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Pokemon Red Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Red cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 18 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 1 unlockable, 11 glitches, 5 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Red on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Glitch - MEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by zeldafiend Jan 13, 2009

Yes, believe it or not, it can be done without a GameShark or other cheating device.
Here's what you'll need to do:

* Restart your game and play until you get HM02 Fly from the house west of Celadon
* DO NOT fight the following trainers:
o The Youngster with a Slowpoke (Level 17) on the road to Bill's house (Route
25). He is the fourth trainer after you cross Nugget Bridge, standing directly above a
female trainer and facing north.
o The Gambler with two Poliwags and a Poliwhirl (all Level 22) between Lavender
Town and Saffron City (Route 8). He is standing just east of the entrance to Saffron
City, facing north toward the door of the Underground Path.
* Carefully follow the series of steps illustrated below.

Make sure you have a Pokémon that knows Fly. On Route 8, stand in front of the door of
the Underground Path. Save your game, since saving after this point will disrupt the
Walk down one step and immediately press Start. If you succeed, the menu will pop up
before the Gambler "sees" you. Go to the Pokémon list and fly to Cerulean City.
The Gambler will see you just before you fly away.
Your Start button will no longer function. Go north across Nugget Bridge and head east
until you find the trainer in this picture (he's the Youngster described above).
If you walk right up to the Youngster, the game will lock up, so you'll have to let him
see you and walk up to you. Defeat his Slowpoke (afterwards, your Start button will work
again), then fly to Lavender Town.
Head west into Route 8.
As soon as you enter the narrow path, the menu will pop up by itself. Press B to exit...
...and look who it is! Mew will be at Level 7 and its only attack will be Pound.
Pokéball, go!

Once you've caught Mew, you can save your game without any ill-effects.

There are two alternative ways to enter Route 8 and trigger Mew after beating the
Youngster. If you have access to Saffron City, you can fly there and go through the
eastern city gate. Also, you can fly to Celadon City, head east to Route 7, enter the
Underground Path, and emerge back in front of the Gambler.

Finally, the Route 8 Gambler isn't the only trainer that can initiate the trick. The
Super Nerd just west of him can also do it, as can the second Fisherman you meet when
heading south from Lavender on Route 12. There are numerous others; basically, any
trainer who is scrolled onto the screen by the same step that puts you in their vision
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Glitch - MissingNo.

by Ruby_The_Eevee Sep 19, 2007

Okay this cheat is to get more than one of a certain item. Like a master ball for example, you can get more than one with this cheat.

Step 1: Go to Veridian City

Step 2: Talk to the Old Man that didn't have his coffee so he was cranky

Step 3: Let him demonstrate to you how to catch a Pokemon

Step 4: Fly to the place where you get your 7th Gym Badge and go to the very left of the island and prepare to surf

Step 5: You see the darkish-colored mud in front of you? Surf along that and eventually you will run into MissingNo.

*Note: You must Have all the TMs listed to do this


-Ruby the Eevee

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Secret - Give Misty "Amnesia" And Level Up Your Pokemon Faster!

by drknessbcomesher Feb 15, 2010


This trick is great! Not really a trick so much as a simple pattern. For once you will lose... over and over again!... and LOVE IT every time you do! :P

To give Misty "amnesia" and to help your prized starter pokemon (or any pokemon) level up faster... simply get to the point in the game (pokemon red or blue for GB/GBA) of Cerulean City and save right before you battle Gym Leader Misty.

Each time you talk to her to begin the battle, she will begin her greeting with "Hi! You're a new face! Blah blah blah..." and keeps saying it EVERY TIME you first greet her to battle.
"Hi! You're a new face!"..... (2 hrs later) "Hi! You're a new face!" .<

The hilarity never ends as she continually forgets about your face and thinks you're a new person every time you chat... after having just chatted with you a little while ago! XD Hmmmm... poor Misty... she's getting up there close to that level of age which borders senility... and insanity!

The true hilarious thing is you will NEVER want to defeat her little starfishy because if you do she will permanently forget "your face" and you will continue on your journey thus no longer able to use this trick to your advantage. Get it while it's hot!


1. Have your ONE desired pokemon in your possession.
2. Talk to Misty and initiate the battle.
3. Beat up her staryu with your best attack and gain the 408 EXP.
4. LOSE INTENTIONALLY to her starmie DO NOT WIN... only to black out and regain consciousness back in front of the poke center.
5. Repeat this process until your pokemon is beefed up in level and EXP and it gets harder and harder to lose to starmie each time. (my slow down rate was level 40+ with my charmander/charmelean/charizard.)


Use your most pathetic move on starmie to help him along with kicking your butt easier... something like LEER. GROWL. Yeah you get the point. Just nothing that hurts him or lessons his attack power.

Use you strongest attack move to kill off staryu faster. All in all after an hour or so you should be well on your way to leveling up your pokemon and strengthening it. Each time you get stronger itll be easier to kill staryu but harder to lose to starmie!

If you are aware of the trade trick for having all THREE, YES ALL THREE! Of the starter pokemon in your possession... before moving on from Misty and her crazy hijinx, you can also use this cheat to... 

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Glitch - This can be done with pokemon red too

by megamanfreak123 Nov 14, 2008

how to catch the pokemon " LM4".

LM4 is a Glitch Pokémon found the Pokémon Red and Blue versions by completing Method #3 of the Mew glitch using a Pokémon with a special stat of 198. It is a hybrid of Poliwrath.

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Glitch - This can be done with pokemon blue too.

by megamanfreak123 Nov 14, 2008

how to catch the pokemon " Chiisai-u ".

Chiisai-u is a Glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Red and Blue.Little is known about it except that it can only be encountered by either using the Mew Glitch or by using a GameShark device. It will freeze the game upon encounter

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Glitch - This can be done with pokemon blue too

by megamanfreak123 Nov 14, 2008

how to catch the pokemon " PkMn ".

PkMn is a Glitch Pokémon that can be encountered by performing the Mew Glitch using a Pokémon with a Special stat of 197 in Pokémon Red and Blue.

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Glitch - Climb trees

by Unregistered Aug 30, 2007

cut down a tree and stand were it was, now save and turn the game off then on again you'll be on top of the tree =).

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Secret - Water pokemon using flamethrower

by alexanderjoel Jun 25, 2007

wat u need to do is get an eevee and tech it a fire move then use a water stone on eevee and u will get a vapourion waith a fire move

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Hints - Infinity health

by Unregistered Aug 22, 2005

Once you've caught a massinco lv.100 or higher, battle and win about 10 times and you will get infinity health.

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Secret - How 2 get da VS SEEKER

by Nickmiester Sep 10, 2007

1st u have 2 go 2 Vermilion City and go in the Pokemon Center where u heal ur pokemon.where u stand as the lady heals ur pokemon 2 da left is a woman and talk 2 her. She will give u a VS SEEKER which will make trainers battle.
Trust me it works i did it while i typed this

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Glitch - Missingno. and high level pokemon glitch.no game shark needed!

by thyflosion123 Sep 07, 2007

this glitch is very strange. go to viridian city and talk to the old man that used to block the way. he will say,"i've had my coffee and now i feel great! are you in a hurry? say no and he will show you how to catch a pokemon. after he is done fly to cinabar island and surf so you are half on the water and half on the land.you will either come across a golbat lv128,a snorlax lv141,or a missingno.lv80-lv148.NOTE:do NOT catch missingno. otherwise it will glitch up your game.NOTE:if you do catch missingno.do not save otherwise it will glitch your game up permanently!p.s.you will not be able to catch snorlax.p.p.s.you will get a small chance to catch mew.p.p.p.s.golbat will be quite easy to catch i got 2.p.p.p.p.s.missingno.will have 3 moves watergun,watergun and sky attack (pretty strange that he has 2 of watergun!)

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Unlockable - Here are pokemon that you only see once

by jimster Feb 18, 2009

here is a list of the pokemon you will only see once plus snorlax
*save before battling

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Articunothe legendary ice bird pokemon locate don seaform islands
Mewtwoman made version of mew location Cerulean cave after you have beaten the E4
Moltreslegendary fire bird pokemon located on Victory Road
ZapdosLegendary electric bird pokemonlocate din the Power Plant
Snorlax(actually 2 of them)the eating pokemon blocks cycling road and the route the right of vermillion city use pokeflute
MewGamesshark,Action Replay needed
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Glitch - Multlipacation

by Unregistered Mar 27, 2012

Talk to the old man in viridin and then fly to cinnibar an surf find m and kill it then it will clone your 6th item

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Cheats - Mew for you

by Unregistered Nov 02, 2006

to get mew you need an abra with teleport or a pokemon that knows fly. walk up to the kid left of the lake above cerulean. save the game right above the line of the lake. walk to the kid and right after you see his head but before he sees you press start and fly or teleport to cerulean and walk to the kid above the trees west of bills place walk next to him and walk two spaces upthen walk one left and beat him after fly or teleport to cerulean walk back to the bridge and walk onto it where mew will face you. by:killer mew krew

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Hints - You can reach Blaine in the Ciinabar gym without battling other traine

by V.Saran kumar Apr 15, 2006

Once you reach the gym there will be machines near the trainers those machines will ask questions if you use them if u answer correctly the gates will open and it is not needed to fight with those trainers.

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Hints - If you donít want to battle the trainers in the Cinnebar Gym do this

by V.Saran kumar Apr 15, 2006

First get inside the gym their near all the trainers there will be a machine it will ask you questions answer them correctly and the gates will open.

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Hints - Diploma

by bartman1776 Mar 18, 2006

If you get all 151 Pokemon and go and see Professor Oak at his lab in Pallet Town, he will give you a diploma.

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Cheats - Get mew

by Unregistered Nov 10, 2005

To get mew, first you must meet these requirements. Have at least 3 badges, have hm2 fly, and don't battle the youngster by bills house. He is above a tree. And don't battle the gambler thats right outside the underground path by lavender town. When you get at least that far, save it by the underground path by the gambler. Take one step in front of him and press start and then fly to cerulean city. Don't be alarmed that the pause button won't work because it's normal. Then battle the youngster I said before, but make sure you're one step away from him or the game will freeze. After you beat him, fly to lavender town walk to celadon, but you can't because when you do the pause menu will appear, but walk there anyway. After you get rid of the pause menu, mew will appear. Note: bring lots and lots of great balls or ultra balls.

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Secret - Elite4_#1 Lorelei

by skyp Jun 25, 2010

Elite4 #1 Lorelei Specialist; Ice

1st Pokemon:
Aroura Beam
Bubble Beam
Take Down

2nd Pokemon:
Super Sonic
Spike Cannon

3rd Pokemon:
Hydro Pump

4th Pokemon:

Last Pokemon:
Double Slap

Beat her and go on to Bruno! skyp

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Glitch - !!get mew on your first visit to cerullean!!

by Unregistered Sep 01, 2007

first catch a jigglypuff at the route just east of pewter (just after all the trainers)train it until its speed stat is 25 or more DO NOT DELETE SING.next walk accross nugget bridge then go left DONT FIGHT THE TRAINER IN THE GRASS YOU'LL NEED HIM LATER next fight abra and put it to sleep with sing to catch it then walk in front of the trainer and as soon as you do press start go on pokemon and use abra's teleport the trainer will notice you and you'll teleport befor you battle at this point your a, b, and start buttons are disabled walk back across the bridge and go east again fight the trainer facing up with a lvl 17 slowpoketeleport again and walk the bridge for the last time and the game will pause (and a man will appear in the water next to you)press b to unpause it andd yo'll fight mew lvl 7 it only knows pound.

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Code - How to win $3500+ win or lose after your first rival battle

by redsox121875 Nov 17, 2008

note:you must use a gameboy advance to use this cheat/glitch.

as soon as you start battling your rival for the first time, start typing in r,l,r,l as many times and as fast as you can. continue doing this until your rival stops talking and leaves. after you are able to set off on your own, press start, scroll down to your name, press A, and you should see over $3500 in your bank account that wasn't there before. i've tried this on blue as well, and it still worked! with this ammount of money, you will be able to purchase as many as 20 pokeballs from the pokemart. good luck!

R,L,R,L,R,L,R,L,R,L,R,L,R,L,R,L,R,L,R,L,R,L,R,L,R,L,R,L,R,L,R,L,R,L,R,L,R,L,R,L,R,L,adds $3500+ to your bank account
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Secret - Get gym leader 5

by Unregistered Dec 03, 2007

go to the city wear a sleeping pokemon lays fly to the city wear they remember dead pokemon carry on down u sea water go throgh the building carry on u will then be behind the sleeping pokemon surf around yhe blocking sign and then carry on missthe trainers and then u will see gym 5

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Glitch - !mew with 2 badges!

by Unregistered Aug 30, 2007

first catch jigglypuff just east of pewter (after getting the first badge)train it until its speed level is 25 DO NOT EVOLVE OR DELETE SING!(well you can evolve it but it makes it much harder to train since it learns no moves)fight an abra north of cerulean across the nugget bridge and to the left do not fight the trainer you'll need him use sing to put abra to sleep and to catch it walk in front of the trainer PRESS START AS SOON AS YOU MOVE go down to abra and use teleport you'll warp to cerullean walk back over the bridge and go east fight the junior trainer with the level 17 slowpoke and then warp once more walk for the last time over the bridgehalf way there your game will pause (btw theres an easter egg here too look to the left and a man appearred standing in the water) any way press B and mew will appear level 7 only knows pound soon it should learn transforn then a little later mega punch , but 4 now there you have it mew with only two badges.

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Glitch - Catch Missingno/Get 100 more of any item!

by 44546 Jul 30, 2007

My name is Jared and the real way to catch Missingno.
First,the good things about catching Missingno is that he/she or whatever you want to call it, has a very high attack.
The bad things about catching Missingno:
Missingno is a glith and a glitch is like a virus in a computer and if you cath this glitch pokemon it will erase your old saved data and its like having to restart your game, and also it will NOT let you save any other game after that.Also Missingno evolves into a khankiskahn if you give it a rare candy.
Missingno has a 13 defense. How do I know well I used a weedle and used a 5 power attack twice and the next weakest move was three power so I used the move and made him faint. So that is how I know. O.K. where is Missingno I will get to that in a second. there is so many bogus cheats out there even to this day but now that I have stepped up to the plate I am going to help all in need of POKEMON CHEATS and HINTS!
O.K. Missingno is on cinnabar island ok heres how to do it. First, Fly to virdian city, go left from the pokemon center until you hit the white trail the go up and talk to the man who shows you how to catch a weedle. He will ask you if you are in a hurry say no and he will show you how to cath a weedle. Then fly to cinnabar island and go right until you hit the shore and then put whatever item you want 100 more of in the sixth item slot. Pick the pokemon on your team that knows surf and surf up and down.Right about now I would put your strongest pokemon at the of your team because there is over L:100 Pokemon. I have caught a level 80 golduck, a level 132 mewtwo and now back to level 100 golbat because if the over 100 leveled pokemon gains exp. points it will go back to Level 100. once you run into missingno the screen will go black for 5 seconds. Use any attack to destroy Missingno go back on shore check 6th item there will be a symbol that means 100 of that item. GOODBYE, GOODLUCK


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Hints - The 3 ledgendery birds are Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos are numbered in s

by Unregistered Apr 10, 2007

it is relly easy tofind

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