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Pokemon LeafGreen Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon LeafGreen cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 65 cheats in our list, which includes 5 cheats codes, 17 unlockables, 5 easter eggs, 1 glitch, 37 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon LeafGreen on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Easy catch at moltres w/out master ball

by Unregistered Nov 28, 2006

get many ultra ball and great ball then save the game first before you catch it then put your grass type pokemon first if it has sleep powder use it to make moltres sleep and drag out your water pokemon and weaken moltres and use ultra ball or great ball

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Hints - How to catch pokemon easier

by pokemun Mar 06, 2007

get an ultra ball and when u throw it hold down as soon as it opens, then as soon as it bounces rapidly tap A then on the third bounce rapidly tap B until you catch it.this cheat deos work but only if you get the timing right

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Cheats - Metalcoats

by Unregistered May 29, 2006

To get matel coat you don't have to need o pokemon coleseum you can get another metal coats besides on what you will find in the Memorial pillar you can get another through battling the Trainer tower in the seven island by successfully getting passed those trainers you have to battle 2-5 times to get it.

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Unlockable - Legendarys

by Shadow_Umbreon Mar 19, 2009

Obtainable Legendary Pokemon In GBA Pokemon Leaf Green

Unlockable:How to unlock:
RayquazaTrade From Pokemon Emerald, Ruby Or Sapphire
KyogreTrade From Pokemon Emerald Or Sapphire
GroudonTrade From Pokemon Emerald Or Ruby
RegirockTrade From Pokemon Emerald, Ruby Or Sapphire
RegiceTrade From Pokemon Emerald, Ruby Or Sapphire
RegisteelTrade From Pokemon Emerald, Ruby Or Sapphire
LatiasTrade From Pokemon Emerald Or Sapphire
LatiosTrade From Pokemon Emerald Or Ruby
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Secret - Absolute catch

by rockngoblin Oct 22, 2009

If you hold down A+B and DOWN it catches them 99.9% of the time
but i for got to tell you that it only works on a certaint
type of pokemon(it only works in the safari zone on water pokemon

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Secret - Master Ball Awesomeness!

by Kiba11 Apr 07, 2010

First, you have to have a freind/ 2 gameboys with a wireless adapter for each. Create a new file for one of the game boys until you save Silph Co.. Since you can trade Pokemon with items held, use it to your advantage. Just make sure that new file isn't one that you expect to beat the game with. Please go to username1000.webs.com! Giggity!

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Unlockable - Many hints for itemfinder,about chansey,and finish silph.co mission easy

by Unregistered Oct 01, 2008


Unlockable:How to unlock:
1 persim berry(itemfinder)beside pokemon center of mount moon,use itemfinder.
2 zinc(ITEMFINDER)the first way to fuchsia city and at the top of bikers,you use itemfinder on the grass.
3 to reach the 11 floor of silph.co easy(card key)first find the card key at 5th floor,there;s team rocket just go to the circle and back again,after that go right and you find card key and then go to third floor,use card key at the left room and go to the circle and you will find your rival and after fight with him,you go to the circle and fight with 1 team rocket and go inside the president place.
4 to get ether(itemfinder)before go to the rock tunnel,you will see the first trainer with green hat(the people with green hat isn't beside the pokemoncenter),but it's the first trainer before go to rock tunnel(remember the first) and at the top you will see grass and one rock(the grass and rock isn't infront of the water),in the rock you will find ether/use itemfinder.
5 chesto berry and one rare candy(itemfinder)way to rock tunnel you will find trainer with brown hat/type bug pokemon and go to the top,use itemfinder at the top or beside the trainer who have rock type pokemon(the beside left,not right)or don't follow the way and you will find chesto berry and now you follow the way/beside right the trainer with rock type pokemon or go to the right.after that don't go down,use itemfinder and you will find rare candy(1)
6 max ether,max elixir,thunderstone,rawst berry,lum berry,leppa berry,ultra ball,protein,iron,pp up,elixir,carbos,zinc,nugget,calcium,max potion,hp up,revive,rare candy(itemfinder)or click A buttonbefore go inside power plant,you go right and you use itemfinder(remember before/don't go inside power plant) and you find max ether,(max elixir),go inside power plant and you follow the way to catch zapdos but before it,you must go down(don't go left that the place of zapdos)so you must go down and find 3 machine that if you click the machine will say
7 chansey,lucky punch for chansey,evolved chansey,soothe bell(itemfinder for soothe bell)this is my way to get it,but I don;t know yours.if we rock chansey,80% it will flee,i still rock chansey and chansey always flee,I still wan to find it and rock it again and it won't flee,just angry and I throw safari ball and I get chansey.(seven island) and go to sevii island/seven island go down until find home between 2 trainers.go in the home and take the lucky punch in... 

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Secret - How to get out the other side of seafoam island

by Unregistered Feb 18, 2008

to get on the other side of seafoam island u will need the hm strength. u will need to move the boulders into a hole.Then the water currents slow down.Then use surf and go up until u see a waterfall.Then u turn left and u will see a little cave.I Hope this Ceat really helped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(if it does not work contact me at 911)

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Unlockable - Ledgendary pokemon

by shadowpokemon Nov 17, 2008

here is a list of ledgendary pokemon in leafgreen. not including the ledgendary dogs. and the last one might be

Unlockable:How to unlock:
articunoat seafoam islands
moltresat 2 island
zapdosat power plant
lugiaon navel rock aka. lsland 8 ( go to a nintendo event)
ho-ohon navel rock aka. island 8 ( go to a nintendo event)
mewgo to a nintendo event
deoxeson birth island aka. island 9 (go to a nintendo event)
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Unlockable - Ledgendary dogs

by shadowpokemon Nov 03, 2008

yes you can get the legendary dogs in pokemon firered and leafgreen! it is a random encounter pokemon.use the master ball on it because it flees right away.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
enteichoose bulbasoar as your starter and beat the elite 4
suicunechoose charmander as your starter and beat the elite 4
rikouchoose squirtle as your starter and beat the elite 4
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Secret - Easy Grass Gym Battle

by Unregistered Sep 07, 2009

Well one day i was bored getting a Dodou and i was training it next to the people just before Vermillion (Up camper and picknicker) i trained him against them untill he was Dodrio the owned the Grass Gym with fly!!! P.S Good luck you need cut for Doduo it is near the Snorlax near Celadon City so is fly go through small building then into the house talk to the woman and she will give you the HM fly! Dodou evolves at level 31

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Secret - Ok this is how

by bara Nov 17, 2008

u hav to complete the pokedex till 60 pokemon them go profeser oak and then talk to him he will give u the national dex and the maybe he will move.IF NOT U HAV TO GET THE WHOLE POKEDEX,TIP:try getting game shark its a blast

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Cheats - Your easy rival

by Powerfull Squirtle Jul 11, 2006

I'll tell you what needed:

A Pidgeot(MUST be at last level of hapiness and must know steel wing, fly and aerial ace)

A Golem or Tyranitar (hapinness doesn't matter, must know strength, earthquake, Rock tomb.Dig is optional)

An Alakazam (hapiness doesn't matter, must know psychic and flash)

A Blastoise (High Hapiness, must know water fall, surf, hydro pump and bite)

A Grass Pokemon (prefer the pure grass bellosom)(Hapinees like pidgeot)(Giga drain, Solar beam, Cut must be learned)

A fire Pokemon (prefer Charizard)(any hapiness)(Over heat and fire blast must be learned)

Use Golem for Pidgeot.(Rock TOMB)

Use Alakazam for venusaur.(That blastoise of meaning the stater squirtle)(psychic)

Use the grass for gyrados(solar beam)

Use blastoise for Arcanine.( Hydro pump)

USe Blastoise or Pidgeot for rhydon.(Waterfall or steel wing)

Use Blastoise for Alakazam.(bite)
Changes after giving the ruby and sapphire to celio.

Use Pidgeot for Heracross(replaced rival pidgeot).(aerial ace)

Use Blastoise for tyranitar(replaced rhydon).(any move except bite because tyranitar is DARK like bite)

I hope you avoid elite four troubles !

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Cheats - Catch a Pokemon easier

by stephenb413vol May 18, 2006

This is something that helps me on the legendary pokemon. First i get a bunch of ultra balls and when i go i save in front of them and then i play and i weaken them quite a bit till in low yellow or in red and i throw and ultra ball and then i let it open up and catch it and then when it bounces up and down and about on the third or second bounce you just hold down the "A" button until you catch it and you can use it on other pokemon and stuff but i would recommened doin this on the pokemon you want it may not work all the time but when it does you will be satisfied with this cheat!

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Cheats - How To Get All 3 Starter Pokemon

by Unregistered Jun 20, 2006

get 2 other friends with you and one will get bulbasaur, the other will get charmander and you get blastoise you all trade in, 2 of you restart and get new ones to add to you. and keep on repeating till all of you get all 3 starters. * this is good because you'll have your enemy's weakness.

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