Pokemon Yellow Review

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Pokemon Yellow Review :

First Generation

by no-life Feb 21, 2011

Pokemon Yellow may be an old game but it's still fun to play. I enjoyed the world of Pokemon with Pikachu and we traveled all the way to the Pokemon League. There were exactly 151 Pokemon in Generation I and you can almost catch 'em all!

In the world of Pokemon, we still don't know all about them but we know we can befriend them as pets and use them for Pokemon battles.

There is a remake of Generation I and they're called Pokemon Fire-Red and Pokemon Leaf-Green. Those games were the remakes of Pokemon Red and Blue. Some of the story are the same but there has been a lot of changes when the Pokemon Company remade it.

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9Story line
Since the game is a bit retro (like a really, really old game) it's okay. And the story beginning with Pikachu instead of an Eevee seemed like an alternative story of Red and Blue Versions. And as for Team Rocket, you get to see Jessie and James.
It's an really old game. Sure, the graphics in battles are a bit blur and sometimes the quality of the attack moves aren't so great.
The music is alright. They're all an 8-bit music and since it's so old there's no complaints here. The sound effects from attack moves don't make it epic so much.
I must admit that the lack of running and use HM moves outside automatically seemed boring and annoying. Which you have to manually use HM moves in your party to use Strength, Cut, Surf, etc. And you will need to use a bike instead.
9Lasting Appeal
I really enjoyed playing Pokemon Yellow and it was also fun being with Pikachu. The game is simple to play and I can play it as long as I like! It was possible to obtain all 151 Pokemon. It takes a lot of work to capture and train but it's well worth it.
(Out of 10)


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