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Pokemon LeafGreen Review :

Leafgreen-pretty good

by pikamander Oct 11, 2010

see,it is pretty cool when you can get to the sevii isles. but when you finish the game,it can get really boring. I actually had the game,and it got pretty boring playing it over and over again. But the first time you play is pretty awesome! the graphics could be better. the story line is basically the same as Pokemon red/blue, except with better graphics, sevii isles, and shiny Pokemon. Sound,i have no complaints. A pretty good game this is.

It is up for sale for used games. I'd buy it if I had nothing else to buy. I like this game,but not my favorite.For all you pokemon fans out there,you would like this game,but not love it.

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7Story line
Better when you play it the first time.It will get boring when you do it over and over again.But to get your very first pokemon to level one hundred is an outstanding moment.yes,it is basically the same as red/blue.
i'd say the graphics could be better. like pokemon platinum better.it would be better if the pokemon got animated in battle like in emerald. In battle,the pokemon should move faster, like platinum or diamond,pearl, heartgold, or soulsilver.
Kinda annoying at some times. Legendary battle music seem pretty cool.I'd give it a medium rating,if ya ask me.I mean,even in about 2005,they could of made it pretty better.
as I said before,to get your starter to level 100 is an outstanding moment. The sevii isles are pretty cool.The battle tower with the girl with the shiny espeon, the lost cave, alternating cave,the togepi egg, and tons more!
7Lasting Appeal
I'd give it a 7/10 because it could be better.I do like it though.It is pretty cool.I would buy it if I didn't have anything else to buy.
(Out of 10)


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