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Pokemon Sapphire Version Cheats :

This cheat for Pokemon Sapphire Version [Game Boy Advance] has been posted at 24 May 2010 by skyp and is called "How to get REGICE REGIROCK REGISTEEL". The Cheat has been commented 9 times. Also 5 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up skyp and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 18 other cheats for Pokemon Sapphire Version, look them as soon as possible!


by skyp May 24, 2010

The first thing to catching the Regi Pokemon is unlocking the entrances to their tombs - this is done through the Sealed Chamber. To get to the Sealed Chamber, make sure you have a Pokemon that knows Dig, Surf and Dive; then head to Pacifidlog Town and Surf West and keep to the bottom of the ocean current. Soon you'll come across a dive spot. Dive there and follow the path untill you come to a rock with dots on it - the dots are Braille and it is very important in catching the Regi Pokemon. The dots you are facing say "Go up here." So use Dive and you will be in the first room in the Sealed Chamber. In the first room is the Braille alphabet in order from the topmost left pillar. The large pillars have the letters while the two small pillars have a "." and a "," on them. These pillars are important if you ever lose the Braille decoder sheet - but otherwise of no use. Head to the wall with more dots on it, there is the entrance to the second room. Face in between the dots and follow the instructions on the wall "Dig here."

Now you are in the second room. The small pillars to the sides tell the story of the Regi Pokemon:

"In this cave we have lived."

"We owe all to the Pokemon."

"But, we sealed them away."

"We feared it."

"Those with courage, those with hope."

"Open a door. An eternal Pokemon waits."

At the end of the room, the Braille code states: "First comes Waillord. Last comes Relicanth."

Now you have done all you need to in the Sealed Chamber. It's time to catch the Regi Pokemon. Be sure to have a Pokemon that knows Surf, Dive, Dig, Fly and Strength. Those Pokemon can be in any order as long as Relicanth (Can be caught underwater on Routes 124-126)is First and Wailord (Wailmer evolves into Wailord on level 40) last. And last of all: bring plenty of Pokeballs!

First up is Regice which is found in the Island Tomb North-West of Dewford Town and South-West of Route 104. Navigate your way through the maze of small islands and you should find the island cave. Inside, the Braille code reads: "Stop and wait. Wait for time to pass twice." As soon as you press A again, don't move - just wait. You have to be pretty patient but the wall will open and you can catch Regice.

Next up is Regirock in the Desert Ruins on Route 111 (the desert). Once you're in the desert, make your way South and you should find Regirock's tomb. In the tomb, the Braille says: "Right, right, down, down. Then use Strength." Follow these instructions and the door to Regirock should reveal itself.

Lastly is Registeel in the Ancient Tomb off Route 120 (near Lilycove). Registeel's tomb is a few levels up and through a patch of grass. In the tomb, the Braille reads: "With new time, hope and love, aim to the sky in the middle." After you read that, take five steps from the middle of the Braille marks to the door you came through. Next, use Fly and the door to Registeel should appear. If not, calculate the middle position in the tomb and use Fly there. Now all you need to do is to catch Registeel.

how to get REGIGIGAS in diamond pearl platinum balow:

migrate the regi's. go to snow point temple with them in yor party. regigigas statue with come to life if you hav the regi's in yor party.
Regigigas Lv.01

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