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Pokemon FireRed Version Review :


by ziko Sep 30, 2010

Welcome to the second of my special edition reviews where i will not be brief with any of the game. This game is no doubt one of the best work of early pokemon days and some still play it such as my dear friend terre . It is still slightly popular in my country but not popular in America. The sound bears a striking resemblance of it's 'brothers" leaf green and yellow. .As the story mode is nearly a replica of leaf green you think it would be boring but acording to the video herewww. youtube /pokemon firered -gameplay 1 it looks pretty good in color but not the best in color. The gameplay is good but looks a lot like leaf green but the pokemon apperance is different and you can not catch growlithe i leaf green now back to the review.

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8Story line
The story line is nearly the same as leaf green but some pokemon do not appear in others meaning you have to trade with friends to get all the pokemon in the game
The graphics are not that great but the video proofs that at least it is better then the pokemon yellow graphics which probably did not have graphics.
The sound does not need to be talked about as it is the original sound which some people like execpt me.
The gameplay is not to be talked about because the video explains everything of it.And yet again no minigames.
9Lasting Appeal
All and all an appetizer compare to other games so it is not the best but is not the worst either.This has benn a special addition review.
(Out of 10)


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ziko    wrote on oct 01, 2010 5:54 am
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