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Pokemon FireRed Review :

Great game

by jimster Oct 07, 2010

This is a great game, and to be honest has one of the best Pokemon story lines from any game that I have ever played. But the graphics weren't exactly the best, but were improved on the other games. I enjoyed playing this game and training my Pokemon. I even started this game over and over again, just because I found it more interesting to play it over and over again. I personally was more of a collector than I was a trainer. Can you collect them all or will you choose to make the most powerful team in existence? The choice is yours. Good luck on your adventure and trying to collect them all.

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10Story line
Follow a young trainer has he or she goes through the process of training a and creating the best team that you see. Gather and train all the Pokemon as you go battle all of the eight gyms, and the Elite 4, will you collect them all? Can you create the best team ever? Its up to you.
This game has some good graphics, that were later improved in pokemon Pearl, Diamond, Platnium, Heart Gold Soul Silver.
The sound of this game is good, but good use some improvements, however you can hear catchy battle music, and the various attacks of pokemon.
The gameplay is limited, to only the story, however you can link up with leaf green and other games as well as try and collect them all or be the best trainer ever, or even both.
10Lasting Appeal
THis is one of my favorite pokemon games, however I miss some features in some of the most recent games. I highly enjoyed this game and I am sure you will too.
(Out of 10)


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