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Pokemon Yellow Cheats :

This page contains Pokemon Yellow cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 8 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 1 unlockable, 2 glitches, 4 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Yellow on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Catch Mewtwo with a Poke'ball

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

I can't believe I'm the first to say this, but I know how to get mew.
First, you can't have beaten the trainer with a slowpoke above nugget bridge, or the trainer with two poliwags and a poliwhirl below the underground tunnel entrance on the Lavender Town side.
Also make sure you also have a pokemon that knows fly and something that can weaken a L7 mew, mabye a pikacku L14 that can paralyze and damage mew without fainting it.
Go to the entrance above the 2nd trainer mentioned without him showing up on the screen and save.
Then take one step down and immediately press start and your menu should pop up; otherwise you battle the trainer.
Choose a pokemon to fly to Cerulean City. You should be able to fly, but a ! should still apper above the gambler's head.
Once you get to Cerulean, your start menu will stop working because the game thinks you're still in a battle.
Go to the trainer with the slowpoke and let him see you or else the game will lock down. Once you beat him, fly back to lavendar town and head west.
Your start menu should pop up on its own once you go far enough, so press B. You better have a lot of great balls because once you press B, here comes mew.
The down side is that mew only knows pound, but leans something at levels 10, 20, 30, and 40.

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Glitch - Mew

by saladmance Apr 04, 2008

to catch mew you have to go to cerulean city and you need an abra, beat all trainers on nugget brige then go left DONT GO DOWN not yet. ok so there is grass downwards on the right take one step down and INSTANTLY press start and teleport back to the cerulean pokecentr cross nugget brige again but go right this time (by now you will notice your start button does not work dont panic) there is a junior trainer with his back 2 a rock beat him and teleport again go to cross nugget brige as soon as the colour changes when u leve the city press start AND THEN YOU FIGHT M E W!!! he is lv 7 but u will need lots of pokeballs 2 get him.

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Cheats - Get Squirtle

by Unregistered Jan 09, 2007

In the middle of vermillion city is a trainer who has just caught squirtle.If you have the 3rd badge(THUNDERBADGE)she will give you squirtle

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Code - Gameshark codes.

by xXRedsGhostXx Apr 26, 2011

Found a ton of gameshark codes, tried some but not all of them, enjoy.

Buy Master Balls For Free 01017CCF
All Pokemon On Your Team Look Like Mew, In Battle 0115d8cf
Make Your Opponent Pokemon Burn and Sleep 0115e8cf
Catch Wild Articuno 014ad7cf
Catch Wild Zapdos 014bd7cf
Catch WIld Motres 0149d7cf
Catch Wild Dratini 0158d7cf
Catch Wild Dragonair 0159d7cf
Catch Wild Dragonite 0142d7cf
Catch Wild Mewtwo 0183d7cf
Catch Wild Mew 0115d7cf
Catch a Pokemon at Level 5 010526d1
Catch a Pokemon at Level 10 010a26d1
Catch a Pokemon at Level 15 010f26d1
Catch a Pokemon level 20 011426D1
Catch a Pokemon level 25 011926D1
Catch a Pokemon level 30 011E26D1
Catch a Pokemon level 35 012326D1
Catch a Pokemon level 40 012826D1
Catch a Pokemon level 45 012D26D1
Catch a Pokemon level 50 013226D1
Catch a Pokemon level 75 014B26D1
Catch a Pokemon level 100 016426D1
Catch a Pokemon level 150 019626D1
Catch a Pokemon level 190 01BE26D1
Catch Wild Gyarados 0116d7cf
Catch Wild Lapras 0113d7cf
Catch Wild Ditto 014cd7cf
Catch Wild Eevee 0166d7cf
Catch Wild Vaporeon 0169d7cf
Catch Wild Jolteon 0168d7cf
Catch Wild Flareon 0167d7cf
Catch Wild Porygon 01aad7cf
Catch Wild Omanytle 0162d7cf
Catch Wild Omanyte 0162d7cf
Catch Wild Omastar 0163d7cf
Catch Wild Majikarp 0185d7cf
Catch WIld Kabuto 015ad7cf
Catch Wild Kabutops 015bd7cf
Catch Wild Aerodactyl 01abd7cf
Catch WIld Snorlax 0184d7cf
Catch Wild Hitmonlee 012bd7cf
Catch Wild Hitmonchan 012cd7cf
Marowak 0191d7cf
Catch Wild Lickitung 010bd7cf
Catch WIld Koffing 0137d7cf
Catch WIld Weezing 018fd7cf
Catch Wild Rhyhorn 0112d7cf
Catch Wild Rhydon 0101d7cf
Catch Wild Chansey 0128d7cf
Catch Wild Tangela 011ed7cf
Catch Wild Kangaskhan 0102d7cf
Catch Wild Horsea 015cd7cf
Catch Wild Seadra 015dd7cf
Catch Wild Goldeen 019dd7cf
Catch Wild Seaking 019ed7cf
Catch Wild Staru 011bd7cf
Catch Wild Starmie 0198d7cf
Catch Wild Mr. Mime 012ad7cf
Catch Wild Scyther 011ad7cf
Catch WIld Jynx 0148d7cf
Catch Wild Electabuzz 0135d7cf
Catch WIld Magmar 0133d7cf
Catch Wild Magmar 0133d7cf
Catch Wild Pinsir 011dd7cf
Catch Wild Tauros 013cd7cf
Catch Wild Seel 013ad7cf
Catch Wild Drowzee 0130d7cf
Catch Wild Dewgong 0178d7cf
Catch Wild Grimer 010dd7cf
Catch Wild Muk 0188d7cf
Catch Wild Shellder 0117d7cf
Catch Wild Cloyster 018bd7cf
Catch Wild Gastly 0119d7cf
Catch Wild Haunter 0193d7cf
Catch Wild Krabby 014edd7cf
Catch Wild Gengar 010ed7cf
Catch Wild Onix 0122d7cf
Catch Wild Hypno... 

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Secret - Obatining Mew (Easist Way)

by TheHomesickAlien Apr 11, 2011

Ok so you need just have beaten the 2nd Gym Go out of Cerulean City and catch an Abra. Once you catch one, save your game (Optional) then head back to Cerulean City, then go up nugget bridge then turn Left, then there is a trainer (He must be battle-able for this to work) make sure you're in the same lane he is. Then save (Recommended) Then go down, hen he begins battling start up your game again and REMEMBER the exact stop you were when he walked up to you. When your one step away, take that one step but as soon as you do press start. Your menu will appear. Choose Pokèmon, Abra, Teleport and you should Teleport back to Cerulean City PokèCenter. Then if done right, your start button wont work. Head back up nugget bridge and What the? Did you just press start or did it pop up. Then exit out of the menu and a battle will begin. Who is it? It's Mew Lv 5 .

Mew can be captured with an ordinary Pokèball, Try Paralyzing Him with Thunder Wave then just try lower his health. He's Pretty easy to catch.

This Glitch/Easter Egg can also work in Red or Blue Version. It doesn't work in FireRed, LeafGreen, HeartGold, SoulSilver.

If Mew is caught then the game is pretty easy to Complete mew can learn any Move possible, Grows levels easy enough. So what more could you want?.

Extra Info: You can catch Mew a Second time at Cinnabar Island, by reading all the diarys in the building in Exact order. Then you can find Mew again(Or first time)

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Secret - How to get Bulbasure, Squirtle, Carmander, and Zapdos!!!

by pokemonmasterjustin Jan 15, 2008

These are the steps to get the following pokemon:
Bulbasure: Go to Curulian city and go to the house next to the pokemon center, talk to the girl and she'll give you Bulbasure
Squrtle: After you get the 3rd badge go to Vermillon city and talk to the officer in the southern part of town, she should give you Squrtile
Charmander: Go thourgh the path with the 5 trainers are on the bridge, then get to the land, go to the northwestern part of the land, talk to the trainer in the corrnor, he'll give you Charmander
Zapdos: Go to Curulian city and cut down the tree at the east part, then go to the river, use surf and go down it, keep going till you reach the land there will be a biulding there go in it and slove the puzzle to get Zapdos
Follow these short diretions and you'll have them all! Trust me, I have the game...

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Secret - How to get Pikachu to love you atuomaticlly!!!

by pokemonmasterjustin Jan 14, 2008

First, get the potion out of you PC in your bedroom when you start the game then do all of that stuff and get Pikachu, now use the potion 25 times AFTER you battle Gary, Blue ect. then after you use the potion on Pikachu 25 times it should LOVE you!!!! It workes for me!!!

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Secret - Mew

by pokemonmasterjustin Jan 15, 2008

First, you have to go to the Underground passage to Lavander then when you come out step as far away from the trainer that's staring at you with Pikachu still on the door then use Fly and go to Curulian city, but make sure that his exlmation point is up, but also make sure that he dosen't battle you or it will completlelly messed up! When you get to Curulian go on the path with the five trainers then go to the trainer in the middlenorth that says this " I had a party on the S.S Anne with my dad " or simply the one with the Slowpoke, this can also mess the secret of getting Mew. Then after battleing him Fly to Lavander town. Then go on the short path before going on the Rt. to Cleadon Just go 1 step then Save in that exact spot, then this light appears and then Mew will attack ( the cra-y part is that its only on Lv.7 )
I sware this is the exact way to get Mew!

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Cheats - Get a Charamander

by Unregistered Oct 02, 2006

To get a charamander you have to be able to go to cerulean city(which mostly everybody can).Then gopast nugget bridge and there will be a guy standing near an item.Talk to him.He will tell youthat he is a bad trainer and that hes going to release it.Then he says you can have it if you promise totake care ofit.Then you get a Charamander.

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Glitch - How to catch Mew at Lvl. 100.

by LakituBroz Jul 26, 2012

What you need is a Pokemon that can use Teleport or Fly, a Pokemon that knows Growl, every trainer beat on Nugget Bridge, 1 slot in your Party of Pokemon, and every Pokemon healed. What you need remaining is: The JR. Trainer that's by the bridge available to battle, and the Youngster with the Slowpoke. Now note: You should've beat the Hiker with the Onix first before using the glitch. Now, heal your Pokemon at Cerulean City's Pokemon Center. Go out to the Nugget Bridge. Get to the end and go left until you can walk down. DO NOT walk down. Save your game. Now, walk down. Press Start IMMEDIATELY. If you did this correct, you will notice the JR. Trainer in your range of sight. He will notice you if you get out of the menu. Go to your Pokemon that can use Teleport or Fly, and Fly to Cerulean City. The JR. Trainer should notice you, but you'll teleport/fly away. Now, you're back at Cerulean. You're Start button won't work. and you can't talk to anyone (except Pikachu). The reason why is because the game thinks you're fighting the JR. Trainer. Now, go to the Youngster with the Slowpoke. Get in his range of sight, and leave one space between you two, or else the game will freeze. Use your Pokemon that knows Growl and use Growl 6 times at the Slowpoke. This will make Mew Level 1. Now defeat the Slowpoke. After the battle, the Start button will function again. Use the Pokemon that knows Teleport/Fly to get to Cerulean City. Now, after arriving at Cerulean City, walk up to Nugget Bridge. As soon as you change locations, the Menu will mysteriously appear. DO NOT OPEN ANYTHING. Leave the Menu. You will randomly face a wild Pokemon. That Pokemon is Mew. Use a Pokemon to make Mew Sleep/Paralyzed. Then, use a good Pokeball (no Master Ball, save it for Mewtwo) to capture it. You should have Mew. Now, switch Mew to the first slot in your party. Then, battle a wild Pokemon. (Hint: Don't let the JR. Trainer notice you. He can still be useful for more glitches.) As soon as you send Mew out, swap him out for another Pokemon that can beat the wild Pokemon. Use it to defeat the wild Pokemon. If Mew didn't gain enough Exp, then it should be elevated to Lvl. 100. The reason why is because Lvl. 1 Pokemon weren't coded in the game, thus causing the game to freak out and give Mew an INSANE amount of Exp, which should've gotten him to Lvl. 200 or something, but filtered it to Lvl. 100. The bad thing is that Mew only knows Pound, so teach it TM moves.... 
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Unlockable - Danceing pikacu

by pokepowerman Oct 13, 2011

ok,when you jump over a cliff STOP! do not do any thing whate and pikacu will start danceing!

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