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GraalOnline Classic Review :

Finally Found It!!

by Philosophira Mar 26, 2012

I've been searching for this kind of game for ages, and finally, I found it! This massive online multiplayer role playing game can take you away to another world, a virtual world in your iPhone, where you meet new friends, have lots of dramas in your Graal life, make yourself famous, ask for advice, etc etc etc...Practically a virtual world full of danger, adventure, and gossip XD!!!!

I started as a (almost bald) fella named 'Player' on Balamb Island, but found out how to turn myself into a non-noob quickly. I have a gazillion friends (and counting) already, and at least five of my family members play Graal, and so many dramatic happenings occur in my Graal life XD admins make it more dramatic (drama drama the word never gets old) by adding bits and bots like 'weddings' etc, and once I freaked my Gipper pals using my iPod's account to scare them X'D theres MUCH more to say, but you gotta experience it yourself!!!

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10Story line
Graal isn't based on a story, it's based on MANY stories. Drama happens everywhere in Graal, you can 'evesdrop' on someone's conversation and gain ideas for a book about it LOL
The graphics admins are amazing pixel artists :O!! It's amazing how they think so quickly about the plans for new areas and buildings, whilst keeping them amazing, attracting dozens to come and speculate...
At least 15 sound tracks. Not many Graalians focus on the sound, but it's very realistic, and the timing is good!
Just one look and you'll understand the controls in a flash! Absolutely easy to move around, the controls are in a comfortable position, press an action button and it responds without further hesitation!
9Lasting Appeal
Some were relieved they quite Graal, mainly the ones who are very pessimistic, gullible, or thinks they are getting TOO addicted to this game, whilst others become very upset as they will always miss their Graalian friends and the end of a long drama.
(Out of 10)


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