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Pokemon Sapphire Version Cheats :

This cheat for Pokemon Sapphire Version [Game Boy Advance] has been posted at 27 Jun 2011 by pikazard and is called "Pros and cons of the starter Pokemon(along with tips).". The Cheat has been commented 3 times. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up pikazard and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 18 other cheats for Pokemon Sapphire Version, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - Pros and cons of the starter Pokemon(along with tips).

by pikazard Jun 27, 2011

Let's start off with Torchic. At first, this little Pokemon is a pure Fire-type. Late ron, it will become a Combusken and a Blaziken, which both have the added Pokemon types of Fighting. If you can evolve it before you enter the Rustboro gym, you'll have Double Kick(which is super-effective to Rock-type Pokemon), but they can still do heavy damage against your Pokemon. Onto the next gym, Dewford. If you taught Combusken/Torchic Peck, you should have no problem with this gym; just watch out for Meditite of the gym trainers. They have beastly attack, and they can use Meditate (which raises attack), Detect(which is basically the same as Protect). Next gym. It's electric-type, though most of the Pokemon are part Steel. It should be pretty easy for you, but just in case, you should bring a few Parlyz Heals. Next gym. Do NOT use Combusken/Blaziken against this gym, unless it knows Rock Tomb. Flannery's Pokemon all have really good Special Attack, and Outrage couldeasily wipe him out, unless you're ten levels above them. Next gym. You should be fine against this gym. But when you face Slaking, make sure you're Pokemon knows Bulk Up, to raise it's attack and defense. Also, since it knows Facade, do NOT inflict any status problems on it. It already has beastly attack, and when it has a status condition, the attack power of Facade is doubled. Since it loaths around every other turn, use Bulk Up when it does that, and if possible, Protect the next turn. Do this until you're confident your Pokemon can take him down in one hit. Next gym. If you taught Combusken Rock Tomb after you beat the first gym, you should be fine against her. But be careful around Altaria, because it knows Dragon Dance, which boosts special attack. Next gym. Since this is a Psychic-type gym, I would suggest not using Blaziken AT ALL. Next gym. Don't use him against any Pokemon of the leader's except for Whismur, but still, be careful. Now that you're done with the gyms, let's take a look at the Elite Four. You're probably going to be able to sweep through Sidney with ease, but start off with an electric-type Pokemon, or a Pokemon who knows an Eleectric-type move, because Crawdaunt is a TANK. Don't go up against Pheobe, unless you've got some tough Fire-type moves. She'll destroy you with Shadow Ball and her other ghostly moves. Glacia should be easy, but she has Water/Ice Pokemon up her sleeve, and they all have amazing Defense, so send out an Electric-type or a Pokemon who knows an Electric-type move. Unless your Pokemon knows Ice-type moves (which I very highly doubt) do not go up against Drake. All your Fire-type and Fighting-type moves will do nothing against his Pokemon. Now, on to Steven. He should be very easy, but watch out for Skarmory, because it's part Flying type. On to Team Aqua. You should be able to easily beat them, but do NOT use it against Sharpedo-Carvhana, unless you want Blaziken to take damage from Rough Skin. Yo ushould know that it has decent speed and great attack and special attack.

Onto the internet meme phenomenon, Mudkip. At first it's a pure Water-type, but eventually it will turn into Marshtomp and Swampert, both with the additional typing of the Ground-type. This comes in handy, because it narrows down the weaknesses to only one, which is Grass type. Although it is a tank, keep it away from any and all Pokemon that may have a grass-type move. Alright, now to the first gym. You should be able to take down Rustboro gym pretty easily, so don't worry about that. The Dewford city gym might take a bit, but you should be able to get through it no sweat. The next gym will be very easy, considering you're Pokemon knows Mud Shot(or, at least, it should), and is immune to electric-type attacks. The next gym will be so easy you won't even believe it. You practically take no damage from any of their attacks, and you've got Water- and Ground-type attacks, which are both super-effective against fire types. The next gym is a bit more challenging, but you should be able to manage it. Now, the next gym should be pretty easy, as long as you're Pokemon knows Rock Tomb. If not, use Electric- and/or Rock-types against it. The next gym should be pretty easy, especially with the great Special Attack it has. The last gym is a no-no for Swampert, since hardly any of it's attacks do much damage against Water-types.You shouldn't have any trouble with the Elite Four as long as you have tough moves. Team Aqua should be pretty easy to wipe out, but switch to a Pokemon that knows Electric-type attacks, or an Electric-type Pokemon when they bring out Carvhana/Sharpedo, since your Pokemon doesn't do much damage against Water-types. As mentioned before, it has moderate attack/special attack, and is a total tank when it comes to HP/defense/Special defense.

Now, onto Treecko. Being my personal favorite, it doesn't really gain any dual-types. But, at level 29(if it's a Grovyle), it learns a move that only it can learn; Leaf Blade. It's probably the strongest Grass-type move next to Frenzy Plant, and is worth the wait once you finally receive it. The first gym will be amazingly easy, seeing as you will be able to heal your health while simultaneously doing lots of damage by using Absorb. The next gym is quite easy, mainly because the Pokemon in there are very bad. The next gym will be slightly less easy, because of the Steel-types, but you should be able to manage with Grovyle. Since the next gym is a Fire-type gym, I'd suggest using a different Pokemon. But for the next gym, make sure it knows Bulk Up, so it can raise it's stats while Slaking is loathing around. The next gym is very hard with this Pokemon, so use a different one. The next gym should be relatively simple, as long as Sceptile (that is, if it evolved) still knows Pursuit. The next gym is probably the easiest gym with this Pokemon all of the Pokemn in it are Water-types. The only people you'd do good against in the Elite Four would probably be Sidney and Pheobe. Team Aqua is probably the easiest part of the game with this Pokemon; you can take out all of their Pokemon with ease (except for Zubat, but that shouldn't be a problem), and you have super-effective moves against Carvhana/Sharpedo without coming in contact with them. As for it's stats, it has decent special and regular attack, along with amazing speed.

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