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Pokemon LeafGreen Review :

Great game

by jimster Oct 06, 2010

This is a great game, and to be honest has one of the best Pokemon story lines from any game that I have ever played. But the graphics weren't exactly the best, but were improved on the other games. I enjoyed playing this game and training my Pokemon. I even started this game over and over again, just because I found it more interesting to play it over and over again. I personally was more of a collector than I was a trainer. Can you collect them all or will you choose to make the most powerful team in existence? The choice is yours. Good luck on your adventure and trying to collect them all.

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9Story line
The story line is pretty simple you follow a young person from Pallet town and train and collect all the pokemon out there along with collecting Gym badges along the way.
The graphics are pretty good and have improved alot since the first three games originally game out. The graphics are pretty good
The sound of the game is alright but could use some improvements here and there, but overall I would give the sound a 7
The Gameplay is very simple, train your pokemon, But you decide whether you train for strength or decide to collect them all, or even a combination of both
10Lasting Appeal
This is a good game and I would recommend it for all those who enjoy pokemon, along with a little bit of adventure.
(Out of 10)


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