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Pokemon LeafGreen Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon LeafGreen cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 65 cheats in our list, which includes 5 cheats codes, 17 unlockables, 5 easter eggs, 1 glitch, 37 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon LeafGreen on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - How to get unlimited money in Pokemon LeafGreen

by LordMantin1 Dec 04, 2009

First Catch A Meowth then go and battle wild pokemon with Meowth and use PayDay as many times as u can here are some levels of Meowth to show how much money u get per time u use Payday in each battle here they are: Level18:$100 LeveL20:$105 LeveL21:$110
it goes up $5 each level

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Secret - How to really obtain a bike(for begginers)

by Goldgary123 Nov 04, 2009

First go to vermillion city above the gym there's the pokemon fan club go in the house walk all the way up and talk to the old guy after the story he will give you a bike vouncher now go to cerulian city go to the bike shop and talk to the shop person and obtain your free bike

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Secret - How to get the 3 legendary birds

by ilovescelebi Jul 24, 2007

first to get articuno you have to go to seafoam islands and get to the end of the cave for zapdos u need to go the the rock tunnel the go up from the pokemon center and get to the power plant and get to the end of it for moltres get on island 1 go to mt ember and get to the top.

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Secret - How to catch any pokemon easily

by jimster Feb 23, 2009

well first its better if the pokemons hp is either in low yellow or red now its easier to catch now if you want an even better chance at catching the pokemon either paralze freeze sleep, burn or posion ( except burn and posion lower its life even more so becarefull the best are paralzye sleep and freeze) then throw a ball that fits the loactaion or time or just any ball will work

Dusk ball better at night or in caves
Quick better beginning of battle
Timer better longer the battle
net better 4 bugs and water
nest better for weaker pokemon
Ultra better than great ball better chance anyways(than a greatball)
Greatball better chaces of catching than a pokeball
Pokeball regular catch rate
Master automattically catchs pokemon

(note there are more balls to see how well the ball works read its description)

So in a recap weaken pokemon either paralyze sleep or freeze the pokemon While weaking the pokemon unless u use thunder wave or static then TRY and use a ball that is best suited for the desired pokemon
*note for legendaries its best 2 save b4 encountering

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Unlockable - How to get eevee and others

by mistyrocks5 Jul 21, 2008

all u need is pokeballs and some usefull healing itemss for all but evee.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
eeveetop of celadon mansion from behind
zapdosend of the power plant
moltrestop of mount ember
articunoend of seafoam island
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Code - How to make a pokeball 100 percent catch rate

by Galaxar1 Nov 18, 2008

When the pokeball or any other kind of type of pokeball, before the ball comes out of your hand push [ A and B] one at a time kind of slow and kind of fast.Usaully you will catch the pokemon.It worked for me when i caught moltres,zapdos, and articuno.

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Code - Infinite NUGGETS!!!

by Unregistered Jan 15, 2014

Go to the nugget bridge and beat everyone except for the rocket dude. Once you go back to the pokemon center after losing, you have a nugget. Repeat process for INFINITE NUGGETS!!!!!!

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Code - Type Match ups

by ShadowLugiaX Jul 30, 2012

This Is for the eevee gang and the three starters.

If you pick squirtle as your starter use a stone to evolve eevee into flareonFlareon has a super efecctive type against bulbasaur
if you pick charmander as you starter use a to evlove eevee in to jolteonJolteon has a super efective chance aganist squirtle
if you pick bulbasaur a syour starter evolve eevee into a VaporeonVaporeon has a super efective hit against charmander
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Unlockable - How to get Deoxys in Pokemon Leaf Green

by Pokefan5555 Jun 18, 2012

To catch Deoxys, you need to its home in Birth island.The only way to get there is by having the Aurora ticket,which is about impossible to get since it's been about 8 years! After that hop on a boat ride from the port in Vemilion City. Plus you'll need to stock on a lot of Ultra balls because this can be a hard Pokemon to catch.Make sure your Pokemon are over level 40 if u have Firered or Lv. 30 if u have leafgreen.

When u hop off the boat on the island,the game's music stops. Then your find a triangle shaped puzzle,with a black triangle inside it,that u have to solve before battling Deoxys. Here's a walkthrough on the steps on how to solve the puzzle:

Start at the bottom of the triangle.

Take a step down and move all the way to the left.

Take 3 steps right and go all the way up.

Take 5 steps down and go all the way to the right.

Take 3 steps up and go all the way to the left.

Go all the way to the right.

Take 2 steps left and go all the way down.

Take 1 step down and move all the way to the left.

Go all the way to the right.

Take 3 steps left and face down.

Save the game 'cause it's time to battle!

Examine the triangle - Deoxys will jump out!

Well that's it!

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Secret - Best Training Spots

by Toon_Hero Aug 04, 2010

Everyone wants to be prepared to battle the Gym Leaders, the Elite Four, and your rival.The second best training section is on Route 21. Battle the two trainers near the island that has no one on it. You get an average of 3800 EXP when you defeat them both. The best training spot is on Route 6, where you get an average of 4800 EXP when you defeat the trainers. Battle the two campers on the south and the Bug Catcher. Get them all in one VS Seeker rematch.And, for some reason, it usually works when you move two steps from where the camper are, then, go on the path and take one step up and face the lake. It works for some reason.

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Secret - Never Deafeated Hint

by Taestrel Jun 28, 2010

Before getting into a battle, save the game. Then battle. If you lose, restart the game. This works VERY well for legendary pokemon. I have caught all three legendary birds multiple times using this. Hope it helps!

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Easter Egg - Free Nugget

by ckjkj Apr 05, 2010

In Saffron City, once you have beaten Team Rocket at Silph Co., you are able to enter the Copycat's house. In her room, there is a nugget on her desk, which can be sold for a high price.

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Secret - Battle Tower

by xtreme_gamr_4ever Jan 07, 2010

To prepare for the trainer tower, raise all your pokemon to the same level. The trainer tower matches their pokemon to your strongest pokemon's level. E.g. If you had Lv.100 Blaziken, Lv. 75 Mightyena, Lv. 12 Togepi, and a Lv. 5 Magikarp,
the trainer tower's pokemon would be Lv. 100.

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Secret - How to make super strong gyrados dragonite etc.

by ryanlildude Apr 13, 2009

to make a really strong dragonite buy it from rocket game corner so what it costs money i havent beat elite 4 yet and i can make 100k in 1 hr next train it till it levels up then teach really powerful moves and feed it carbos calcium etc. then when it hits lv 100 it will be ultra powerful i did this with gryados in emerald over 500 hp!!!!!! also gender matters cause if you want def gyrados make sure its a girl if you want attack then make sure its a boy!

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Easter Egg - The Man In the Pokemon Center at Mt. Moon

by Unregistered Dec 05, 2008

The at Mt. Moon's Pokemon Center that Sells you the Magikarp will Call you "Laddie" even if you Chose a Male Trainer.

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Unlockable - Exclusive Pokemon

by FireEmblemKingIke Mar 31, 2008

Only in Pokemon Leafgreen

Unlockable:How to unlock:
BellSproutBerry forest,Bond Bridge,Cape Brink,Route 12,13,14,15,24,25,5,6,7,Water Path
MagbyBreed a Magmar
SlowpokeBerry Forest,Bod Bridge,Canyon Entrance,Cape Brink,Celadon City,(too much more)
SandshrewWild(Next to the 3rd Gym town)
PinsarWild(Safari Zone)
MisdreavusWild(Ghost Cave)
SneaselWild(Ice Cave)
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Secret - Easy way to get to Cinnibar Island withour going through seafoam island!!

by Unregistered Mar 19, 2010

I know this may seem obvious to some people, but i know many who didnt know how to get to cinnibar island without the bother of seafoam island. instead of going through seafoam island, just fly to pallet town and surf down to Cinnibar Island. Its much easier if you dont want to spend time going through the seafoam island.

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Easter Egg - A totally great place to train.

by megamanwong Jan 29, 2009

First, go to seven island. Then, go to the end of the seven island. (before go on surf)
There will be two Cooltrainer (one boy and one girl) they each are having all 5 pokemons together. Use vs seeker agian and agian.

At the last, the boy want will have a rhydon, a slowbro, an unsaring, a kangaskhan, a machcamp.

The girl one will have a persian, a dewgong, a ninetales, a rapidash, a girafil. (I forgot how to spell)

Their all are about 52 till 54 level.

If your pokemon is hurt badly, go inside the house and join the chansey dance and it recover your pokemon.

Hope this help.

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Secret - How to catch Moltres(fire bird) without a master ball

by jimster Jan 19, 2009

step1 find moltres on Mt.ember(DO NOT TALK TO IT YET)
step2 make sure u have lots of ultra balls and somewhat strong pokemon)
step3 make sure one of your pokemon can either paralze or put it to sleep
step4 save the game
step5 talk to moltres(battle)
step6 weaken moltres Moltres either red or low yellow health
step7 put it to sleep or paralze it
step 8 through an ultraball at it until its caught

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Secret - How to catch the ice bird Articuno

by jimster Jan 19, 2009

1 make sure your pkmn are strong, and that u have a lot of ultraballs and moves that paralze or sleep
2 find Articuno in seafoam islands
3 save the game
4 talk to it(battle)
5 weaken it too yellow or red
6 throw an ultraball at it until caught

if u failed restart the game

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Secret - Saving

by Unregistered Oct 22, 2007

Save before each Elete Four members so if you lose turn it off instead of having to start it all over again when your at your rival.

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Hints - Get lots of money

by branden310 Apr 11, 2006

Go to five Island go north from there and there is a little land ignore that go east from there and the first girl at the water very close.

Talk to her and get 20000 bulks after you beat her (you need a pokemon super evocative at her pokemon. She has grass and flying types also you need a mulcting and vs. seeker if you want to get allot of money.

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Unlockable - Larvatar in leefgreen!!!

by Unregistered Apr 02, 2010

First to get larvatar you must unlock the seven islands and when that is done you must rune down to the lower area keep to the right of the screen and keep following the road.It would be smart to use a super repel before walking into the grass.Go down to were the first cave is and skip it for a minute and go strait ahead untill u see the first patch of grass.You can tell your there cuz your next to stairs and a karate kid.and run around.There is a 5% chance you will find it and it comes in lvls about 10-20 i caught mine at lvl 20.

7 islandbeat elite 4
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Easter Egg - Sapphire Cave

by xtreme_gamr_4ever Dec 24, 2009

For those of you that can't read Braille, the sign says:

let the two stones
one in red
one in blue
connect the past

two friends
power open
a window to
a new world
that glows

the next
world waits for

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Secret - Shiney Poke'mon

by Unregistered Sep 14, 2007

Ever seen a poke'mon that when it comes onto your screen it has a ring of stars around it? well that a shiny poke'mon .. most of these poke'mon are rares eg. Kangaskan in the wildy, and etc. to access shiney poke'mon you have to play your GBA game for 6hours straight as this sounds hard and usualy it is.. i know have a full team of shiny poke'mon. how i did it is... i downloaded poke'mon green from a website and downloaded a GBA emulator (lets you play GBA games on ur comp)witch is pretty kool... this is ood becuz you cant actualy save ur gba game... on the menu of pok'emon you save it to your comp... soo... your not realy stop playing the game =]... which means that every six hours you play you unlock a new shiny poke'mon wherever you go... (6 hours = 1 shiny for every route in the game) so... you could be walking the vidridian forest and find a shiney pikachu (ring of stars appear) and then you catch it and it has 3 stars next to its status =].. soooo yea... its pretty kewl... ok well if you guys wanna download gba emulator and gba games (Roms) ill giva ya' the site...


click on emulators at the top and download "visual boy advance" then go to Roms and download any GBA rom you want... may take longer for dial-up internet... =] enjoy! ohh yeh you can also download all other emulators, Nintendo64, gameboy, super nintendo and so on and so fourth... ENJOY!!!

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