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Super Mario Advance 2 Cheats :

This page contains Super Mario Advance 2 cheats list for Game Boy Advance version. Now we have 4 cheats in our list, which includes 4 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Super Mario Advance 2 on Game Boy Advance platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Fly with feathers

by Google-plus Jun 03, 2009

If you ever collect a feather, you could fly with it. This cheat will show you step by step instructions on how to fly.

Requierments (mandatory):

1. Get a cape
2. Go to a wide, non-wet destination.

Suggestions (optional):

1. Choose Luigi. You won't have to suffer any weight pushing you.


Now that your in a wide destination, run! Run until your character spreads their arms out. Jump, don't do anything and on your D-pad, press the left arrow to rise higher. There you go.

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Secret - HOW TO GET 999 LIVES

by Zathazar Sep 28, 2007

Now this sectret dosent get 999 lives right off the bat.
It takes a little time, but its worth it.


Ok, now you need to have unlocked "VANILLA SECRET 2" for this work.
In order to get there you'll need to find the sercet of "VANILLA DOME 1".

Once you are at the level, go right, pass the green turtles until you get to
the check-point (if you'r rideing a Yoshi, I'd leave him here).

Keep going right until you see a pit with a bunch of spicky-red turtles & 4 blocks.
Hit the 2nd on from the left, & a "POW BUTTON" will apear.
Now you could hit it now & get 1up, but to get ALOT more, grab the "POW BUTTON"
& go back the check-point.

Once you get there, get in between the 2 green pipes, jump on the "POW BUTTON",
& RUN LIKE HELL to the left.

What happens is all the green turtles you saw at the begining of the level, they
turn into silver coins. Get as many coins as possible cause once you get enuf coins,
the points add up, & then you get 1ups, 2up & the finally 3ups.

So if you do it right, you'll get 42-52 lives on 1 run.

Do that a dozen time or so, & you'll get 999 lives in no time & NEVER see another
game over again.

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Secret - Colered Yoshis

by Unregistered Aug 28, 2007

If you want cored yoshis all you have to do is get to star road. One way i use is at the secret ghost house in world 2. First get the green palace. To get the green palace do the 2nd level in world 2. Where you get to the part with 3 bird swoopers and green dots go up the moving yellow ramp thing. You will see a green pipe. Go up the pipe. You will see that football player guy. Pass him. You will see yellow boxes going up like stairs but you have to jump. Any way go get the blue koopa shell to the right. Take the shell and aim up at the last box and a plant will come up the ones where you can climb ( i know i sound dumb but just for people who dont understand ;)) You will see a key and put it in the hole. Now complete the palace bla bla bla. Now go to the first level where you first get the feather. Go to the part of the level with the green dots. It's not dots anymore (duh) *slaps self* Go up and you'll see a key and hole yet again. Now do the secret level and do the ghost house. Now when you go the door pass the big boo keep going left pass the boo circle and get the p switch but dont activate it yet. NOw go back to the floating door but dont get in. Now by the door hit the boxes with a parana plant which you can climb and keep moving left too find a door. Now you fight big boo. To beat him use the blocks to kill him. When hes dead you'll be taken to star road. In star road you will find yoshi eggs. They will hatch. Feed the enemies to the yoshis until they grow into a normal yoshi. When you unlock them you can take them back in to the normal game or find them there like green yoshi. This is one way to get to star road. Here is an explanation on what the yoshis do.

blue yoshi: Everytime you eat a koopa shell you can fly
Red yoshi: Everytime you eat a koopa shell you spit out 3 fire balls
Yellow yoshi: Everyrime you eat a shell you can jump and make sand clouds and flip enemies

If you want to do these things without unlocking the yoshis you eat certain shells

blue shell: You can fly
Yellow shell: You can jump and make san clouds
Red shell: You spit out 3 fire balls
Green shells: You spit it back out and it can hit your enemies.

Thats all and a waste of my time but for the good of people so peace out.
I will show you how to get to star road in different ways if the ghost house is too hard.


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Hints - Secret level

by Unregistered Nov 10, 2005

Beat all the files with 93 on each file. Then don't press any buttons at the screen where mario is running around because when you let the game remain idle, mario will die and there will be a secret level. It's a shorter version of groovy with no exit gate.

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Cheats - Alternative Ending

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

This is to be done in the Forest of Illusion 1. Basically what you do is come to the box with assorted power-ups. Get the star Power-up AND RUN AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT! At the same time hit as many enemies as possible. You should start getting lives, at the end you should have goten about 20!

What's Cool in the GBA version Mario or Luigi depending on who you do it with will say a little comment!

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by Zathazar Sep 27, 2007

After playing for a long time, I found the best place to get power-ups.

All you need to unlock this place is a "feather".

-Once you get the feather, go to "DONUT GHOST HOUSE", & go inside.

-once iside, you will see A CRAP LOAD of ghosts swarming everywhere.
Go to the right until you reach a hole in the gound.

-While wearing your cape, run to the left & fly up towords the ceiling
(while trying to avoid the ghosts).
Fly through the opening on the far left of the room & then go right again.

-Walk all the way to the right & drop down (still trying to avoid the ghosts).
At the bottom, there are either 3 or 4 blocks with 1ups inside.
Then go through the door.

-Once through the door, go through exit & you unlocked it.


The TOP SECRET AREA is made up of 5 blocks...

The 2 on the left are mushroom/fire flower blocks
(you'll get the fire flower if you've eaten a mushroom already)

The 2 on the right are mushroom/feather blocks
(you'll get the feather if you've eaten a mushroom already)

And the block in the middle is a Yoshi block.
(And you've unlocked the different colored Yoshis, you can choose them depending on what
your current power-up is.


Hope this helps


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