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Pokemon Silver Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Silver cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 23 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 1 unlockable, 5 easter eggs, 6 glitches, 10 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Silver on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!


by pokemonmasterjustin Jan 21, 2008

Just go in the grass and use cut, it should cut into 4!!!

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Cheats - 99 rarecandys

by Unregistered Nov 15, 2006

first you get a pokemon u want to clone and give it a rare candy to hold and do the clone cheat 98 times and you have now 99 rarcandy.

p.s.takes time but is worth it!

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Secret - How to get lugia

by shadow95 Aug 15, 2008

first of all get the silver pass, then go to whirl islands, make ur way through the labyrinth until u find a large waterfall go down the waterfall and go through a door and u will find him

save and have a lot of ultra ball or cloned master balls

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Glitch - Freeze game clock

by shadow95 Sep 11, 2008

This is strange, but also permanent, so only do this if you want your clock to remain set on a certain day. To do this, go to Vermillion City and talk to the Machop that is stomping on the ground. After you talk to him, open your Pack, go to Coin Case, and look at how many coins you have. Your game will either freeze or reset, so you must reset if it freezes. When you do, your game clock will be frozen in that exact time unless you use another code to change the time, which is possible

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Glitch - Sudowoodo

by cheshirecat1075 Jul 09, 2009

I was battling Sudowoodo I used Quilava lvl 15 (quick attack) to get him 15 hp then I used Rattata lvl 5 (tackle) to get him to 1 hp then I used a poke ball to get him then I looked at him but he was lvl 5 so I battled with him but instead of Sudowoodo it was Rattata

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Secret - The Ruins of Alph-Part 1(First 2 Puzzles)

by Unregistered Apr 10, 2008

Go to the cave close to Research Center(there's a 1 person in it.Step on the orangish floor and press A.This 1 will look like a Kabuto

Go to water below research center.SURF and go into cave on the right.Step on the orangish floor and press A.This 1 will look like a Aerodactyl.

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Glitch - Duplicating pokemon/items

by Unregistered Apr 07, 2008

{YOU NEED THE POKEMON WITH U}Go to a pokemon center go to the computer in the top right hand corner.Go to menu and click SAVE.Turn the PC on.Then,click BILL'S PC.Change boxes to a box with NO pokemon in it.Deposit the pokemon u want to duplicate.Go back and click CHANGE BOX.Then switch to another box.When it says SAVING...DONT TURN OFF THE POWER turn it off.When u turn it on u will have 1 pokemon in the box and 1 pokemon with u!
{THE POKEMON HAS TO BE CARRYING THE ITEM}Go to a pokemon center go to the computer in the top right hand corner.Go to menu and click SAVE.Turn the PC on.Then,click BILL'S PC.Change boxes to a box with NO pokemon in it.Deposit the pokemon u want to duplicate.Go back and click CHANGE BOX.Then switch to another box.When it says SAVING...DONT TURN OFF THE POWER turn it off.When u turn it on u will have 1 pokemon thats carrying an item in the box and 1 pokemon thats carring the item with u.Take them with u.click pokemon and click the pokemon u duplicated.click take.repeat this for both.

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Secret - Getting ho-oh

by Unregistered Mar 10, 2008

You dont have to get all the legendary dogs. First you have to beat the game then go to the town Brock's gym is in talk to every old guy in the town and eventually you'll find a guy who says he found a rainbow feather he calls you something(I cant remember what) then he gives you the feather. Next you fly to the ghost like town go to the tower get past the floors and wah-la. You have a chance to catch Ho-oh. I got it my first try so there you go. The whole talking to old people I found out cause I was bored and I was so exited when I found it. LOL!!!!!!!

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Secret - Duplicate pokemon

by Unregistered Jul 18, 2007

go to bills pc and switch 2 a box without pokemon in it . thendeposite the pokemon u want 2 of into the box . then switch boxes when it says "saving don't turn off the power." turn it off. then turn it back on and u will have 2 pokemon 1 in ur party and 1 in the box.

*u can also duplicate more than 1 pokemon by depositing all the pokemon u want 2 be duplicated

**also if u make a pokemon hold items then duplicate them u will have 2 items.

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Secret - 3 starters

by charzard1234 Sep 04, 2008

you all know the dupiction cheat ok save you game in fount of the lab go in pick a stater then go defet you rivel and when you get the pokeball caught a pokemon then give a pokeball to the starter. do the cloneing cheat . then get the pokemon chose anator then do the same thing two more times. hope this help!!!

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Hints - Set the record for the biggest Magickarp

by Unregistered Jun 02, 2005

Go to Lake Of rage, and use the good rod until you catch a level 20 male magickarp. Catch it and bring it to the persons house near lake of rage. On the billiton board it will say your user name and the record of how big it was.

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Glitch - Get all 3 Starter Pokmon (works for Gold & Silver) & All 3 Starter in your PokDex

by PokemonUser Apr 28, 2010

1. Start a New Game
2. Go to Prof. Elm's Lab
3. Stand right in front of the Pokmon, and Save the game
4. Choose the Pokmon you want
5. Go to Mr. Pokmon's House & obtain the EGG (New Bark Town, West Route 29, Cherrygrove City, North Route 30, go right, and up to his house)
6. After you visit him (and get the PokDex from Prof. Oak), go back to Prof. Elm's Lab (trainer battle before that)
7. Give Prof. Elm the discovery Mr. Pokmon discovered (EGG)
8. When you leave, Prof. Elm's AIDE will give you 5 PokBalls
9. Catch a Wild Pokmon from Route 29
10. Go to a Pokmon Center
11. Deposit your starter Pokmon, then go to Change Box, select either Box, and when it says "SAVING..." turn your Game Boy, Nintendo 64, or GameCube off, and restart.
12. Repeat steps 1-11 to get the second one, and the third one, Withdraw your other starter Pokmon that you deposited before.

To get all 3 starters registered into the PokDex, trade Pokmon after you battle and get the PokBalls from Prof. Elm's AIDE to either Gold/Silver/Crystal

NOTE: This glitch doesn't work with Pokmon Crystal*)
*GameShark/Action Replay a must.

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Glitch - Cloning ( plus 3 good tips to use it. )

by Unregistered Jan 05, 2010

To clone Pokemon on silver, deposit any pokemon u want to. change boxes, and when it starts saying SAVING, DO NOT TURN OFF POWER, turn it off. here are the tips: 1.save just before you clone. 2.make the pokemon you want to clone strong before you clone it.
( trust me. you'll see ;)) 3.deposit 2-5 pokemon to clone them all at the same time.

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Easter Egg - Character talk.

by Unregistered Jan 05, 2010

Im not sure whos talking when you talk to copycat ( mimic girl who lost her doll ) but its the only time you know for sure what your character says in any game- for sure in the following games, red, blue, gold, silver, fire red, leaf green- possibly in these games, Chaos black, crystal. may come out in new versions- SOUL SILVER, HEART GOLD seires

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Easter Egg - Miss the champion theme, got 2 more tries to hear it.

by Unregistered Jan 04, 2010

Do you like the real champion theme and miss it, not the Kanto remix. well nearly beat the game ( i know,it sucks. i cant get to Mt. Silver, a place where you need to go to in this description ) and go to battle the elite four. , or whatever you named your rival, should come in just before you go for the second try at the elite four. the battle theme should be the same as Lance's. when your done with the game you should be able to access Mt. Silver, the last part. get to the top and battle Red ( they kept his name secret, when you battle him, it's pretty much in-front-of-your-face that his true idenity is Ash Kecthum. like Blue is actually Gary Oak.) it should be the same as your rival's or Lance's theme. I believe you can rebattle red/ash. I believe i battled red twice in my other data. OOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRR, you can risk it by rebattling the elite four.

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Easter Egg - Champion theme glicthes

by Unregistered Jan 04, 2010

Did you notice that the Kanto GYM leaders have a remix of the champion theme.
You can hear the champion theme in three different battles. here are the the trainers and a few tips about how to battle them. Lance: Pokemon league champion. Your rival: go to battle the pokemon league a second time. he should show up. Red ( Who is Ash, of wich I call him ) reach the top of Mt.Silver. tips, level range. Rival, about 40-50, Lance
44, 46 ( 2 ),47 ( 2 ), and 50 exactly. Ash about level 70-80, SO BE VERY PERPARED.

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Glitch - Steal from Game corner prize

by Unregistered Jun 03, 2008

Okay so i havent tried this with pokemon just the TM's....
First go to the poke center and switch to a completely empty box then even though it saved when you switched boxes save again just to make sure
Next make sure you have enough coins to cover the price of the TM then Buy the TM... DO NOT SAVE... .DO NOT TEACH THE TM TO A POKEMON YET but GIVE the TM to a pokemon then go to the pokecenter deposit the pokemon with the TM EQUIPPED to them.. Next switch to another emty box and click yes to save and yes to overwrite but turn the power off when the SAVING DONT TURN OF THE POWER message comes up when you turn back on the game withdraw the pokemon that had the TM equipped and then walah you should have the TM and the game coins that you spent you should still have too!!

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Secret - Evolution music

by Unregistered May 05, 2008

u no how lance said in mahogany town there was a wierd broadcast from team roket.go to your pokegear select radio go all the way to the end you will hear it

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Secret - Get celibi

by Unregistered Apr 21, 2008

first select your time in nite time at 8:00 then go to ilex forest then go to the shrine of celibi then celibi will arrive at exactly 10:00 at day then wait until day [dont go out to the ilex forest because celibi wont come out at 10:00]its very hard because you will wait nite to day.

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Secret - Rigg

by Unregistered Jul 16, 2007

go to goldenrod city beat the leader go into the radio tower

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Easter Egg - Easter Eggs. Fire underwater, Cloning tips

by Unregistered Jan 04, 2010

Fire underwater: use surf on a pokemon that has flames on it. the flames will seem animated!!!
Cloning tips: save just before you clone. give the pokemon an item, there is about a 90% chance the item will be cloned along with it. try with rare items, master ball, rare candy,etc. level the pokemon up pretty well. Why you'll see.

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Secret - ??? music

by Unregistered Feb 14, 2008

go to the ruins of alph and go to the radio one of the channels is unknowns making nois

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Code - Gameshark codes for pokemon silver

by Unregistered Aug 18, 2009

Use these codes to help u catch wicked legends beyond johto and kanto Happy cheating

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Unlockable - How 2 get lugia/ho-oh

by gangleada2 Feb 03, 2009

To get lugia u need 2 go 2 the 2nd island of whirl island then go into the door, surf and u will see lugia but u need the silver wing. to get ho-oh u need 2 get the rainbow wing go 2 tin tower then find ur way 2 the top then walk the path and u will see ho-oh.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
lugiasecond island at whirld island.
ho-ohtop of tin tower.
sacred ashafter u catch ho-oh he will have it with him.
rainbow wingtalk 2 the man in pewter city wearing a blue robe near brocks gym
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Easter Egg - Umbreon espeon

by midnight8211 Jul 28, 2008

if you want an umbreon or espeon go to goldenrod city go in the underground path and talk to a guy who is behind a counter ask him to give your eevee a hair cut. (1 haircut per day) if you want umbreon give it a hair cut at nite
if you want espeon give it a haircut in the daytime

it may take a while you need patence

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