Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team Cheats

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 54 cheats in our list, which includes 10 cheats codes, 16 passwords, 28 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

WoNder Mail

by KirbyKong95 Jun 14, 2007

Complete Dungeon Quest

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Dungeon: Remains Island??M4 CJY? 44?P CF?8 7J6R (...)M?1
Dungeon: Oddity Cave??MS CJ(...)? 44?P MF?8 7J6R (...)M?1
Dungeon: Fantasy Strait??M1 CJY? 44?P HF?8 7J6R (...)M?1
Dungeon: Marvelous Sea??MH CJ(...)? 44?P CF?8 7J6R (...)M?1
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TrEeko: how to start off with.

by Pyro7 Jun 18, 2007

Play the game

Unlockable:How to unlock:
TreekoBe a boy with a sassy characteristic
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reScue team ranks

by Peach Jul 25, 2007

this from bronze rank to lucario rank

Unlockable:How to unlock:
bronze rank50 rescue team points
silver rank100 rescue team points
gold rank1500 rescue team points
plattinum rank5000 rescue team points
diamond rank7500 rescue team points
lucurio rank15000 rescue team points
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hoW to get some legendaries

by DungeonFreako7 Aug 07, 2007

unlocking some stuff

Unlockable:How to unlock:
ho-ohcomplete mt faraway...i will post it....99.9%.....not recruitable 1st try
kyorgecomplete stormy sea.....i will also post this(50.0%) i dunno about the recruitment try
groudonbeat the story line then go back to groudon -10.0% i think...im posting all of them
raquazabeat him at sky tower....2nd try...get there with fly at 2nd try also -10.0%
regisbeat them at buried relic ill put more deatls
luigabeat silver trench....99.9%....first try recruitable....
mewill post it later....its a mystery
jurachiill tell u later also
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unLockable dungeons

by Unregistered Jul 06, 2007

things to do

Unlockable:How to unlock:
western caveget ho oh
silver trenchget all legendary birds
meteor caveget lugia
desert regionbuy furnace desert
unkown relicbuy the two places where the unkwon lives
howling forestdo rescue mission that rewards you the sky blue plains
southern cavernfinish the game and have boulder cave
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A Few tricks on Dungeons and Friend Areas. Maybe a few legendaries wil

by Deoxysdestiny Jun 01, 2007

I know this will be a bit to chew on, but...I know. it's a lot.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Stormy Sea (Dungeon)Beat Story Mode.
Seafloor Cave (Friend Area)Recruit Kyogre at B40F at Stormy Sea.
Volcanic Pit (Friend Area)Recruit Groudon at B3F at Magma Cavern Pit.
Legendary Island (Friend Area)Recruit Zapdos, Moltres, or Articuno when you reach Gold Rank.
Silver Trench (Dungeon)Recruit Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno, then talk to Alakazam, then go back to Legendary Island.
Deep-Sea Current (Friend Area)Recruit Lugia.
Buried Relic (Dungeon)I do not know. You will find the PKMN News article in your mailbox at a certain point.
Western Cavern (Dungeon)Somewhere around the recruition of Ho-Oh.
Darknight Relic (Dungeon)Unknown.
Unown Relic (Dungeon)Buying Unknown Chambers AN and O? from Wigglytuff after you beat Story Mode.
Wyvern Hill (Dungeon)Get the Dragon Cave Friend Area from a rescue mission.
Grand Sea and Far-off Sea (Dungeons)Buy Serene Sea after you beat story mode.
Solar Cave (Dungeon)Beat Story Mode.
Joyous Tower (Dungeon)I don't remember. Just buy all the damn Friend Areas. It'll turn up somewhere!
Purity Forest (Dungeon)I don't know. Just buy all the damn Friend Areas!
Wish Cave (Very Hard Dungeon)I don't quite know when it turns up, but you'll know it's coming when you see Ekans and Medicham chatting near Whiscash Pond
Murky Cave (Dungeon)Now that you have escorted Gengar through Mt. Freeze after rescuing Medicham's skinny ass, he will want you to escort him through this dungeon to break Gardevoir's curse.
Northern Range (Dungeon)Buy Southern Island after you beat Story Mode
Pitfall Valley (Dungeon)Defeat Latios.
Fiery Field (Dungeon)Turns up around after you clear Stormy Sea.
Lightning Field (Dungeon)Defeat Entei.
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GeT A Starter

by Squirtle101 Feb 18, 2008

Go to Wyvern Hill

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Totodile4 to 8F
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ThIs is the stuff u can unlock after story mode

by RaquazaMewDragonFire Dec 10, 2007

ok, so 4 ppl who say u need lucario rank 4 something, UR COMPLETELY WRONG!!! i got deoxys at platinum rank

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Enclosed islandrecruit deoxyx in meteor cave (20f) ( DONT NEED LUCARIO RANK!!!)
Meteor cave (20f)i can remember, but i think its after clearing western cave (99f), or getting latios and latias, but ican't remember, srry!! :(
Western cave (99f)recruit ho-oh from Mt faraway (40f)
Mt faraway (40f)get surf, talk to spinda and xatu, and clear 3 fields; firefield, thunder field, and northind fields (all 30f, need surf + talk 2 spinda/xatu)
Sky tower (after story mode)go 2 30f wyvern hill wt key find locked room
Wyvern hill (30f)beat story mode
Joyous tower (??f)get surf
Wish cave (99f)get surf, talk to medicham ekans 4 few days, and rescue medicham (20f)
Purity forest (99f)get surf
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StArter characters

by WiiGamer Sep 10, 2010
* = These Pokémon may not be selected as the partner.Some characters are only available to players of a certain gender.
CharmanderMale: Hardy ; Female: Brave
SquirtleMale: Jolly ; Female: Relaxed
PikachuMale: Impish ; Female: Hardy
Meowth *Male: Quirky ; Female: N/A
Psyduck *Male: Relaxed ; Female: Lonely
Machop *Male: Brave ; Female: N/A
Cubone *Male: Lonely ; Female: Impish
Eevee *Male: N/A ; Female: Naive
ChikoritaMale: N/A ; Female: Docile
TotodileMale: Naive ; Female: Jolly
TorchicMale: Hasty ; Female: Sassy
CyndaquilMale: Timid ; Female: N/A
MudkipMale: Calm ; Female: Timid
Skitty *Male: N/A ; Female: Hasty
BulbasaurMale: Docile ; Female: Calm
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ItEms that cannot be seen in dungeons many times

by Unregistered Mar 11, 2009

You can have a vacuum cut, gold fang, music box, Receive Dragon Scale

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Dragon scaleF?-. %CX? 48N?33?T 6466 !N?W
music boxF?89 JWF? ?P63 ?.?5 6?6R Q7?W
gold fang4?8N N5X? 4P?8 32?5 64?6 79?W
vacuum cut4?-N NCF? 4P?3 T2?5 64N6 F9?W
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by guru126 Apr 30, 2008

when you can go to the burried relic make sure to buy final island friend area so that when you fight the regis and get all their items and a music box so that can get mew if h shows up(i know mew is not a boy it has no gender) i am not sure if you can get it in all dungeons

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UnLock some dungeons

by kyletavera Mar 03, 2008

Finish these dungeons (If it is wrong sorry)

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Purity ForestFinish Northern range and Pitfall Valley
Joyous TowerThe same as above
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WeStern Cave

by kyletavera Feb 11, 2008

Recuit this pokemon when you unlock Western Cave it has 99 flors

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Western CaveRecuit Ho-Oh
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ReWard Statues

by WaddleDee777 Dec 19, 2011

You can unlock statues by completing in-game tasks.

Bonsly StatueDefeat all 21 mini dungeons in Makuhita Dojo
Lucario StatueObtain Lucario Rank
Mime Jr. StatueClear one of two * Leveled missions in a 99 floor dungeon
Weavile StatueClear a * Leveled mission in a 99 floor dungeon
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EvOlve your starters

by Megafan2008 Oct 26, 2011

You just need to have to beat the game once. Complete a few missions and then your assistant will tell you of what happened. you check the Whiscash pond and see a strange cave. then prepare for a mission and your assistant will talk about leader switching. say that its a good idea and then you check the cave and evolve.


easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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SpInda and Clear Wing/Feather

by AwesomeDude4ever Nov 29, 2010

To see Spinda (non-recruitable), you have to have the following requirements:

Have to have beaten the game (Rayquaza)

PROBABLY have to have at least one Pokemon evolved.

Go to Pokemon Square. Bellsprout or Lombre will will say," Look over there! whos that?" Its Spinda! Then spinda will fall down then you take him to your base and then after a good amount of talking Spinda will give you the Clear Wing/Feather!

spindahave to beat the game
spindaPROBABLY have at least one Pokemon evolved
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LeGendary Pokemon, areas and friend areas!

by DemonTyphlosion43 Jun 03, 2009

Here are some legendaries and their friend areas. You must beat the game first to get all of them.

ZapdosMt. Thunder Peak 3F, Legendary Island
MoltresMt. Blaze Peak 3F, Legendary Island
ArticunoFrosty Grotto 5F, Legendary Island
GroudonDeep Magma Cavern B3F, Volcanic Pit
RayquazaSky Tower Summit 9F, Stratos Lookout
KyogreStormy Sea B40F, Sea Floor Cave
The RegisBuried Relic floors B15F, B25F, B35F, don't know friend area. Sorry.
MewBuried Relic B36F-B99F, Final Island
MewtwoWestern Cave B99F, Cryptic Cave
Legendary DogsFiery, Lightning, Northwind Field ??F, Sacred Field
JirachiWish Cave B99F, Mt. Moonview
Ho-OhMt. Faraway 40F, Rainbow Peak
UnownUnown Relic floors B1F-B11F, Aged Chamber
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ChAracters, items, friend areas, and other features unlocked by in-gam tasks

by Unregistered Mar 11, 2009

Kecleon is nit easy to see how can i recruit him without any harm, I want to have groudons friend area so he can be easily to be recruited, I want to see a chansey, and lucario but how

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StArter pokemon's!

by luiscaamal Jun 30, 2009

Make them join the rescue team

bulbasaur,jigglypuff,treeckoJOYOUS TOWER 1F-4F
pichu,taillowJOYOUS TOWER 3F-5F
diglett,plusle,spinda,metapodJOYOUS TOWER 4F-7F
chikoritaJOYOUS TOWER 8F-9F
skamorywish cave 20F
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HoW to evolve pokemon

by xTwistedMindx Mar 23, 2009

Firsy you have 2 beat rayquaza in sky tower and watch the credits Then u go 2 whiscahs pond north of the poke squrae and talk to alakazam After u r done go 2 ur team base or visit a team member and your partner will ask u if u want to change leaders at willsay yes and put ur partner on standby and go in the hole in whiscahs pond and a plant will ask u if u want 2 evolve say yes

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EvOlve Feebas

by marz99 Dec 15, 2008

If u have a Feebas, go into the cave where u evolve,have feebas as a leader. Have nobody with u. when the stone asks '' will u give a item for evolve blah blah, give the beauty scarf and vola! u have a Milotic! NOTE* if u do't have the beatuy scarf, here is the code for it.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
1?1Y ?WF? 4R?J 3+?? 6M?6 K7?WBeauty Scarf
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by DeoxysBlaster Mar 31, 2008


Unlockable:How to unlock:
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hoW to get articuno without the friend bow

by Unregistered Jul 31, 2007

take a lvl 46 chrizard with lots of fire attck but careful grass type if you bring grass type your 100% chance to die

Unlockable:How to unlock:
how to get zapdosbeat the game then go back to mt.thunder with your parnter with squrtle and charmader your likely to get zapdos
how to get moltresbring a lvl 49 water type and beat the game then go to mt.blaze and your likely to get moltres hope my cheat works for you like me!!!!!
how to get celbelgo to purity forest and head up to floor 99 he joined me without a fight
how to evole pokemonbeat the game and caterpie and metapod will come to your door 1 day andthey tell you that sudbull is atcing weird and you go to whiscash pond and there is a cave nere by and go in it and it says come along do a misson and after your partern sould ask you if you want him in his friend area say yes and then be lvl 36+to evole
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3 Rare birds

by werewolf68 Jan 09, 2008

need 2 or more gummys of type the bird you are trying to befriend.(plz thumbs up)

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Zapdosdefeat rayquaza , then go back alone to mt.thunder before you battle throw as much gummys as you can at Zapdos
Moltresdefeat rayquaza , then go back alone to mt.thunder before you battle throw as much gummys as you can at Moltres
Articunodefeat rayquaza , then go back alone to mt.thunder before you battle throw as much gummys as you can at Articuno
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by TheCharizardMaster Oct 15, 2007

All you do is have 15,000 rescue points

Unlockable:How to unlock:
LucarioBeat him in Pokemon Square when you get 15,000 rescue points, then he'll ask to join your team. I suppose Ala kazam would be jealous!
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