the pokemon that is holding the item and a ditto fuse them at the day care you will get an egg hatch it and the baby will have that item

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ThE legendary dogs

by rocko23 Aug 31, 2009

I found out how 2 get them.
fly to vermillion city.
go to the patch of grass outside the under ground path and run around.
if it's not there, go into the underground path.
don't question me. I've done it. oh, and running around in a circle helps.

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LoSt cave and selphy

by darkone Jun 19, 2009

To find selphy in lost cave go inside and down the ladder
there will be an old man
battle him
go the the passage on the right
then go to the passage up
there will be a phychic, battle her (ps. dont listen when she says if you dont go to the path on the right you wont make it, it will take you back to the start)
then go back down, then down again, the right, then left, then down, then right, then up

you find a lady walking around and she will aproach you and battle you
she will be lady selphy with 2 persians on lv 49
she will take you to her house and if you talk to her she will want you to show her pokemon
if you show her the pokemon she wants her butler will give you items (such as, pearls, stardust, ultra balls, premere balls, and a 2% chance a master ball

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FiNd 100 coins in the Game corner

by whitekitty24 Apr 21, 2008

As soon as you come in to the game corner walk right 3 steps then use your itemfinder.
follow the direction the itemfinder gives you or go all the way to the pokemon printer thingy and turn left by tapping the moving pad lightly and you will find the 100 coins on the floor and if you use the itenfinder all around inside the building you will find lots of coins.

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LeGendary Dog

by jakobd39 Oct 02, 2009

Suicune if started with charmander, Raikou if Squirtle, Entei if Bulbasaur

Go to a grass patch, use repel and search. If no legend, search in a different route untill you find him. I recomend saving before doing this.

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HoW to find items WITHOUT item finder or pushing A where ever you step

by jimster Jun 05, 2009

When you are in a grassy area Not te ype of grass whr pokmon are found but wen the grnd is green.
wen the gound is green you should see fnky lines of differnt sades, there will be times when you will see a DARK line one that should stand up more than the rest that is where you will find an item, just wak over to it and push A
you can test this on Victory road if you didn't get the items, or on the islands

I found stuff on both Victory road and the islands

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BaD Secret-Better moves

by Google-plus Apr 29, 2009

If you want better moves then you should evolve your pokemon with a stone away. You should level it up until you think it will just learn all the moves from the pokemon then evolve it.


Staryu can learn Hydro Pump but Starmie can't.

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eaSily catch any pokemon (legendaries included)

by jimster Feb 23, 2009

well first its better if the pokemons hp is either in low yellow or red now its easier to catch now if you want an even better chance at catching the pokemon either paralze freeze sleep, burn or posion ( except burn and posion lower its life even more so becarefull the best are paralzye sleep and freeze) then throw a ball that fits the loactaion or time or just any ball will work

Ultra better than great ball better chance anyways(than a greatball)
Greatball better chaces of catching than a pokeball
Pokeball regular catch rate
Master automattically catchs pokemon

(note there are more balls to see how well the ball works read its description)

So in a recap weaken pokemon either paralyze sleep or freeze the pokemon While weaking the pokemon unless u use thunder wave or static then TRY and use a ball that is best suited for the desired pokemon
*note for legendaries its best 2 save b4 encountering

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TrAiner Tower

by Unregistered Jan 28, 2009

An easy way to beat trainer tower is to go up to your first opponent, battle them and then go back downstairs, and go to the healing center in trainer tower, heal your pokemon, go back upstairs, and keep reapeating that.

l l

l l
l l l l l l

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