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Pokemon FireRed Version Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon FireRed Version cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 9 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 7 unlockables, 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon FireRed Version on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - ItemFinder Secrets

by kami Aug 31, 2010

There are places in the game where important people/Pokemon have stood at one point. If you use the Itemfinder on the EXACT spot where they were, a special item will be found which is usually very rare. You cannot find these items any other way.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
LeftoversUse Itemfinder where Snorlax was near Cycling Road and Silence Bridge.
Macho BraceUse Itemfinder where Giovanni was in Viridian Gym.
Sacred AshUse Itemfinder where Ho-Oh was in Navel Rock.
Soothe BellUse Itemfinder where Mr. Fuji was in the Pokemon Tower.
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Secret - Pokemon Fire Red Version Walk through Part 1

by prehistorich Dec 18, 2010

As you start your adventure, don't go to Prof. Oak's Lab immediately. Instead, go up to the grass but then Prof. Oak will come to you and he will bring you to the Lab. There, you can choose the 3 starters.

Bublbasaur: Easy to raise and a quite good companion.

Squirtle: A little hard to raise but is also a good companion.

Charmander: Mostly it can't beat much Gym Leaders (Mostly Brick and Misty but maybe a good companion to you.

Your rival will battle you if you want to get out of the Lab. Most people don't know this but open your PC at home and withdraw the item Potion.

After the Battle go up to the Grass again and talk to the person up ahead. He will give you a potion and continue to Virdian City! There is an Old Man lying to the ground if you follow. He will forbid you to continue. Rather than finding a way around him, Go to the Pokemon Mart. The clerk will give you a Parcel for Prof. Oak. Go back to Pallet Town within the ledges. Go to the Lab and talk to the Professor. The Parcel has a Custom Poke Ball inside it. Your Rival appears and then Prof. Oak will give you The Pokedex and some Poke Balls. Prof. Oak has a dream that he wants to fulfill. I don't remember, but he will let you and your rival to fulfill it. As you return to Virdian City you will see a Gym but the Gym Leader is not there because that is the final Gym. Continue and then you will see the Old Man again and he will teach you how to catch Pokemon. After that he will give you a Teachy T.V.. As if you want to get stronger, go to the left of the city and you will see your rival and he will battle you. Continue to the Upper part and you will encounter a forest with bugs. If you chose Charmander, Go get a Pikachu in the Forest for Misty. Continue and you will reacher Pewter Town. The Gym Leader there is Brock. The names suggests that he master Rock - type Pokemon. For him try to get a Mankey in the Grass at the left of Virdian City if you chose Charmander. When you go the right of the Town a man will not let you Proceed. You have to battle Brock first before getting through him. When you go to the right when you defeated Brock, an Aide will come to you and gives you a pair of Running shoes. There will be a note attached to it:

Dear (name of user)

Here is a pair of running shoes for my beloved challenger.

Remember that i will cheer for you! Don't give up!

From, Mom

That what the note say's. Continue to get to Mt. Moon. I will continue this on my 2nd part so stay... 

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Code - Breeding secrets

by Safaroth Sep 16, 2010
mr. mime/ jynxSMOOCHUM
hitmonlee or hitmonchan/ dittoTYROGUE
pikachu or ditto/ pikachuPICHU
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Unlockable - Trainer Card upgrades

by kami Aug 31, 2010

By completing certain tasks, it is possible to upgrade your trainer card a total of four times, from the intital blue to green, bronze, silver, and gold. The upgrades can be obtained in any order, and each one adds a star to your trainer card and upgrades the color.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Star #1Defeat the Elite Four
Star #2Complete the Kanto Dex (Pokemon 1-150)
Star #3Complete the National Dex (Except Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys)
Star #4Score 200 jumps in Pokémon Jump and 200 berries in Dodrio Berry Picking
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Unlockable - Diploma

by shah Aug 31, 2010

To get the diploma, catch all 386 pokemon (i.e. fill the national dex).

Unlockable:How to unlock:
DiplomaFill National Dex completely
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Unlockable - Enable trading to Ruby and Sapphire

by shah Aug 31, 2010

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Enable trading to Ruby and SapphireFix the Network Machine on Island 1. This is done by getting both the Sapphire and Ruby (in game items) and bringing them to the machine
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Unlockable - Get the National Dex (JP Version)

by shah Aug 31, 2010

Once you have beaten the Elite 4 and have more then 60 pokemon in the pokedex, go to Pallet Town and see the Professor. He gives you and Gary the National Dex, which allows you to view the entries of all 386 pokemon.

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Unlockable - Mystery Gift

by kami Aug 31, 2010

Go to any Poke Mart and click on the clipboard near the shopkeeper. The clipboard is a questionaire. Type in the 4 words "Link Together With All" and the shopkeeper should notice and gives you access to the Mystery Gift system. Save the game and restart. At the Front Menu, there should be a new option called "Mystery Gift" With Mystery Gift, you can unlock many things.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Aurora Ticket/Deoxysyou can now download the Aurora Ticket at Nintendo Events. This allows you to go to Birth Island, where Deoxys is located
Mystic Ticket/Lugia and Ho-Ohyou can download the mystic ticket at Nintendo Events allowing you to go to Navel Rock, where Lugia and Ho-Oh are located.
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Unlockable - Secret Trainer Card Stickers

by kami Aug 31, 2010

Go to Island Four and go to the lowest house and talk to the man inside and do the following things:

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Egg Hatching Sticker #1Hatch One Egg
Egg Hatching Sticker #2Hatch One Hundred Eggs
Egg Hatching Sticker #3Hatch Two Hundred Eggs
Egg Hatching Sticker #4Hatch Three Hundred Eggs
Hall of Fame Sticker #1Beat The Elite Four One Time
Hall of Fame Sticker #2Beat The Elite Four Fourty Times
Hall of Fame Sticker #3Beat The Elite Four One Hundred Times
Hall of Fame Sticker #4Beat The Elite Four Two Hundred Times
Winning A Link Battle Sticker #1Win One Link Battle
Winning A Link Battle Sticker #2Win Twenty Link Battles
Winning A Link Battle Sticker #3Win Fifty Link Battles
Winning A Link Battle Sticker #4Win One Hundred Link Battles
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