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Pokemon LeafGreen Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon LeafGreen cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 65 cheats in our list, which includes 5 cheats codes, 17 unlockables, 5 easter eggs, 1 glitch, 37 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon LeafGreen on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Get the same pokemon!

by weiedy13 Jul 29, 2008

first you have to have a ditto then if you have a pass to four island then the pokemon you want to breed give to the day care and you will have it but does not work on legen darys

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Secret - How to get nationaldex

by ilovescelebi Jul 25, 2007

first u have to beat the elite four fire one is ice second is fighting third is dark and last is the dragon master but after him u have to go against your rival hes the champion when ur dont that you have to catch 60 pokemon or more and when done go see prof oak and he will give u both national dex

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Cheats - Trixy

by Unregistered Dec 25, 2006

Hi, I am Elite Four 3 in Dragon Masters Team, i have not been defeated, execpt once, by the almighty JJ COOL Boy, Here is my team,

Lapras lv 93
Elikible lv 96
Tyranitar lv 96
Pidgeot lv 95
Charizard lv 97
Latias lv 98

NO GAMESHARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cheats - How to make a Poke'ball into a Masterball

by CheatsGuru May 15, 2005

ZAPDOS-First buy as many ultra balls as you can hold/afford. Then make
sure you have a pokemon that can paralyz,sleep,etc. (zapdos is found ia
a powerplant on route 10)
ARTICUNO-same process as Zapdos accept u need escape rope 4 a quick get
away. U also need a pokemon with strength and surf.
MOLTRES-(Must defeat Blaine and have acess to one island)U must go north
via surf. (Exact Same process as Articuno)
HO-OH-Must trade over from Gold,Silver,orCrystal.
LUGIA-Must trade over from Gold,Silver,or Crystal.

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Secret - Hidden Coins

by jimster Jan 19, 2009

when in the Casino walk around(slowly) pressing A each time b4 you take a step and sometimes you will find coins the highest bunch is 100(*note if u use itemfinder u dont have to push a every time u take a step)
u can also talk to ppl playing the machines 3 ppl will give u coins 10,10,20

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Secret - A good team for the Elite 4

by jimster Jan 15, 2009

Pokemon level moves

starter 50-100
PidGeot 45-100 Fly,Wing Attack, Feather dance, Quick Attack
Raichu 45-100 Quick Attack, Thunder,Thunderbolt,leer
Articuno 45-100 Blizzard,Ice Beam, Wing Attack, Fly
Dugtrio 44-100 Dig,Earthquake,Fissure,Rock Slide
Gyarados 50-100 Surf,Bite, Hydro Pump, Dragon Rage

starter moves
Blastoise Hydro Cannon, Surf , Bite, Hydro Pump
Charizard Blast Burn, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Wing Attack
Venasaur Frenzy Plant, Razor leaf, Solarbeam, Toxic

*pokemon may vary along with the levels and the types of moves

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Easter Egg - Mewtwo

by Unregistered Mar 02, 2009

Hi nice to meet you. My name is pokemon fan 1442. So you want Mewtwo? O.K.. first thing you have to beat the Elite4, then go to one island go to that big pokemon center talk to that guy (his name is Cleio) he will ask you a favor. second thing you have to do is go to mt.ember (where molters is)you,d see a hiker go right from him you will see two rocket guys kill them go in a cave go forward into the cave till u get to the ruby. go back to Cleio, give him da ruby he will give u a rainbow pass (lets u go to islands 1 through 7) go to island 6 go to ruin vally in order to get there keep going right then go down (try to avoid battles) untill u see stairs...go up stairs go down untill u see more stairs go left to finda patch of grass now u r in ruin vally go into patch of grass untill u go into two zig zags then go left then down then right go into a nother zig zag till u find stairs, go up stairs go up go right till u see trainers go down try to avoid em (there trickey) when u get to da end u wil se a patch of grass go down the stairs till u see the dotted hole ( use cut on the door) go in. go through the hole u see in front of u, u will encounter 4 more holes go into the top one first then left one then the bottom one then u will see da saphire if u try to take it a man will come in he will take it from u go through the ladder u see on the right then u go out of the cave.(if one of ur pokemon knows fly go to 5 island then go down stairs go round then go to a narrow path go upstairs go through grass then go down till u see a werehouse go through a maze when ur through talk to this guy sitting he will give u the saphire go to 1 island give the sapire to clieo go back to guy at curulian cave he will let u through go through the cave to find mewtwo.THE END (if it doent work comment on wat diddnt work)

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Secret - How to get passed Victory Road

by jimster Jan 26, 2009

Victory road is to the left of Viridian city *must have all 8 badges

in Victory road u will need Strength
in Victory Road there are boulders that need to be moved onto a special switch that looks like a white circle once you move the boulder on it a rock will disapear and u will have had gain access through to a ladder that goes UP after u have passed the ladder keep doing this until u have succesfully gone through VictoryRoad *u will do this about 4 times until u finish

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Secret - How to get some pokemon from trades

by Unregistered Oct 08, 2007

ok so we all know how to get some pokemon by tradeing heres a list of them:

trade / get

machoke - machamp(or was it the other way arond?)
gravler - golem
haunter - gangar
polywirl - polywrath

now here are some that i bet u didnt know-(u gota give it an item befroe tradeing):

trade(item) / get

porygon(upgrade) - porygon2
onyx(metalcoat) - steelix
seadra(dragonscale) - kingdra
polywirl(kingsrock) - polytoad
slowbrow(kingsrock) - slowking
clampearl(deepseascale)- gorybys
clampearl(deepseatooth)- huntail(i forgot the name)

enjoy all ur new pokemon (if i missed some my bad ,im only one kid)

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Glitch - Pallet town

by FCSNAKE Jun 28, 2010

I tried it and it worked go in the 4 corners in pallet town and press A after that it should glitch and u can go through walls but it might just freeze

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Code - EEVEE ALLY!(No Cheats)

by rockerz99 Aug 01, 2011

Pokemon, Breed, Breed, Breed and Breed=Eevee ally

-Get Eevee on celadon town.
-Make sure u save it b4 clicking a button.
-Get the pokemon.
-See the pokemon.
-if girl go to cinnabar island and catch ditto.
-if boy load then get talk to the karate kid.
-click the ball again.
-like i said go to cinnabar and catch ditto.
-go to 4th island.
-put eevee and ditto at daycare center.
-Go anywhere spend time (5 mins. if possible)
-Talk to the old man.(he moved forward the last time u saw him)
-Get the egg.
-Go to one island.
-Talk to celio.
-Go to 4th island.
-The old man will go forward the last time you saw him.
-Talk to him.
-Get the egg.
-repeat until you get 5 eggs.
-hatch the egg.
-level them up.
-use some stones to evolve them.
-enjoy the Eevee ally.
Thumbs up if you like this.
P.S dont unlike pls. Just have patience and this will beuseful.
This is not fake I did it in 1 day because hatching eggs takes time but I'm a Patient boy.
I walk everywhere I even saw raikou and use the masterball in catching him. I did'nt catch mewtwo yet cuz im scared. I will
use ultraball in catching mewtwo!!. this will make me tired.
My pokemon is still level 73 and mewtwo is lvl 70 perfect in catching him. BTW I used blastoise because his so
awesome,strong,friendly,calm,easy to level up,tough,hard and COOL. =D
I should take ho-oh and lugia tommorrow.
You:thank you for reading my FAQ.
Game Freak:for making this awesome game.
Me:for making this FAQ.
Cheatsguru:for showing this FAQ.
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Secret - All the hm's ( hidden machine )

by manank May 18, 2010

1 - cut
location - at vermillion port after deafeting gary ( or whatever u have d rival's name ) go up .

2 - fly
location - in the secret house near cealadon ( whatever spelling ) city ( left ) after deafeting the lover twin battle

3 - surf
location - secret house on the safari zone ( u win it )

4 - strenght
location - u will find golden teeth in the safari zone near the secret house . U have to give it to WARREN . His house is near the pokenon center of fusia city . He will give u the hm

6 - rock smash
location - on the first island in ember spa . There a oldman will give u the hm

5 - flash
locatoin - one of proffeser's assistant will give it to u . After going through the diglett's cave ( on the other side ) use CUT and go down in a building type of a thing one of proffeser's assistant will give it to u . ( note u must have atleast 10 species of pokemon )

7 - waterfall -
location - in the icefall cave ( in a pokeball ) u will get it .

txn for reading such a long description of the hm's
but these r the ecxact locations

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Secret - Lost cave and selphy

by darkone Jun 22, 2009

To find selphy in lost cave go inside and down the ladder
there will be an old man
battle him
go the the passage on the right
then go to the passage up
there will be a phychic, battle her (ps. dont listen when she says if you dont go to the path on the right you wont make it, it will take you back to the start)
then go back down, then down again, the right, then left, then down, then right, then up

you find a lady walking around and she will aproach you and battle you
she will be lady selphy with 2 persians on lv 49
she will take you to her house and if you talk to her she will want you to show her pokemon
if you show her the pokemon she wants her butler will give you items (such as, pearls, stardust, ultra balls, premere balls, and a 2% chance a master ball

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Secret - Fame Checker ELITE -4 and Daisy Oak

by jimster Jun 08, 2009

All Journals are in Pokemon centers unless othewise told
Daisy Oak
1 Oaks assistant
2 Assitant of President of fan club in vermillion
3 Old man in water mze island 5
4 Viridian ournal poke center
5 Isle 4 Journal poke center
6 Tea lady in celadon mansion
1 Loreli
2 Loreli same
3 girl isalnd 4
4 lady island 4 after beat team Rocket(TR)
5 Old man island 4
6 Journal island 5
1 Bruno
2 Bruno
3 Karate fighter at hotspring in island 1
4 Safforn Journal
5 karate fighter on island 7
6 Women island 2
1 Agatha
2 Agatha
3 Karate Fighter at Indigo Plateu(IP)
4 Old women in Pokemart on island 6
5 Isle 5 Journal
6 Karate guy at IP after E4 powerup(After you beat them and recovered both gems)
1 Lance
2 Lance
3 Women in Safforn
4 Young girl in Celadon Depart. store
5 Journal in IP
6 teen at IP after e4 powers up(mentioned above)

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Unlockable - Mewtwo

by Unregistered Feb 29, 2008

catching mewtwo in cerulan cave

Unlockable:How to unlock:
beat elite fourindigo plateu
get the rubymt ember
get the sapfireget the rainbow past then sail to island 6 then go to the doted hole then use cut at the door then fall into the one hole then go to the right,up,left,down the you will see it then the scientist will steel it then the scientist will say the password then go to the rocket warehouse at 5 isalnd
cerulan cavewhen you see mew two buy 100 ultra balls dont use master ball thats for the legendary dog if you suicune it wont use roar but the other dogs will use roar i saw entei it use roar
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Secret - Always 2-Hit K.O.

by ckjkj Apr 05, 2010

First, catch an Articuno. It will know Mist, Agility, Mind reader, and Ice Beam. DO NOT delete Mind Reader. train it to level 85(that's when it learns Sheer Cold) and teach it Sheer Cold. Now, get into a battle. Use Mind Reader and on your next turn use Sheer Cold. it's an automatic K.O.! (Note: remember that Sheer Cold only affects pokemon with a lower level then the user. DO NOT attack higher-level pokemon!)

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Secret - How to complete the pokedex

by jimster Jan 16, 2009

well there are alot of ways
1st you catch all pokemon available and then trade some1 for the rest
2nd use a gameshark, or action replay
there may be more ways but those are the main two

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Secret - Master balls

by shadow95 Sep 12, 2008

to get master balls u need to:
1- get a master ball from silph president in saffron city;
2- get a master ball from winning the lottery;
3- do a cheat to clone items.

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Cheats - MetalCoats4 Ever

by Powerfull Squirtle Aug 28, 2006

I have 2 of them without cheats and trading..........

All I used is the trainer tower knockout battle with 30 full restores and 30 max potions and revives. i won then the owner said that I battled successfully and won.
He gave me a metal coat

For more see www.psypokes.com leaf green and see the other prizes for single and double and mixed.

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Secret - How to catch mewtwo(Dont thumb down its request!Credit does to wikihow)

by Goldgary123 Dec 15, 2009

Beat the Elite Four. You cannot get Mewtwo if you don't defeat the Elite Four and become champion.Go to Island 1 and go to the volcano. You will need a Pokemon who knows surf to do this because it is on an island.Go to the entrance, and there you will see some Team Rocket soldiers chillin' out. You will hear the first password to the Rocket Warehouse (explained later). They will see you, so you will have to battle them.Once you have finished, go inside the cave entrance and proceed all the way down to the bottom level. You do not need to read the braille charts and all that. You will need strength to do this, so get a Pokemon who knows strength.Pick up the ruby. Then you can go outside using an escape rope. If not, then you will have to get out manually.1.Go to Island 6 and go to the Dotted Hole as shown on the town map you have. Go to the entrance, and it will say "cut" in braille. So, you will need a Pokemon who knows cut.2.Go inside, and look at the braille signs. If it has 2 symbols, it will mean "up." If it has 5, then its right. If it has 4, then it is either left or down. You can probably figure it out, but if you mess up you have to start over again.3.Proceed to the bottom level. Once you're there, you will see the sapphire. Don't get excited, because a super nerd will take it first. He will give you the second password to the Rocket Warehouse though.4.Go to Island 5 and go to the Rocket Warehouse. Defeat all the soldiers there.5.Search on the internet on how to get through the warehouse. You will have to defeat all the soldiers in there as well.6.Finish off the last soldiers, and at the end you will see the same guy again. Battle him. If you beat him, you will get the Sapphire.Give the gems to Celio. (the guy who operates the machine on Island 1) He will connect the regions of Kanto and Hoenn by signal (not important unless you are trading with a guy there).Go to Cerulean City. Then go to the cave where you will see that the man has gone. You will need surf to get to the cave. Go to Route 24 and get onto the artificial stream that connects the cave with Route 24. Go inside the cave, and there will be a lot of strong Pokemon thereGo through the maze, and at the end you will see Mewtwo. Catch him with the Master Ball. Now this is very important: Mewtwo is one of the most difficult Pokemon to capture, but that doesn't mean it is impossible to catch him with an ultra ball. If you used your master ball, you must stock up 50-65 ultra balls and... 

continue →

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Code - Gameshark codes

by jimster Jan 21, 2009

here are some gameshark and action replay codes for pokemon leaf green and firered
*some of them are legendary pokemon,while others are hard to catch and two are opposites and only one is obtainable

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Secret - Fame checker Brock Misty Lt Surge

by jimster Jun 08, 2009

1 Gym sign
2 brock
3 trainer in gym
4 Journal in museum old amber part
5 Trainer route 4
6 Old man in mt moon
1 gym sign
2 misty
3 trainer in gym
4 journal in cerulan poke center
5 lady by bill's house
6 seaform trainer
1 gym sign
2 Lt. Surge
3 Trainer in gym
4 Trainer in gym same one
5 Trainer in gym
6 Journal in Vermillion poke center

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Unlockable - Stuff to win

by Unregistered Jan 12, 2009

used 70 below pokemon
Snorlax - Surf,BodySlam,Rest,SleepTalk
Blastode - Blizzard,Bite,SkullBash,WaterPulse
MaChoke - MegaKick,MegaPunch,Revenge,DoubleChop
something lyk dat
and some 30 below monsters
if you wanna beat elite 4

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Master BallSave president
How to pass the guard to Saffon CityCeladon City get hot tea at huge building
1-3 islandBeat Blaine
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Secret - Elite Four #1:Icy Hearted Lorelei

by Goldgary123 Mar 01, 2010

"Welcome to the Pokemon League.I am Lorelei of the Elite Four.No one can best me when it comes to icy pokemon.Freezing moves are Powerful.Your Pokemon will be at me mercy when they are frozen solid.Hahaha!Are you ready"

Loreleis Pokemon/moves/Ability/gender/HeldItems/Type
Dewgong lv.52
Ability:Thick Fat

Cloyster Lv.51
Ability:Shell Armor

Slowbro Lv.52
Ability:No Ability

Jynx Lv.54

Lapras Lv.54
Ability:No Ability
HeldItem:Sitrus Berry

Strategy:A Thunder Pokemon Ought to Shock Her Pokemon!Thunder Can Easily Beat All her Pokemon...Except Jynx.Jynxs is a Ice/Psychic pokemon and has no water moves so a fire type can burn her to ashes.

Pokemon:If you dont have a Thunder Type allready and dont feel like catching a thunder type and training it...Catch Zapdos!Zapdos is located In the power plant.Just go East From Cerulian City,And use surf on the on the far east,then surf down.If You didnt Pick Charmander as a starter and need a fire type Go catch Moltres One One Island Far North.If You dont like having Legendaries on your Team(Like i do)Go to the cleadon Dept.Store or Game Corner to find a tm that contains an electric or fire move.

Good Luck!
"...Things Shouldnt be this way!You're Better Than I thought.Go on Ahead.You only Got a Taste of the Pokemon Leagues Power."

Thanks to bulbapedia for her pokemons ability and held items.

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by Goldgary123 Dec 16, 2009

Choose Squirtle=Raikou Bulbasaur=Entei Charmander=Suicune.Selecting will enable you to fight and capture Raikou Suicune or Entei later in the game.

Progress through the game as you normally would until you defeat the Elite 4, the final bosses in the game. Afterwards, this will release one of the Legendary dogs into the wild

Place your Begginer (can be in its evolved stages) as the initial Pokemon to engage in battle. This is one of the prerequisites for A dog to appear in the game.

Travel to Kanto and wander around the grassy areas to engage in Pokemon battles. Run away from any encounters that are not the dog to save time. It will take several tries before the initial encounter with the Legendary dog happens.

Use the Masterball when fighting Raikou Entei or Suicune. It is a Legendary Pokemon and is therefore difficult to catch using regular means such as status ailments and Ultraballs. Once you have used the Masterball, it will instantly catch Raikou Entei or Suicune on Pokemon Leaf green.

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