Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul Review

 [ GBA ]

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul Review :

Pretty Good Game

by sdan12 Aug 10, 2011

This game is a fun Gameboy game that introduces the idea of cards battling against each other. Each card has attack points and defense points. You can only attack cards with defense or attack lower then yours. Same for others. They can only attack your cards that have a lower defense or attack then the card they are using. But attacking depends on what position your cards are in. Which I'm not going to explain right now. And you earn new cards by beating others in battles. Or you can get cards by finding passwords to unlock cards that you want. There are also more duelers that come up in the game too. And you beat the game by getting all the cards to a monster and then it has unlimited attack and defense points.

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9Story line
There is no peticular storyline. Your just battling other duelists with these cards. And you get new cards every time you beat someone. And eventually there are new duelists to battle too. I give this a nine because it's nice not to have to follow a storyline.
The graphics are pretty good for a Gameboy game. The graphics on the cards are very detailed too. And no card look to alike.
The sound is pretty good. It just goes with whatever is happenening in the game. Like if your dueling and you destroy someone elses card you hear a ripping sound.
The gameplay isn't bad at all but all your basically doing is going through cards and dealing them out and similar stuff like that.
10Lasting Appeal
This game is a lot of fun. You're always earning new cards. And when you get new cards you wanna edit your deck and then once you have edited your deck, you wanna go and battle other duelists. This game is very edicting and it's a lot of fun.
(Out of 10)


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