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Flaffy11 Review! - Pokemon Yellow Review

by Flaffy11 Jun 11, 2012

Flaffy11 Reviews again! Well its me, Flaffy11! Today is the day I have completed Pokemon Yellow for the seventh time! Anyway the game was much good with the first GYM a challenge due to Pikachu, the only obtainable partner, being a eclectic type. Due to Pikachus type, YOU NEED to catch a Pokemon to beat Brock - for me this was a puzzle the first time round. Also if you noticed, you will have to trade Pokemon to get a 'Riachu' because you can't catch another Pikachu. At the end of the game, you can obtain a legionaries called Mewtwo which is another challenge. This gives players a chance to catch a Pokemon that is leveled up for you. Plus Zapdos, Artacuno and Moltrais are catchable. Finally for players who have completed the game once, cheats, glitches and Action reply is available for fun - though it could be a bad mistake. Read more to find out what my scores are!

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8Story line
Well the aim of the game is just like Pokemon Red, Blue and Green really. Simpely, whilst trying to record all 150 (151?!) on your Pokedex and trying to "Catch 'em all", you have to beat all 8 GMY leaders AND stop team Rocket from treating Pokemon badly. Cheats Glitches can make the game better too!
Knowing this is an old 1999 game, I think the graphics where great! With the Pokemon in a full body (I mean the Pikachu was very detailed when zoomed out - you could tell it was a Pikachu) and the Pokemon battles in full detail!!! For theas reasons, I would rate Pokemon Yellow's graphics a 10!
Unfortunatly, Pokemon Yellow has very poor sound... I know the game is from 1999, but they could of been better. During the begining of the game, a Pikachu is there playing and the music in the back ground is ACE! I love all music in this game, even in Lavander town! But the pikachu noise is blared.
Game play was fun with a challenge...find and catch all 150, or 151, diffrent Pokemon. Now the catch is that you have to trade which is an advenchure. Also you have to evolve Pokemon in great ways that makes it better. I loved the hole point of the game!!!
9Lasting Appeal
Over all I think that Pokemon Yellow was a very good game. Diffrent to Pokemon Blue, Red and Green (In a way) with a slightly diffrent story line. So I would rate Pokemon Yellow a.....9! Brill, brill! The best game ever!!! Better than Pokemon Black too!
(Out of 10)


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