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Pokemon LeafGreen Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon LeafGreen cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 22 cheats in our list, which includes 5 cheats codes, 17 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon LeafGreen on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

ThE Legendary Pokemon

by FireEmblemKingIke Mar 31, 2008

How to get the sercet dogs in LG,and others!

Unlockable:How to unlock:
EnteiChoose Bulbasaur as you starter(after you beat the elite 4 and get the National Dex)
RaikouChoose Squritle as your starter(after you beat the elite 4 and get the National Dex)
SuicuneChoose Charmander as your starter(after you beat the elite 4 and get the National Dex)
ArticunoArticuno can be found in the bottom of the Seaforms Island
ZapdosZapdos can be found at the end of the Power Plant
MoltresMoltres can be found on the top of Mt. Ember
MewtwoMewtwo is found at the basement of the Unknown Dungeon,but you need to fix the time Machine on Island #1
LugiaTake the Right Path on Island #8,you need the Mystic Ticket
Ho-ohTake the Left path on island #8,you need the Mystic Ticket
DeoxysDeoxys can be found after you solve the puzzle on Island #9, you need the Aurora Ticket
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by iambriant Nov 03, 2008

OK trust me on this go and capture a Ditto and go to four island go to the day care and put in the Ditto and Eevee (if you want to make Eevee eggs ).Trust me it works.However if you talk to the man beside the day care he will say they dont like each other but it works.It make take longer then ussual cause they dont like each other.my friend wanted to try it but i didnt believe him but in the end it worked.You can also do this with any other kind of pokemon as long as the pokemon you are breeding with ditto has a gender.NOTE:Pls dont rate this bad just because you weren't patient enough or if you haven't even tried it yet. Pls try it this miht aswell be a pokemon breakthrough!!!

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MyStery Gift

by Unregistered Dec 24, 2007

Go to a shop and enter LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL on the clipboard next to the clerk. When the clerk gives you the gift go back to the SAVE screen and hit "Mystery Gift."

Unlockable:How to unlock:
LV 70 Ho-OhTake the Mystic Ticket back to Navel Island and go up to the top
LV 70 LugiaTake the Mystic Ticket, go to Navel Island and go down to the bottom
Ability to Change Pokemon in Altering CaveDon't Know- haven't done it yet
LV 50 Deoxys (or however you spell it)Go to Birth Island and do the triangle puzzle. After you finish Deoxys will appear. In Firered it is the Attack form and in LeafGreen it is in Defense Form
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HoW to get into Cerulean Cave ?

by Unregistered Mar 18, 2008

Get the Ruby and Saffire to fix the mechine on inland 1

Unlockable:How to unlock:
rubyAt mt ember team rocket grunts have dug a cave proced till you find it
saffireOn island 6 go south and you will find dotted hole. When you get their use cut on the door.
how to get to saffireWhen in hole go down the hole thyen go down the holes in this order left, right, up, down.
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RaIkou, Entei, Suicune

by Redzilla Jul 31, 2007

once you've loads of cash use super or max repels andv search around - since weak pokemon dont turn up - when one pops up it is most likely to be Raikou, Suicune or Entei - this method cna take between 20 minutes to a couple of hours so be warned its gonna take a while

Unlockable:How to unlock:
RaikouPick Squirtle at The Start
SuicunePick Charmander at the Start
EnteiPick Bulbasaur at the Start
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by Unregistered Dec 17, 2007


Unlockable:How to unlock:
how to get nest ballgo to team rocket warehouse(when you have sapphire) go to the professor use itemfinder
how to get net ballgo to team rocket warehouse again on the maze use itemfinder u can find them
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ThRee legandary dogs

by Google-plus May 11, 2009

Raikou, Entei, and Suicune are the three legandary pokemon that are missing in your pokedex. They are going to be running around Johto region. To have one, you need to have the following.

1. Finish your whole journey!

The three pokemon come out depending on the starter you chose. Here are the following. You'll realise that the starter are weaknesses to the three legandary pokemon. I you want to remember, here is the little chart.

Electic = Water
Fire = Grass
Water = Fire

RaikouSquirtle starter
EnteiBulbasaur starter
SuicuneChamander starter
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by Unregistered Feb 29, 2008

catching mewtwo in cerulan cave

Unlockable:How to unlock:
beat elite fourindigo plateu
get the rubymt ember
get the sapfireget the rainbow past then sail to island 6 then go to the doted hole then use cut at the door then fall into the one hole then go to the right,up,left,down the you will see it then the scientist will steel it then the scientist will say the password then go to the rocket warehouse at 5 isalnd
cerulan cavewhen you see mew two buy 100 ultra balls dont use master ball thats for the legendary dog if you suicune it wont use roar but the other dogs will use roar i saw entei it use roar
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StUff to win

by Unregistered Jan 12, 2009

used 70 below pokemon
Snorlax - Surf,BodySlam,Rest,SleepTalk
Blastode - Blizzard,Bite,SkullBash,WaterPulse
MaChoke - MegaKick,MegaPunch,Revenge,DoubleChop
something lyk dat
and some 30 below monsters
if you wanna beat elite 4

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Master BallSave president
How to pass the guard to Saffon CityCeladon City get hot tea at huge building
1-3 islandBeat Blaine
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hoW to get eevee and others

by mistyrocks5 Jul 21, 2008

all u need is pokeballs and some usefull healing itemss for all but evee.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
eeveetop of celadon mansion from behind
zapdosend of the power plant
moltrestop of mount ember
articunoend of seafoam island
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HoW to get Deoxys in Pokemon Leaf Green

by Pokefan5555 Jun 18, 2012

To catch Deoxys, you need to its home in Birth island.The only way to get there is by having the Aurora ticket,which is about impossible to get since it's been about 8 years! After that hop on a boat ride from the port in Vemilion City. Plus you'll need to stock on a lot of Ultra balls because this can be a hard Pokemon to catch.Make sure your Pokemon are over level 40 if u have Firered or Lv. 30 if u have leafgreen.

When u hop off the boat on the island,the game's music stops. Then your find a triangle shaped puzzle,with a black triangle inside it,that u have to solve before battling Deoxys. Here's a walkthrough on the steps on how to solve the puzzle:

Start at the bottom of the triangle.

Take a step down and move all the way to the left.

Take 3 steps right and go all the way up.

Take 5 steps down and go all the way to the right.

Take 3 steps up and go all the way to the left.

Go all the way to the right.

Take 2 steps left and go all the way down.

Take 1 step down and move all the way to the left.

Go all the way to the right.

Take 3 steps left and face down.

Save the game 'cause it's time to battle!

Examine the triangle - Deoxys will jump out!

Well that's it!

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ExClusive Pokemon

by FireEmblemKingIke Mar 31, 2008

Only in Pokemon Leafgreen

Unlockable:How to unlock:
BellSproutBerry forest,Bond Bridge,Cape Brink,Route 12,13,14,15,24,25,5,6,7,Water Path
MagbyBreed a Magmar
SlowpokeBerry Forest,Bod Bridge,Canyon Entrance,Cape Brink,Celadon City,(too much more)
SandshrewWild(Next to the 3rd Gym town)
PinsarWild(Safari Zone)
MisdreavusWild(Ghost Cave)
SneaselWild(Ice Cave)
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LaRvatar in leefgreen!!!

by Unregistered Apr 02, 2010

First to get larvatar you must unlock the seven islands and when that is done you must rune down to the lower area keep to the right of the screen and keep following the road.It would be smart to use a super repel before walking into the grass.Go down to were the first cave is and skip it for a minute and go strait ahead untill u see the first patch of grass.You can tell your there cuz your next to stairs and a karate kid.and run around.There is a 5% chance you will find it and it comes in lvls about 10-20 i caught mine at lvl 20.

7 islandbeat elite 4
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by Shadow_Umbreon Mar 19, 2009

Obtainable Legendary Pokemon In GBA Pokemon Leaf Green

Unlockable:How to unlock:
RayquazaTrade From Pokemon Emerald, Ruby Or Sapphire
KyogreTrade From Pokemon Emerald Or Sapphire
GroudonTrade From Pokemon Emerald Or Ruby
RegirockTrade From Pokemon Emerald, Ruby Or Sapphire
RegiceTrade From Pokemon Emerald, Ruby Or Sapphire
RegisteelTrade From Pokemon Emerald, Ruby Or Sapphire
LatiasTrade From Pokemon Emerald Or Sapphire
LatiosTrade From Pokemon Emerald Or Ruby
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maNy hints for itemfinder,about chansey,and finish silph.co mission easy

by Unregistered Oct 01, 2008


Unlockable:How to unlock:
1 persim berry(itemfinder)beside pokemon center of mount moon,use itemfinder.
2 zinc(ITEMFINDER)the first way to fuchsia city and at the top of bikers,you use itemfinder on the grass.
3 to reach the 11 floor of silph.co easy(card key)first find the card key at 5th floor,there;s team rocket just go to the circle and back again,after that go right and you find card key and then go to third floor,use card key at the left room and go to the circle and you will find your rival and after fight with him,you go to the circle and fight with 1 team rocket and go inside the president place.
4 to get ether(itemfinder)before go to the rock tunnel,you will see the first trainer with green hat(the people with green hat isn't beside the pokemoncenter),but it's the first trainer before go to rock tunnel(remember the first) and at the top you will see grass and one rock(the grass and rock isn't infront of the water),in the rock you will find ether/use itemfinder.
5 chesto berry and one rare candy(itemfinder)way to rock tunnel you will find trainer with brown hat/type bug pokemon and go to the top,use itemfinder at the top or beside the trainer who have rock type pokemon(the beside left,not right)or don't follow the way and you will find chesto berry and now you follow the way/beside right the trainer with rock type pokemon or go to the right.after that don't go down,use itemfinder and you will find rare candy(1)
6 max ether,max elixir,thunderstone,rawst berry,lum berry,leppa berry,ultra ball,protein,iron,pp up,elixir,carbos,zinc,nugget,calcium,max potion,hp up,revive,rare candy(itemfinder)or click A buttonbefore go inside power plant,you go right and you use itemfinder(remember before/don't go inside power plant) and you find max ether,(max elixir),go inside power plant and you follow the way to catch zapdos but before it,you must go down(don't go left that the place of zapdos)so you must go down and find 3 machine that if you click the machine will say
7 chansey,lucky punch for chansey,evolved chansey,soothe bell(itemfinder for soothe bell)this is my way to get it,but I don;t know yours.if we rock chansey,80% it will flee,i still rock chansey and chansey always flee,I still wan to find it and rock it again and it won't flee,just angry and I throw safari ball and I get chansey.(seven island) and go to sevii island/seven island go down until find home between 2 trainers.go in the home and take the lucky punch in... 

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leDgendary pokemon

by shadowpokemon Nov 17, 2008

here is a list of ledgendary pokemon in leafgreen. not including the ledgendary dogs. and the last one might be

Unlockable:How to unlock:
articunoat seafoam islands
moltresat 2 island
zapdosat power plant
lugiaon navel rock aka. lsland 8 ( go to a nintendo event)
ho-ohon navel rock aka. island 8 ( go to a nintendo event)
mewgo to a nintendo event
deoxeson birth island aka. island 9 (go to a nintendo event)
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leDgendary dogs

by shadowpokemon Nov 03, 2008

yes you can get the legendary dogs in pokemon firered and leafgreen! it is a random encounter pokemon.use the master ball on it because it flees right away.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
enteichoose bulbasoar as your starter and beat the elite 4
suicunechoose charmander as your starter and beat the elite 4
rikouchoose squirtle as your starter and beat the elite 4
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