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Super KO Boxing 2 Cheats :

This page contains Super KO Boxing 2 cheats list for IPhone version. Now we have 4 cheats in our list, which includes 2 unlockables, 1 glitch, 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Super KO Boxing 2 on IPhone platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Achievements

by patskinlo Feb 25, 2011
Baby LoveGet hugged by Baby Face.
Big BangFind C.M. 0083's weak spot.
Blam Blam TownClear the Blam Blam Town circuit.
Bold MoveTaunt the Executioner 10 times in one match.
Brown OutTKO Dynavolt.
BruiserMax out Ka-rak's face or body damage.
Car SickDizzy Baby Face.
Cave WomanDamage Ka-rak.
Chubby TummyKnock down Gip with only low punches.
Classic KOKO Bigger Gip in the first round.
Confusion Level 5Dizzy Grogul.
ContenderWin a challenge match.
Dizzy KingDizzy King Tub 6 times in one match.
Dizzy Knock DownLand a dizzy knock down.
Dodge RightLose to Chief in the first round.
El Bulli SuperiorBeat El Bulli using only Super Punches.
Electric PigBeat Gip with a Lightning KO.
First StepKnock down Executioner.
Fist Full Of PunchesThrow 2000 punches.
Fists of FuryThrow 100 Punches.
Fists of steelThrow 500 punches.
Fizzle OutDizzy Dynamo.
GangstarPerfect 15 Cent without blocking.
Ghetto BlasterDizzy Shogun.
Hari KariLose to Sake Bomb three times.
Highway to...Knock down El Diablo in under a minute.
HisatsuFind Sake Bomb's 'Weak Spot.'
Hype ManAvoid 15 Pence's tiger attack.
Island GetawayKnock Dr. Voodude down 4 times in one match.
King of FlavorTKO 15 Pence.
Light SpeedBeat C.M. 0083 in the first round.
Lightning Knock OutLand a Lightning Knock Out.
Long HaulBeat 10 opponents in Endurance Mode.
Magic MissileBeat Grogul without getting hit.
Medicine ManKnock Dr. Voodude down with zero health.
Merry-Go-RoundAvoid Baby Face's pin attack.
Mummy ManKnock down King Tub.
Nagare BoshiLand a 'Star Punch' on Sake Bomb.
Old SchoolBeat Shogun without using your Super Punch.
Power PunchLand a level 3 Super Punch on Voo Dude.
Pyramid SchemeTKO King Tub.
Raging BulliBeat El Bulli without getting hit in under a minute.
Rain DanceBeat Chief with a Lightning KO.
RechargeableLose 10 times to Dynavolt.
Respect the VoodooBeat Voo Dude without taunting.
Royal PainKO 15 Pence.
Rubber SolesKnock down Dynavolt without getting hit or blocking.
Sad VikingWin against Bigger Gip by decision.
Seeing StarsDizzy 15 Cent.
Short HaulWin 5 Endurance Matches.
SpectatorWatch Tha Shogun's full intro.
Spell BoundGet cursed by Voodude.
Stone FloorKO Ka-rak.
Straight ShooterKnock down El Diablo without using any hook punches.
Sucker PointBeat Gip three times.
Super NovaLand a level 3 super punch on C.M. 0083.
Surprise FaceFind Bigger Gip's
Sustainable EnergyBeat Dynamo in the 3rd Round.
Teh PwnedHit Grogul without countering.
Tha FirstBeat Tha Shogun in the first round without blocking or taunting.
Tha LightKnock The Shogun out of his dark... 

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Unlockable - Secrets

by 80934175 Aug 03, 2010

These are secret unlockables that can be unlocked by the other cheats i submited

exhibition 2beat death circuit
dragon ragebeat death circuit then beat exhibition 2 dragon rage will make ko kid invincible for the entire round and alot more stronger but it can only be used once
hells endurance modebeat king pit in exhibition 2 12 times to unlock full endurance mode including death circuit
viper xcomplete the whole game 100% then go to option then tap final boss to fight viper x
free roid ragebeat viper x
new acheivement listbeat hells endurance mode 25 times
viper x chalengebeat viper x 5 times to unlock viper x chalenge mode
demo of super ko boxing 3beat viper x,s chalenge then go to option and tap demo of super ko boxing 3 to see it
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Secret - Death circuit

by Unregistered Jul 08, 2010

To unlock death circuit win 10 endurance chalenges and at the cirtuits you will notice a small circuit mark will be in the middle of the circuit selection list

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Glitch - Instant ko

by Unregistered Jun 28, 2010

During the first match in the weaner vile cup punch him until he gets dizzy then hit both buttons at the same time and... Omg NOOO!!!! DR OCTAGONAPUSS BLAGH

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Super KO Boxing 2 Cheats


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