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Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 22 cheats in our list, which includes 1 unlockable, 4 easter eggs, 3 glitches, 14 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Your pokemon being shiny!!!

by Pokemon_girl Jul 26, 2007

the first step of making your pokemon shiny is this:

first get the pokemon you want to make shiny out of your PC. if its al ruddy in your team ya your fine. now put all the other pokemon in your PC and keep the pokemon withch is going to be shiny in your team. then save your game. turn your game system on and off for about 200-250 times. i know it will hurt your fingers when your finished but you will also be very happy!!! trust me thats how i got my treecko to be shiny then turn into a grovyle. i hope you enjoy your shiny pokemon!!!


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Secret - Level ups fast!!!

by poke-ranger Jul 23, 2007

ok so wen u go 2 bed put 2 pokemon in the day care.next walk 2 a sand hill. now put sellotape on up button and leave over nite.wake up next morning wala,high level pokemon.

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Secret - A quick little hint

by PokeloveR_123 Aug 01, 2007

ok, so first of all, whenever you find a legendary, ALWAYS save the game before battle with it, and try to catch it with a pokeball, or any other type of ball, except masterball (including groudon, kyogre, and rayquaza) , so when you fight latias or latios, you can use a masterball on it and save a struggle.

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Easter Egg - Cutting grass!

by pokemonmasterjustin Jan 19, 2009

While you are out near the tall grass make sure you have a pokemon that knows the HM CUT, then go into the tall grass and use CUT, your pokemon will slice a few strips of tall grass!

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Secret - How to get SHINEY!!! Leganderies!

by Unregistered Jul 07, 2008

Go infront of a legandery, and save.Then battle it.If it's not shiny,turn the game off.Keep doing that UNTIL YOU GET A SHINY!Then use your master ball.I got my shiny Kyogre this way!

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Secret - All PokeBalls

by CyberTomahawk77 Feb 01, 2010

Master Code:


All Pokeballs:


If the code above did not work for you, then try these codes. These were the codes I was finding that did not work for me, while some others claimed it worked for them. I think it depends on the emulator you have.

Master Code:


All Pokeballs:


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Glitch - Get Missing No.

by CyberTomahawk77 Feb 01, 2010

Use the following code:


Replace the "xxx" with "000" to encounter the "question mark in a circle" one.*

Replace the "xxx" with "0FF" to encounter the "double question mark" one.**

*Causes various glitches and tends to vanish (can only catch if there is an empty space in the party, otherwise it disappears); only learns tackle; can't use in battles but can use in contests.

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Glitch - Stuck

by Unregistered Jul 09, 2007

cut down a tree and get where the tree was. save the game and turn it off turn it back on and load it you will be stuck in the tree til you use cut.

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Secret - How to get shedinja

by Unregistered Jul 04, 2007

first get nincada then evolve it and there will be a suprise in your party

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Secret - Trick house

by catrine Aug 11, 2007

when u finish the trick house and get the red/blue tent, the trick master leaves, talk to his chair and there will be a rare candy

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Secret - National Dex W/o Any Badges Or Cheat Sistem!!!!!

by shiny-typholion Aug 27, 2007

First of all make sure you have a Ruby or Saphire game and an Emerald game with the national dex.
Start a new game on R/S and get two pokemon. Then trade from emerald a gcs pokemon like hondour.
This automatically updates your pokedex to a national dex. Its that simple.

P.s I'm not sure if it works with Emerald

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Secret - Evolving Groudon

by TyrannitarSalamence Jan 06, 2010

1.) Find or earn a rare candy.
2.) Catch the legendary pokemon Groudon.
3.) Level your Groudon up to Level 54 (Warning: Do not level it up past Level 54 or this will not work).
4.) Give that rare candy to your Groudon and it will evolve into an IND.

Have fun and please rate!

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Easter Egg - 2nd Master Ball

by TyrannitarSalamence Jan 06, 2010

When I looked at the request after I submitted, it still said unsubmitted. So I'm doing it again. Everyday there is a lotto at the Lilycove Department Store. If you keep trading, you may be able to match it. This is a very small chance, but remember, there's a new one every day and lots of people to trade with so one day you will hit it right on the spot and get 1st place. Then you will be rewarded with a MASTER BALL! Good luck!

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Secret - Sky Pillar/Rayquaza

by TyrannitarSalamence Jan 06, 2010

Fly to Pacifidlog Town and Surf east. Then you'll see a path blocked at the top. Be careful, because it is very close to Pacifidlog Town, so don't surf too far. Surf to the end of the path and go inside. You'll come across 3 wide zig-zags, then there will be an island. Then go inside the cave. Travel to the other side of the cave and come out. Wallace will greet you and then he tells you that he unlocked the path to the top. Then there is an earthquake and sudden raining. He teleports to Sootopolis. Now that you are all by yourself, go to the top and you'll meet Rayquaza. It will fly away to Sootopolis. Now it's you're turn to fly! When you get to Sootopolis, there will be a fight between a Groudon and Kyogre. Rayquaza will come down and push them away. The raining stops. Then it flees back to the top of Sky Pillar. If you talk to everyone, they'll think you're amazing. Go to the peak of Sky Pillar. It wont escape this time.

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Secret - Volt tackle

by Unregistered Jul 10, 2009

Breed a pickachu or a raichu ( female with a light ball ) when the egg hatchs pichcu will no volt tackle hope this useful P.S might only work with emerald sorry

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Easter Egg - How to have a Shedinja ?!

by Regiprank Nov 17, 2008

1. You must have a Nincada first...
2. Evolve it into a Ninjask ,but, make sure you have an extra slot in your Party Pokemon .
3. There you have it , your very own Shedinja ! you can see it in you extra slot in the Party Pokemon when you evolved a Nincada into a Shedinja

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Secret - Shedinja

by Unregistered Mar 31, 2008

Evolve Nincada with a spare sapce in your party - Voila! Ninjask AND Shedinja!

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Unlockable - Cool wobbufet!

by megamanfreak123 Nov 24, 2008

First of all save the game! When you get the egg from the springs (near flanerries gym) look at the nature and if the nature is not rash then turn off the game boy and keep on looking at the nature until its rash.

If the nature is rash then not only will it hatch sooner, it will evolve sooner too and learn a move that it would originally not learn.

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Secret - Ralts Collecting

by Godfatherpadilla Aug 02, 2007

If You Always Want To Collect A Ralts In This Game Then Here Is How When You Get Your First Pokemon Keep The First State Reducing Move It Knows And When You Make It To THe Part Where wally Gets Ralts Remember Where He Was Standing And Keep Going Until You Can Purchase PokeBalls In The Pokemart Then Catch a Wurmple And Train It To Level 6 At Most And Then Keep It With You Dont Catch Any Other Pokemon After This (If You Must Store It In The PCRight After) Now When You Save The Devon Guy And Get Devon Goods Take The Route To The sailors House And Before You Depart Go To The Area Where Wally Was Standing and Just Move Around In That Area And He Should Appear Very Quikly

The Reason Its So Hard To Catch At The Beggining Is Because Your Pokemon Have To Be Very Close To You Ralts Only appears To THose Who Have a Positive Dispostion Meaning Their Pokemon Have To Like Them Alot.

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Secret - Hidden Place!

by Nevele Feb 04, 2008

To find the hidden place, go to ROUTE 114 (near FALLARBOR TOWN) and enter the METEOR FALLS, there, exit to ROUTE 115. Walk down the stairs and turn left where you can see a female trainer jogging in place. Now surf northwest and keep surfing until you find another sandy place. And viola! that sandy place with stairs on it is the hidden place!

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Glitch - Cloning a Ruby

by 5-Year-Old Dec 23, 2009

Just put Ruby in an empty box on the PC. Then take it out and put it in another box and save it, but when it says "Saving...Do not turn off power," turn it off. When you turn your game back on again, there should be two of the Pokemon you cloned in that box! You can also have the Pokemon you're cloning hold an item, so that the item will be cloned as well as the Pokemon.

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Easter Egg - Latios/latias

by kai_greybold Dec 29, 2007

Ok this cheat is only for the ones which have seen latios/latias and have escaped.All you have to do is keep going town to town(I mean suppose it is next to pacifidlog then go there)and see in the pokedex again if it is there,where you are then use any repel(I recommend you to use it before) and then use a pokemon with sweet scent.e.g.masquerein.But that is not it it may flee again all you have to do is catch a sableye and lvl up to 56 or above(I dont know what lvl but it should be 56 above)then keep it in front of ur party because it has mean look and also no attacks are effective because it is a ghost and dark type and latios/latias has only attacks which are phychic and normal.I'll give you what attacks it has
Lusture purge(psychic)

Mist ball(psychic)

I recommend you to use knock off 4 times with sableye to make his health less(If you are catching latios/latias at lvl 56)
Hope I helped

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