Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team Review

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team Review :

The Mysteries Begin

by Bramblefang Sep 13, 2010

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Blue Rescue Team kicks off the Mystery Dungeon Games along with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team.

These two games take Pokemon to a whole new area where you are the Pokemon. The main plot is that you have become a Pokemon (knowing that you're suppose to be a human) and you try to find out what happened to you with your partner and newfound friends helping you.

Mystery Dungeon features the 1st through 3rd generation Pokemon. As you progress in the game, you and your partner decide to become a Pokemon Rescue Team. As the name implies, you must rescue Pokemon and some other special ones. All of these missions take place in areas called Dungeons. Each dungeon is filled with Wild Pokemon that are ready to attack you and kick you out of the dungeon.

Because of this new system, the battle system is changed. Every dungeon is turned base so if you move, every Pokemon in the dungeon moves right after you. You can attack with your moves or with attack items like Sticks and Rocks. You and your team are usually the first to make a move (as long as your speed hasn't been decreased) and then your opponent makes their move.

You will obtain Rescue Missions from the mail or a board near the Peplipper Building. Each mission has a specific code for that mission and it gives you an objective. This objective is random. Some missions tells you to rescue a Pokemon while others tell you to obtain an item. There are a few other kinds as well but those are the most common. Each mission will give you a reward when you complete them. They can be money, food, etc. They also have a rank. The higher the rank, the harder it is to complete the mission. What's good about completing the higher missions is that you will obtain more rescue points. These help you move up in Rescue Team rank.

Along with this new system, new items have been introduced. These include Elixers (to manage PP), Apples (Hp restoring items), Rocks (Attacking items as I've mentioned earlier), Gummis (To increases IQ), and many more (Scarfs, Lens, and Berries) You also have to manage Poke money so you can buy these items at shops. With these items, you should be able to succeed in your rescue missions.

This is a good Pokemon game especially because of all the new gameplay. This game is a bit more limited than Blue Rescue Team because of the lack of Wireless Communication on the Game By Advance, but choose whichever you want.

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9Story line
You turn into a Pokemon, you encounter another Pokemon, become friends, form a rescue team, find out who you really are, and so much more. The storyline in this game is better than those of Diamond, Pearl, etc.
Graphics are not as good as future Mystery Games, but they're acceptable. They really looked good to me in the past but future games started to make it look that way to me.
Sound isn't a big part of Mystery Dungeon games, especially this one. There aren't any songs that get stuck in your head for awhile in this but the game play makes up for it.
I loved the new battle system. It doesn't take forever to defeat a enemy (unless you are REALLY underleveled) and all of the items and stats make you plan out your way to getting through the dungeon.
7Lasting Appeal
This is always an iffy for me. I never had any other game to play than this when I was little, so I played this for hours. However, I loved to play this game because of the storyline. When the story is all over, I stopped playing. It became...boring.
(Out of 10)


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