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Pokemon Flora Sky Review :

My review!

by SuperGamer123 Jul 23, 2012

Basically this game is a pokemon emerald hack for you emerald lovers this should be an interesting game, it includes all pokemon gens, has a lot of stuff to do so you are always kept busy, a lot more places to explore, I haven't yet beaten it fully but I am almost there, its a really fun game I would recommend it for anyone who loves to play pokemon. This game includes mixes from old and new pokemon. It is generally the emerald idea, the same character, same music/sound, and mix of emerald and new graphics. The game has pokemon from all the gens so you have all the legendaries to capture and many pokemon to find and discover. New attacks, abilities, events, rivals, and missions.

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7Story line
The storyline is same as usual, it is collect all gym badges, beat elite 4 and battle a rival, new enemies, BUT after you beat the elite 4 there is more, there are islands off the map you can go to and do more events and battle even harder challenges, its fun and challenging!
Graphics are obviously better on VBA then GBA games, less pixally, but the graphic pictures and gameplay are the ones used from emerald which I personally like as emerald is one of my favourite pokemon games. Some graphics are new and a bit undone but for a pokemon hacked game they are really good!
Sound is all the same as pokemon emerald, of course though like I said with the graphics, its all better on VBA than GBA so the sound is a slight improvement, same music as pokemon emerald, considering the date this sound was made it was overall pretty well done and enjoyable.
Gameplay is really fun. That is all I gotta say, it is really fun and challenging, it is similar to pokemon emerald gameplay but better, there is capturing all the legendaries, battling rivals and strong challengers, missions and of course capturing cool pokemon and raising them!
8Lasting Appeal
In overall this game is great, it is one of my most favourite pokemon hacks, it is really fun, enjoyable and long so you never get bored, I recommend this game to you pokemon emerald lovers and just general pokemon lovers, to download it go to pokemonflorasky.com, get it now! :)
(Out of 10)


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