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Pokemon Sapphire Version Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Sapphire Version cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 42 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 6 unlockables, 3 easter eggs, 32 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Sapphire Version on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - How To Get Shedinja.

by Ferns_93 Oct 13, 2008

To get a Shedinja, follow these easy steps:

Catch a Nincada in Route 116 near Rustboro.

Make sure you have a extra slot in your party. Also, you must have some Pokeballs if you have any.

Raise your Nincada to Level 20, it will evolve into a Ninjask. And, you got a Shedinja!

(If you dont have any extra space and/or Pokeballs, you're out of luck.)

And there you have it!

[I realize this is also for Ruby and Emerald version, but as I have Sapphire, I submitted it in here]

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Secret - Latios, Latias Easy Appeared Them

by CyberTomahawk77 Feb 05, 2010

Ok, say Latias, or Latios (depends on game) is in the same area as you are, then you search all around, then he fleds away and you never get a chance to catch him. Well, just use Sweet Scent! Sweet Scent has a 85.7% chance of having Latios attack you, if your in the same area.

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by LATIOS10 Apr 19, 2007


eggsput 2 different genders of pkmn in the daycare and they should have an egg
diploma~complete the pokedex
go into spacein the space center talk to every1 and one of them will say shuttle launch numder , it could be any number but when it gets to 100 u go in to spACE
torchic,treeeko,mudkipfirst pik 1 pkmn have 2 saphire or ruby games keep restartin da game and swapin the starters and on 1 game u should have them all
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Cheats - Jirachi

by raquazafreak777 Mar 12, 2007

Get the guy looking out the window at the Mossdeep Space Center (he looks like hes a nerd) to say 100

Deoxysget an aurora ticket (which you can only get in a nintendo event like pokemonrocks USA 2004) and then do mystery event and one guy on the top floor of the pokemon center will give you the ticket and take the S.S. Anne to Birth island solve a simple puzzle and deoxys will appear
MewGet an old sea chart (which i have no idea how to get) then take the SS anne to far away island and mew will be there
The other latiget an eon ticket and use the SS Anne and theyll take you to the Southern Island and the other lati will be there
Lugia Or Ho-OhGet the mystery ticket and use the SS Anne to go to the Naval Rock and lugia or ho-oh will be there
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Secret - All Secret Base Items

by CyberTomahawk77 Feb 05, 2010

Small Table Fotree City 3000 Gold
Pokemon Table Fotree City 3000 Gold
Heavy Table Fotree City 6000 Gold
Ragged Table Fotree City 6000 Gold
Comfort Table Fotree City 6000 Gold
Bricks Table Fotree City 9000 Gold
Hard Table Fotree City 9000 Gold
Camp Table Fotree City 9000 Gold

Small Chair Fotree City 2000 Gold
Pokemon Chair Fotree City 2000 Gold
Heavy Chair Fotree City 2000 Gold
Ragged Chair Fotree City 2000 Gold
Comfort Chair Fotree City 2000 Gold
Brick Chair Fotree City 2000 Gold
Hard Chair Fotree City 2000 Gold
Camp Chair Fotree City 2000 Gold

Surf Mat Lilicove City dept store 4000 Gold
Thunder Mat Lilicove City dept store 4000 Gold
Fire Blast Mat Lilicove City dept store 4000 Gold
Powder Snow Mat Lilicove City dept store 4000 Gold
Attract Mat Lilicove City dept store 4000 Gold
Fissure Mat Lilicove City dept store 4000 Gold
Spikes Mat Lilicove City dept store 4000 Gold
Glitter Mat Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Jump Mat Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Spin Mat Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold

Ball Poster Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Green Poster Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Red Poter Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Blue Poster Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Cute Poster Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Pika Poster Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Long Poster Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Sea Poster Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Sky Poster Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold

Pichu Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Pikachu Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Marril Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Jiiglypuff Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Duskull Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Waynaut Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Baltoy Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Kecleon Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Azzurill Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Skitty Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Swablu Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Gulpin Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Treecko Mauville City Casino 1000 Coins
(20000 Poke)
Torchic Mauville City Casino 1000 Coins
(20000 Poke)
Mudkip Mauville City Casino 1000 Coins
(20000 Poke)
Wailmer Sootopolis City (given by someone) -
Lotad Given by Lanette (Sapphire) -
Seedot Given by Lanette (Ruby) -

Pika Skin Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Round Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Zigzag Lilicove City dept store 2000 Gold
Spin Lilicove... 

continue →

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Secret - How do you get jirachi (I know how to get space nerd to say 100% but he says it launched at 9999%)

by jimster Jan 28, 2009

well actually Jirachi requires an event or ar gs u recieve a wish tag and u put it on a rock on the island and Jiarachi appears to grant your wish

Deoxys is in space

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by pokemonmasterjustin Jan 17, 2008

I found this awsome way to cut grass! First, go into the grass and then use cut on it... then POOF! The grass is gone! It can cut up to 9 grass spaces! It will be way easier than going through all of that other grass!

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Secret - The Best Starter Pokemon

by KinaTheKitty Aug 27, 2007

To help you win the game, start with Torchic. Catch whatever pokemon to help you.

When you reach Rustboro Gym, make sure you have a Combusken by then that knows Double Kick. Combusken can help you througfh other gyms such as Mauville, Petalburg, and maybe Mossdeep. (If you ask me, use a Golduck that knows Surf and a Lairon that knows Metal Claw against the Twin Leaders.)

You should have no problem defeating Team Aqua with Combusken/Blaziken. Dark types are weak against Fighting type, and the Carvahnas and Sharpedos don't know any water attacks.

And you should have a fairly easy time with the Elite four, just consider weaknesses and Resistances.

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Cheats - Easy Way To Catch Rayquaza Without A Master Ball!!!

by Unregistered Jun 19, 2006

The pokemon you defiantly need is a Kyogre/Groudon over level 55 and five other pokemon at least level 42. Go inside the Sky Pillar and use dig. You will be at Rayquaza in no time. Make sure that you have 10 timer balls and 8 Ultra balls. Save before you get to Rayquaza and get him down to low health when in battle with Kyogre by using ice beam only once. Use up all of your Ultra balls and then use a timer ball. This should work because it worked for me.

PS: you must have bee ten the elite four before getting to the Sky Pillar and if you donít know where it is, it east of Pacifilog town(route131) and when in the middle of route 131 go north and find a passage and then you will see a cave and that is the Sky Pillar.

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Secret - HM Locations

by ckjkj Apr 05, 2010

* HM#1--Cut: You get Cut at cutter's house in Rustborro.
* HM#2--Fly: You get Fly From May after beating Team Aqua at the weather plant.
* HM#3--Surf: You get Surf from Wally's parenet's house next to your dad's Gym after you beat your dad.
* HM#4--Strenth: You get Strength after you break one of the rocks seperating the couples in the cave to the right of Rustborro.
* HM#5--Flash: You get Flash from the first guy you see in the cave next to Dewford.
* HM#6--Rock Smash: Get Rock Smash in the house on the right side of Mauville as soon as you enter from the bottom of Mauville.
* HM#7--Waterfall: You get Waterfall on the top left corner on the third, or forth floor of The Cave Of Origin.
* HM#8--Dive: You get Dive at Steven's house in the top left corner of Mossdeep.

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Secret - Breeding

by ckjkj Apr 05, 2010

In order to breed Pokemon, you first have to make it to the Pokemon Day Care Center on Route 117. Once there, talk to the woman at the counter, and she'll ask if she can take care of your Pokemon. You can leave two Pokemon with her at once, and provided the chemistry is right (and the Pokemon are a male/female pair), you may get an Egg the next time you walk through the Day Care doors. Make sure you have a spot in your inventory available to carry it. How do you know whether the two Pokemon you put in will yield a happy package Talk to the old man outside, and he'll give you a hint as to whether the union will be fruitful.

Breeding two of the same kind of Pokemon will either result in the same kind of Pokemon, or one of the previous evolution. However, if you breed two different kinds of Pokemon (they still need to be of the same Egg Type), you may end up with a completely different kind of Pokemon. As with trading, experiment with held items to produce new and different effects as well.

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Secret - Chimecho

by CyberTomahawk77 Feb 05, 2010

In order to catch chimecho you have to go to mt. pyre near lilycove go to the top (outside) then go to the right. You will find a chimecho there, but this requires a lot of patience i'm still trying to catch it.

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Secret - 2 Everstone

by CyberTomahawk77 Feb 05, 2010

Thats right 2 one u know about and one u don't. the first one is the 3rd room and in the rocks on that platform. now to get the second one get a mach bike and fly or surf or somehow get back to dewford then go to the mud slide in the 2nd room. go up it then get past all of the pit falls until u get all of the way across to the right where there is a ladder. then go to the ladder and u'll end up in another room. there is a pile of rocks there. and "viola" 2 everstones.

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Unlockable - How To Get PokeBlock Case

by Unregistered Dec 01, 2008

Go To The Contest Building In Lilycove There Is A Little Girl Near The Entrance Talk To Her She Says "I Have Two Of These Have One" And Then She Gives You The PokeBlock Case So You Can Play The Safari Zone. To Make PokeBlocks Go To A Contest Building [Any One] And Go To The Right There Will Be An Old Man Sitting There Talk To Him And He Will Say "Want To Make PokeBlocks With This Old Timer?" And Thats All.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
PokeBlock CaseGo To Lilycove Contest Building Talk To The Little Girl Near The Entrance She Will Say She Has Two PokeBlock Cases And She Will Give You One Of Hers.
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Easter Egg - Heart Scale Bonanza

by I_Z_A_K Aug 29, 2007

There are a lot of heart scales in the beach southern of Slateport City. You Might Want to use an Itemfinder or something like that. Also When you catch a Luvdisc THere is A high chance that it will be holding a heart scale.

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Unlockable - National dex

by kira yamato Sep 26, 2007

its very simple

Unlockable:How to unlock:
national dextrade pokemon from firered/leafgreen...easy enuffXD
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Hints - Make pokemon level up faster:

by gamelover May 28, 2007

Make the pokemon u want to level up in front of the party.
It should be holding an exp.share.
Battle then switch, the pokemon holding the exp. share will get 75% of the exp.points if u defeat the enemy!

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Unlockable - Items

by sport353 Jul 19, 2011
exp shareafter giving the letter to steven go bact to devon co and mr stone will give you the exp share
amulet coinafter you beat your dad go back home and talk to mom she will give you the amulet coin
tm 11/sunny dayfly to fortree city and go into the route to the right right away youll see stairs go down and surf to the cave in the water go inside and pick up the pokeball
black glassesbeat the 4th gym and when you go out may will give you it
thunderboltshut down the generator in new mauville talk to the 3rd gym leader watson and hell give you the tm thunderbolt
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Secret - Cave bike ride

by Unregistered Mar 24, 2009

go to the bike placegit a mech bikeand go to the cave were you met stevego down the first latter and walk arond afenchaly you will see a mud slideride up it with the mech bick you'll see craces in the grondride over themat the end you'll see a lattergo down it and you will find something

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Secret - It's Simple!

by CyberTomahawk77 Jun 30, 2009

Beat Wattson first then get rockmash from the house next to Pokemart (the right one PINK HOUSE) then go Verdanburf town! there's a cave there and smash one of it! and ta-da past through! Oh yeah the guy he was going to give you an HM strength!

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Secret - How to get a wish tag-Requested by vincent_31

by jimster Jun 08, 2009

To get a wish tag you need either a gameshark or action replay code or the event

once you have the code you can get Jirachi on te island with the twin gym leaderstheres a white rock go up to it and talk to it it should say place tag on rock once you do Jirachi apears

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Secret - Obtaining Raquaza in Sapphire

by Oreo1023 Jun 01, 2009

To obtain Raquaza in Sapphire, after defeating the Pokemon League, or the Elite Four, go to Pacifidlog town. From there go to the route to the right and scan along the top area for openings. When it's found you shall find an island with Sky Piller on top of it. You will definately need a mach bike to go over the cracked parts of the floor. When at the top of Sky Pillar, you should see Raquaza. Make sure to bring many poke balls and a strong pokemon that knows hypnosis. Weaken Raquaza the use hypnosis to make it much easier to catch. By the way, Raquaza is level 70.

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Unlockable - Getting Latios in Sapphire (Or Latias in Ruby)

by Aldermar Mar 16, 2009

This requires that you and your partner to have 2 Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire and a Mystery Event. Get a Link Cable and hook up.

You can get Mystery Event in the PokeCenter in Petalburg City. Talk to the guy beside the PC (Once you've earned enough badges, at least 1). Then enter this phrase:

Save your game and turn off your game or reset. You will have a new option once you start the game.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Eon TicketWill get you to an island to get Latios LV 50 (Or Latias in Ruby, LV 50)
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Easter Egg - Jigglypuff

by midnight8211 Jul 28, 2008

go to rusbro city go up til you find a beach, use surf and go up you will find another beach go left go through the rocks then you will see a small beach with green .go there. as you go through the green you will fing a patch of grass that has jigglypuff, swablu, tailow, swellow, wingull. get 2 girl and boy so when you breed them you get igglybuff.

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Secret - Easier ways to beat elite four

by Unregistered Jan 10, 2008

sidney-easier when you have earthquake,ice beam/any ice attacks.
he's pokemon faint easily if the pokemon you use have high lv. like lv 60+.
phoebe-easier with water and ice attacks like ice beam,hydro pump,surf,and blizzard.

glacia-her pokemon faint easily with earthquake of a high lv. pokemon.

drake-easier with ice attacks of high lv. pokemon like ice beam.

steven[champion]-easier when you choose swampert as starter pokemon because of water type.be prepared with his metagross because it has hyper beam.

hints:1.buy many max/hyper potions
2.buy antidotes incase you dont kill steven's skarmory and it uses toxic.
3.take swampert as a starter because he easily takes down most of the gymleader and e4.
4.level up your pokemon to the highest you can do.

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