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Pokemon Ruby Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Ruby cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 28 cheats in our list, which includes 2 easter eggs, 1 glitch, 25 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Ruby on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

EaSy level ups

by XxStrikerZxX Aug 30, 2010

First put 2 pokemon in the day and btw you need an acro bike then find one of those mud slope then start going up that and put a weight on the button that is facing the slope and then leave it over night on the charger and there you go depending on what level your pokemon was depends on how many it goes up but the point of haing an acro bike is because it wontgo all the way up the slope so hope it helps

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CaTch a Bagon

by ckjkj Apr 22, 2010

1.First of all the requirements to do it:

2.Water Pokemon that knows surf and waterfall.

3.First go to the waterfall and go up it.

4.then go to the ladder and go to another ladder.

5.Once you are there, you will battle an old couple and dragon tamer.

6.Go down the left side, and continue and go in another ladder.

7.Use surf and go into a small part of Meteor Falls whilst surfing.

8.Then surf up to a small slab and look around there.

9.In a few minutes you shall find your well deserved bagon.

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FeEbas + Snorunt Locations

by Bramblefang Jan 21, 2010

(Credit goes to Seribii.net for info. Use that site if you have problems with your Pokemon games)

Feebas ~ Route 119 *Random 6 Tiles which is randomly changed whenever the Trendy Saying is changes*

Snorunt ~ Shoal Cave Ice Room

It may look like this.

There is no Dawn Stone in Pokemon Ruby. So you can't get a Floslass.

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A Little tip to make Latios/Latias appear easily. (if your in the same area)

by ckjkj Apr 22, 2010

Ok, say Latias, or Latios (depends on game) is in the same area as you are, then you search all around, then he fleds away and you never got a chance to catch him, well, just use Sweet Scent! Sweet Scent has a 85.7% chance of having Latios attack you, if your in the same area.

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CoOl moves(need groudon or kyogre)

by ckjkj Apr 22, 2010

(only works for groudon or kyogre)
train groudon/kyogre to lvl 60 or higher and it will learn a REALLLLLLY strong move(witch are one hit K.O,s!)groudon will learn fissure and kyogre will learn sheer cold!they do ALLLLLLLOT of dm(always kills if hits)and no pokemon can stop you!(can miss alot tho)I know rayquazza is apart of the family of legends(witch are groudon,kyogre and rayquazza)but hes wayyyyyy to weak to learn one.but he can learn a REAL good attack too at lvl80 or so!he learns DRAGON CLAW!does not alot of dm to kill the enemy in one shot but is pretty good.these moves sheer cold and fissure can never and I repeat NEVER will be able to find a Tm of it.this strong attack can not be used with Tm's cause only 2 legendaries can learn it!but dont choose sapphire cause other pokemon learns sheer cold witch isnt SOOO rare.need more cheatsmail me!trust me!it worked for about 90 or 80 people at my church so it should work for you.but BEWARE!never delete the move fissure or sheer cold!not even the move tutor knows these moves and cant teach it to them!

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HoW to get the Regitrio

by PokeJunior Jun 27, 2009

U need to open the sealed chamber at the current... u will need: wailord, relicanth and a pokemon that knows how to surf and dive and also dig... try to find a dark patch that you can dive in, it might be hard but don't give up. after you find it, there should be a braille puzzle, dive up!!!! then at the end of the cave use dig.... after that get in and read the furthest braille puzzle... switch relicanth at the very first slot and wailord at the very end... read the braille!!! there should be an earthquake. now your mission is to find 3 rock patterns that where the regi's live

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"TRap" Latios/Latias

by ckjkj Apr 22, 2010

To get Latios or Latias SUPER easily, you'll need a strong L-40 or lower Wabbufet and a Pokemon that knows surf. Also you'll need some ultra balls and some super/max repels.

Surf to Mt. Pyre, go to the outskirts of it like the grass area of it. Look at your Pokedex for Latios or Latias and if its not there go to the second part of it where it gets foggy. Check it again.

If its not there, go back to the non-foggy area and keep doing it. Eventually, Latios or Latias will be in the area. It doesn't matter where you are on the outskirts because no matter what your in the Mt. Pyre area. So when it is in the area use a repel and search in the grass with WABUFFET IN FRONT.

When you get into battle, Latios or Latias cannot flee because of Wabbufet's Effect. Weaken it and catch it!

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EaSy to Beat Eilite 4

by Ho-oh45 Feb 10, 2009

When u have officially beaten all 8 gyms and have caught Groudon heres what you do. Go to the daycare and put in 2 pokemon (or 1) and do what a lot of people do--- Just go to a mudslide thing and tape down the button so ur just stationary. Now the next step is very difficult. WAIT. Wait as long as you want and come back to see how much theyve grown. I did this twice and got a lvl 89 blaziken lvl 90 groudon lvl 84 camerupt and a lvl 89 Wailord. I fully understand this takes a while (max. 5 days) but i breezed by the E4.

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NaH here the answer for your problem!

by CyberTomahawk77 Jan 12, 2010


Your going to find it in Mossdeep City
go up the stairs and in the left and only house there!
Go inside and talk to the man!

That's it!

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ArT museum smart contest

by ckjkj Apr 22, 2010

To get into the art museum, you need to win a master contest by A LOT! To do this in a smart master contest, go to the cave that you had to go through before getting to the elite four and catch a Medicham. It should have mind reader and hi jump kick. Those moves are a combo. Give Medicate some pokeblocks to get it more preliminary hearts, and then, once you're in the contest, use mind reader. The next turn (if no one uses flash or something like that)use hi jump kick. If nobody hurts you, you should get 12 hearts. Do it again, and use a random move last. This, if done right, gets his picture into the art museum. That's how my Medicham got it.

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by pokemonmaster0 May 05, 2008

to get shedinja you have to have 5 pokemon including nincada and a couple pokeballs train nincada to lvl. 20 let it evolve look in your team and you'll have ninjax and shedinja. enjoy

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GeT rid of long grass!

by Benjji Dec 19, 2007

If your pokemon are weak and you want to stay out of long grass, but there's some in your way, use the HM cut! It will cut up to 9 squares of long grass in one go! Then you can go on your way without the danger of wild pokemon appearing!
(This does not work in caves, water etc.)

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3POkémon Ruby Tips

by Flaaffy180 Dec 17, 2013

Hello there, below are a list of things that you probably did not know about Pokemon Ruby! There are not many but you can get a few free items by doing these. Read through them all and try them out! Enjoy,


Free Prizes - Buy 10 items at once at the Pokemon Mart and receive a prize!

Items At Inner Mountain - After exploring, to receive the last remaining items, drop down a hole on the very top floor of Inner Mountain. You can retrive them up here. To get the final item, take the bottom right drop.

Keys At The Abandoned Ship - You may notice that the cabins, that are only accessible by Dive, are all locked. But you can open them with keys. To find the keys, you must look for them on the floor. When you spot a sparkle on the ground go to it and receive the key. However, key for room 2 will not sparkle but it can be found in the center of room 5.

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seCret jirachi can not catch

by pokemonmaniacsaxon Nov 21, 2011

Hi guys if you go to the town up from the were they live by the beach go up to the next town/city the electrec gym leader keep going up until you go to your left ther should be some water if so go to it go right down to th bottom end not surfing jump on the water go left and stand on the edge of the FAR LEFT CORNER if you are not on the dege of the far left corner you wont be able to see it


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WeLl actually this is what we call "Item Cloning"

by CyberTomahawk77 Jan 12, 2010

And This Cheat will only work in Pokemon emerald!

Here's what are you going to do!


How to clone pokemon/items in pokemon emerald.

A new glitch was recently discovered that allows players who posses a copy of the Emerald version to clone both Pokemon and items to their heart's content. It can be done after having defeated the elite four, as you must have access to the battle frontier to perform it.

1. Go to the PC in the battle tower.
2. Deposit the Pokemon you want to clone in any box in Lanette's PC. Furthermore, if you wish to clone items, give the item(s) you'd like to clone to any Pokemon in the PC via the Move Items option.
3. Exit the PC and save the game.
4. Withdraw the Pokemon or item(s) from the PC that you initially stored in step two.
5. Talk to the lady behind the counter closest to the PC (The one furthest to the right).
6. She will ask if you want to make a challenge. Select yes and choose any two eligible Pokemon from your party.
7. She will tell you that you must save the game before making a challenge and ask you if that is OK. Select yes.
8. The game will freeze for approximately 2 seconds.
9. After, but not during, the freeze, turn off the game. It is not necessary to save again. Turning the game off during the pause may result in a permanent loss of game data.
10. Once you've turned the game back on, the cloned Pokemon and/or item(s) will be both in your party and in the PC.

it is much easier and faster to just go into move items and give the pokemon in your box. save. take the items back. then do the above starting with talk to the lady. then go back to move items and take the items. if you want to get more items, dont take the ones in your box back yet. save take the items and do it again.

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hoW to get to the clearout sale

by lordmighty Nov 14, 2008

You must keep doing things that you usually do, then watch a TV when its on, (this happens randomly), and if it says that there is a clearout sale in lilycove store, go there then go to the roof and talk to the sale people that are there (besides the other two usual people).

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icE walk

by pokegeek020 Sep 08, 2008

there are no cheats for the last gym. you just gotta walk on all the thin ice ,makesure it doent break. once you walk on every thin ice the slide turns into a small stair.keep on doing that until you reach wallace.good luck.

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HoW to battle with a friend:

by Nevele Feb 07, 2008

First you need a GBA link cable, plug it to your GBA and make sure your friend plugs it to his/her GBA too, Now, go to a pokemon center, go up the elevator and talk to the trainee who's inside a counter with two pokeballs in a flash thing symbol

HOpe I helped!

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HoW 2 get shedinja

by Unregistered May 27, 2009

First catch a nincada(found route 116)and train until lvl 20.Then make sure you have a spare place in your party and a spare poke ball.Raise nincada 1 more lvl and it evolves into ninjask.And in your party you'll have a nijask and a shedinja!=) p.s it worked 4 me so nit should 4 u!

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KiNgs rock

by Unregistered Jan 11, 2008

in mossdeep city by stevens house theres a little boy talk to him and say yes and he will give you a kings rock

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ReGi balls

by Unregistered Jul 10, 2009

I have tried three times buy 14 of each ultra ball,nest ball and timer ball and go face regirock throw ultra first(after weakening it)then nest ball then timer ball and keep repeting this.replenish all balls back to 14 and do this repeatedly for the other two
regirock will probably be caught by an ultra ball,regice a timer ball,and registeel a nest ball
remember to save right in front of them

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eaSier way to get rayquaza

by Unregistered Apr 08, 2008

1.get an ice type pokemon with aurora beam that is atleast lv.60
2.you need:ultra balls or master ball
hyper potions
3.shift the ice type pokemon when you battle him
4.use aurora beam and when he does rest use aurora beam again
6.use ultra ball

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hoW to get shedinja

by pokemonmaster0 May 05, 2008

to get shedinja make sure you have extra pokeballs in your bag, have one empty slot in your team.(in other words have the five pokemon including nincada in your team).evolve your nincada to levle 20 look in your pokemon team and there should be nincada.

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by Unregistered Jul 04, 2007

to get shedinja you have to catch nincada then evolve it at lv:20 then in your party you
have a shedija

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elIte 4

by ahmadyousuf1 Nov 15, 2007

the first two have ghost pokemon 3rd one has ice type and 4th one has dragon type.the first 2 don't use fighting type attacks.3rd one don't use fire type pokemon like Blaziken unless it knows sky uppercut or double kick and use fighting type attacks.use dragon type attacks when versing the 4th guy.when versing the last guy water or fire type attacks

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