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Angry Birds Cheats :

This page contains Angry Birds cheats list for IPhone version. Now we have 9 cheats in our list, which includes 4 cheats codes, 3 unlockables, 2 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Angry Birds on IPhone platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Less than a hour

by Unregistered Jun 08, 2012

hows to use the mighty eagle in less than an hour. first tap twice on the home button than press the settings [ scroll if you have to ]. Go to time and date and change the time back one hour [ or forward ]. And after you are done playing change the time back to what it use to be.

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Code - Golden egg 9

by Unregistered Aug 08, 2011

on golden egg level 9, hit the 3rd pig from the top.this will hit all pigs.

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Unlockable - Sound Board

by dominic Feb 11, 2011

To unlock the Sound Board, get 3 stars on every level in worlds 1-3

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Code - Levels and More

by FREDY Feb 11, 2011

Perform the following actions to unlock levels and more.

Unlockable TrailerBeat all levels
Big Present StageBeat all levels with three stars
Golden Egg StageGet the golden egg on level 1-13
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Secret - Golden Eggs

by jackster Feb 11, 2011

Here are the locations of the Golden Eggs.

  • Golden Egg 01 - Get 3 stars in worlds 4-5
  • Golden Egg 02 - Tap the sun on the select screen
  • Golden Egg 03 - Tap the egg at the end of the credits
  • Golden Egg 04 - Go to the help screen and tap the egg at the end
  • Golden Egg 05 - In Level 1-8, tap the out of reach chest
  • Golden Egg 06 - In Level 2-2, bust the beach ball
  • Golden Egg 07 - In Level 4-7,tap the egg at the very top right of the map
  • Golden Egg 08 - In Level 5-19, on the top right of the left tower
  • Golden Egg 09 - In Level 6-14, bust the yellow balloon
  • Golden Egg 10 - In level 6-14 bust the yellow balloon in the lower right corner
  • Golden Egg 11 - In theme 8's level page, brush the screen right to left to reveal a golden egg
  • Golden Egg 12 - Get 3 stars for every level in Danger Above
  • Golden Egg 13 - In level 8-15 break the boxes in the far left corner
  • Golden Egg 14 - In level 9-14 fire the boomerang bird at the hat on the far right side of the screen on the small cliff.
  • Golden Egg 15 - Bust the rubber duck in the bottom left side In 10-3
  • Golden Egg 16 - Get three stars on all levels in the Big Setup
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Code - Golden Eggs - Hidden Levels

by cGub Jun 15, 2010

Complete the conditions to unlock the hidden Golden Egg levels

Golden Egg Level 1Get 3 stars in every level worlds 4-5
Golden Egg Level 2In the level select screen, tap the sun
Golden Egg Level 3Watch the credits, tap the Golden Egg at the very end
Golden Egg Level 4Within any level, go to the help screen. Tap the egg at the end
Golden Egg Level 5In Level 1-8, tap the unreachable chest
Golden Egg Level 6In Level 2-2, break the beach ball
Golden Egg Level 7In Level 4-7,tap the egg at the very top right of the map (zoom out)
Golden Egg Level 8In Level 5-19, it's hiding on the top right of the left tower
Golden Egg Level 9In Level 6-14, pop the yellow balloon
Sound BoardGet 3 stars in every level worlds 1-3
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Unlockable - Locked Worlds

by ptirico Feb 11, 2011

Perform the followings steps to unlock all worlds without playing through the game.

1. Load up Angry Birds and go to the world select screen.

2. Center a locked world on the screen.

3. Push back button all the way out of Angry Birds.

4. Load Angry Birds back up and when the "Play" button appears tap it rapidly.

5. You should be inside the locked worlds stage select screen.

6. Now, pass the first level of each world to unlock it.

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Unlockable - Achievements

by cGub Nov 25, 2010

By completing certain objectives in the game, you'll unlock special awards and titles.

Angry Birds AddictPlay Angry Birds for 30 hours.
Angry Birds FanPlay Angry Birds for 5 hours.
Bird SlingerShoot 5,000 birds.
Block SmasherSmash 50,000 blocks.
Defeat The KingFinish World 3.
Egg CrackerGet 10 golden egg stars.
Egg HunterFind 10 golden eggs.
Episode 1 - Score AddictEpisode 1: Get 4,000,000 points.
Episode 1 - Total DestructionEpisode 1: Get three stars in all levels.
Episode 2 - Score AddictEpisode 2: Get 3,300,000 points.
Episode 2 - Total DestructionEpisode 2: Get three stars in all levels.
Episode 3 - Score AddictEpisode 3: Get 4,800,000 points.
Episode 3 - Total DestructionEpisode 3: Get three stars in all levels.
Episode 4 - Score AddictEpisode 4: Get 3,900,000 points.
Episode 4 - Total DestructionEpisode 4: Get three stars in all levels.
Green BaronFinish World 8.
Hardhat HidalgoFinish World 9.
Herr HelmetFinish World 1.
Hovering HelmetFinish World 6.
IcepickerSmash 5,000 ice blocks.
Mason MoustacheFinish World 10.
Mounting MoustacheFinish World 7.
Mr. MoustacheFInish World 2.
Pig PopperSmash 1,000 pigs.
Royal RingleaderFinish World 11.
Smash ManiacSmash 500,000 blocks.
Star CollectorGet 750 Stars.
Star GathererGet 1500 Stars.
StonecutterSmash 5,000 stone blocks.
The ImposterFinish World 4.
The Mysterious EscapeFinish World 5.
True Angry Birds FanPlay Angry Birds for 15 hours.
WoodpeckerSmash 5,000 wooden blocks.
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Code - Hogs and Kisses) Unlockable

by Stivi Feb 11, 2011

Complete the 15 levels in the Seasons Hogs and Kisses pack and press the "Like" button on the screen adjacent to the 15 levels.

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