Doodle Jump - BE WARNED: Insanely Addictive! Review


Doodle Jump - BE WARNED: Insanely Addictive! Review :

Another Classic, Addicting Arcade Game...

by graystar70 Aug 13, 2010

This game may be harmless at first, but soon you'll find yourself being that green little alien that jumps. You have the propeller, jet-pack, spring, and rocket power-ups, but they only last a few seconds. There are some monsters you can defeat, and there are 7 levels (so far) (this game gets updated a lot so it might change). This is by far nothing like an Role-Playing fighting game, just a classic arcade game you would play at a pizza place (except its with you on the go, on your iPhone iPod Touch.).

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1Story line
No story line to the story whatsoever, I think there should've been SOMETHING (maybe like "Angry Birds" at least?).
The Graphics are OK. But I have to remember this is an ARCADE game, not some 3-D one I would find on the Playstation.
You make a sound every-time you shoot your ammo at a monster, jump, or when you get a power-up. I guess it's like a regular game you would find on the app store that has sound.
Fun, addicting, and you'll be wanting more. Just like any other game you gotten from the app store, just don't let your friends touch it, they'll ruin your screen by tapping to shoot ammo every 5 seconds.
9Lasting Appeal
This may seem like a harmless game at first, but no. You'll be playing with a cord where your iPod is connected to so it won't die.
(Out of 10)


Another Doodle Jump - BE WARNED: Insanely Addictive! Review: