Pokemon Sapphire Version Requests

 [ GBA ]

may 27, 2008Pokemon Sapphire Version [ GBA ]   Submitted

i need a full over view of how to get the regi's


Secret - Regis:

First you go to the place with the strong currents stay trowads the botttom eventually you will reach a spot where you can dive so dive swim to the spot with brail markings then surface then you go up to the last message in brail and use dig a door will open then go in and to the last brail marking there then you put waillord then reniclath as the order of your pokemon press and it should say something about a door opening far away then regirock is in the sandstorm place his in the rock surround by rocks go in the go the middle then take 3 steps right 2 up and use strenght a door opens and regirock is there then cath him then between livcove and fortree you look for someone searching for ruins and right above him is the cave with regi steel go in go to the middle use fly door opens and go in chatch him then for registeel go to dewford the go int the water head up stay next to the rocks until you reach an island that you walk to other side of and be on the other side of the rocks then swim up to you reach a cave surrond by rocks then I have heard multiple answers one go up to middle use fly also I have heard that wait a few minutes in the middle or go all the way up and to the middle of the braile markings wait a 2-3 minutes then run a lap I have not tried that one so I think that is the answer