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Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats :

This page contains Animal Crossing: Wild World cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 80 cheats in our list, which includes 44 cheats codes, 2 passwords, 34 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Animal Crossing: Wild World on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

ToWn tunes.

by Homer5543 May 18, 2011

Upper case means high note Lower case means low note.

Mario tune

e e - e - c e -G - - z g z z z

The Simpsons

F -- A - G - D C - - A - F - D

Jingle Bells

e e e z e e e e g c d e-

Jurassic Park Theme

C B C - g - f - C B C - g - f -

The Legend Of Zelda Theme

A - e - - A A B C D E - - z z z

I might have more soon. Anyway, I hope you like these ones!

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HoW to get free music for your house

by Amzy1000 Dec 06, 2010

If you have a stereo or any type of electronic device that plays music you may not know how to get music onto it. Well to get free music for your stereo on a Saturday night (in your town) set it at nighttime. Then go to the museum then go into the coffee shop where Brewster is. There will be a black and white dog sitting on a stool holding a guitar on the stage. Go up and speak to the dog. He will ask you if you have a request for a song or if he should choose for you. If he choose's for you he will give you the music to take home. But if you request something he won't give you the music but you can listen to him play it. Once he gives you the music you can go home and go to your stereo and add it too it. :)

Hope this helps!

This is my first cheat please comment!

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Some easy cheats - Tried and tested - 100% true

by Unregistered Jan 07, 2011

Ok. I know you and I have things to do, so I'm going to keep this short as possible.


There's a lot of dispute if this cheat actually works. If you do it right, it will work.

a. Get 50,000 bells. Go to the town hall, and put it into your account.

b. Save your game and turn off your DS. Turn it back on, go to the DS menu and fast forward the year 10 years. If it's 2010, change it to 2020, if it's 2011 change to 2021 etc.

c. Turn off your DS again. Turn it back on, and go onto Animal crossing. Go to your mail. You should have a letter from the town hall. It will usually say you have earned 30,00 bells of interest. Toss the letter and save your game.

d. Repeat. As you keep doing this, your interest will rise from 30,000, and be about 99,999 bells. After repeating this about 5-7 times, you should have around 350,000 bells in your account.

e. Go back to the current year, and withdraw the money from the bank - You're rich!

Ok, you might get some weeds, but you can pick them up in no time.


Make sure you have 10 letters in your inventory. Then, simply drag the item (can be anything apart from fish and bugs) as if you were sending a present, but put it into a letter you have read. When it's time to remove the item, simply tap the letter and select 'present', and the item will return to your inventory! Easy!


a. Sometimes, when you're walking along your beach, you might see a coconut. Pick it up.

b. DO NOT SELL IT TO NOOK! You will only get 500 bells. What you can do instead is plant it. Plant it on the bit where your soil becomes sand at the beach.

c. 4 days later, hopefully, you will have a coconut tree! There will be two coconuts growing on the tree.

d. Shake the tree. Plant two more coconut trees.

e. Repeat, until you have a long line of lovely coconut trees on your beach! Then you can sell the coconuts to Nook for 500 bells each! Yay!


a. Get a slingshot from Nook.

b. The secret to knowing when these will fly past is that the time will end in a 4.

c. Example:




d. When the wind is heard, and the time ends in a 4, head to the north of your town. Shoot it down when it floats past.

e. Sometimes it wont come. Sometimes it comes every 10 minutes. If you shoot down 15 presents, the 16th will be the 'Golden slingshot' which shoots three pellets at a time.

Trust me. I've been playing animal crossing... 

continue →

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by PokeACWW Feb 25, 2013

Have a friend buy something from Nookway. The next day, Nookway should be closed. After that, you should have Nookingtons.

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GuIde: Fun With Town Visiting-Games To Play

by Unregistered Aug 10, 2012

Hello! This is Doorimee.

Visiting each others' towns is lots of fun, but it can be even bigger fun when there are games to play!

1) Pattern Tag

Choose one person that is going to be It. The It lays out patterns on the ground, the exact number of the people that are playing excluding the It. For example, if there are four people in total, he/she lays out three patterns. The It then chases the people around, trying to prevent them from finding the patterns and standing on them. When someone stands on a pattern, they are safe from the It. When every single person has stood on a pattern or everyone has been tagged out by the It, the game ends.

2) Capture That Shirt

This is like Capture the Flag. Divide into two teams. Choose a shirt and hide it somewhere in town. The objective of the game is to find the opposite team's shirt before they can find yours. Choose a place to meet the opposite team at. That's the place where they will have to be when they spot your shirt and pick it up.

3) Fishing/Bug Catching Tournament

Choose a certain type of fish/bug. The first person to catch it wins. When they caught it, they will send up a message so that everyone can see they caught it. The game ends then.

4) Giveaway Hunt

Prepare items, such as furniture or money and stuff, and scatter them around town. Make sure no one is seeing where the items are except the person who is scattering them. A good way to prevent people from seeing where the items are is to make them all stay in the museum or some other place. When you are finished scattering the things, tell the people. The next step is to run around town, finding the items that you have scattered. All items are theirs once they have found it and it's in their pocket.

Tip! When playing the Giveaway Hunt, it is more fun when you have a big price item, like a really rare item or a large amount of money. Then that person is winner! :)

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AnImal Crossing shovel cheat

by XxNikkigoesyoxX Jun 19, 2012

Bury a regular shovel.(either save and go to the next day or just wait)

Dig up the shovel it will be turned into gold! :3

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by Unregistered May 11, 2012

HEY! People wondering how to get a dog?

Since this is actually animal crossing you can't, ya know? You could get a dog neighbor...

People who want to know how to get gold tools:

SHOVEL: Bury a normal dull shovel and wait a day, or just skip... and TADA! You got a gold shovel!

Fishing Rod: Catch all the fish in the animal crossing universe!

Net: catch all the bugs in the animal crossing universe!

Can: Make your town perfect. Quite hard to do, I can't do it myself... :(

Slingshot: After you shoot a certain amount of balloons, you'll be walkin' in town, when you see a balloon with a toolbox! Shoot it down and get the golden slingshot!

Axe: It's so much trouble for one, but... It never breaks sooo... First get a red turnip, give it to the walrus, hopefully you get a Turban. Give it to the camel, she might give you a massage chair. Give it to Tortimier. He might give you a scallop. Give that to the otter. And if you're really lucky he'll give you... the golden axe!!!!!!!!!

You can wave at your neighbors! Just use the touch screen to touch them, you can tell if they like you by the emotion you see.

RED TURNIP!!! This will get you 15,000 bells if you grow it for a whole week!

Animals: They differ from Rhinos, Anteaters, and Octopi. To Cats, Dogs, and Birds.

Designing, not much to that I guess, but... let your creativity flow!

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WoRking for the golden watering can. . .

by Tommydinns2 Apr 13, 2012

HUH, wish there was, but I'm afraid, you have to work for 16 days making sure that your town is weed free (I suggest you do it in the summer holidays or something, since it is the longest holiday with 16 days, then you can keep an eye on your town, but you still have to work at it I'm afraid

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MoLe Cricket #2

by Unregistered Jul 18, 2011

That's is Mole Cricket

Mole Crickets can be found during Winter to Spring, of course, they make the noise like this: "KRUUUKKKKKK!", and to catch it, they can be identified by digging in loudest area, Mole Cricket will pop out and you must pull the net IN FEW SECONDS so it can't escape you, they will escape to water or bury themselves back to land, they can sell to Tom Nook for 200 bells, after you donate it Blathers will says:

" The Mole Cricket is a Bug, of course, but it resembles as Moles! By hence of name, its clear once you inspect its lower half that is it a most definitely a Cricket, Blech! Add "Imitating Moles" to the list unforgivable things bugs are capable of!"

The Mole Cricket will appear in first room bury themselves and if they scared, they will pop out and bury themselves again.

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beE hunt help

by schin Jun 28, 2011

if you are trying to get money by shaking the trees and got stung by a bee, don't go running for medicine just yet . keep shaking trees until you want to stop finding money. you might get stung by more bees. then go to nook's shop and by medicine. you will bee healed completly! if you don't, you will have to buy medicine over and over again. (:

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CrOssbred flowers

by Unregistered Jun 20, 2011

This is how to Hybridize flowers

  • This process should have nothing at surroundings at the parent flower, such as digging spot, patterns, items and other flowers
  • Hybrid those flowers with a diagonal position or beside another parent plant

Here is the color to hybrid flowers

*Get the environment perfect at 16 days in row to get golden watering can by Pelly or Phyllis

The purple and black rose are extremely rare, it is high score for your garden at flower fest

**Carnations only available at ACCF only

***Jacob's Ladder is appear when your town is in perfect status only

****Dandelion is randomly appear

Wilted black rose+Golden watering can*Golden rose
Red+Red rosesRed rose/Black rose
White+Red rosesWhite rose/Pink rose/Red rose
Yellow+Red rosesYellow rose/Orange rose/Red rose
White+White rosesWhite rose/Purple rose
Yellow+Yellow roseYellow rose
Red+Purple roseRed rose/Purple rose
White+Yellow roseWhite rose/Yellow rose
Black+Purple rosePurple rose/Blue rose/Black rose
Red+Yellow cosmoesRed cosmos/Orange cosmos/Yellow cosmos
Red+Red cosmoesRed cosmos/Black cosmos
Red+White cosmoesRed cosmos/Pink cosmos/White cosmos
White+White cosmoesWhite cosmos
Yellow+White cosmoesYellow cosmos/White cosmos
Yellow+Yellow cosmoesYellow cosmos
Red+Red tulipsRed tulip/Black tulip
Red+White tulipsRed tulip/Pink tulip/White tulip
Red+Yellow tulipsRed tulip/Purple tulip/Yellow tulip
Yellow+Yellow tulipsYellow tulip/Black tulip
White+White tulipsWhite tulip
Yellow+White tulipsYellow tulip/White tulip
Red+Red pansiesRed pansy/Purple pansy
White+Red pansiesRed pansy/White pansy
White+White pansiesWhite pansy/Blue pansy
White+Yellow pansiesWhite pansy/Yellow pansy
Yellow+Yellow pansiesYellow pansy
Red+Yellow pansiesRed pansy/Orange pansy/Yellow pansy
Pink+Pink carniations*Pink carniation
Red+White carniatonsRed cartniaton/White carniaton
Pink+White carniationsWhite carniatons/Pink carniatons
Pink+Red carniatonsWhite carniaton/Red carniaton
Red+Red carniatonsRed carniaton
White+White carniatonsRed carniaton/Pink carniaton/White carniaton
Jacob's Ladder+Jacob Ladder*Jacob's Ladder
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GoLden Items!!

by Unregistered Jun 10, 2011
Catch all type of fishGolden Fishing Rod
Catch all type of insectsGolden net
Shoot 15 items at skyGolden slingshot
Bury 1 of 2 regular shovelsGolden shovel
Trade seashell scallop to PascalGolden axe
Keep your town in "Perfect" status in 16 consumnitive daysGolden watering can
Obtain ALL golden toolsGolden timer
Water the withered black rose using the golden watering canGolden rose
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A Little Extra Money

by sdan12 Jun 07, 2011

Do you want to make some extra money? Then sell the shells on the beach When you first get on, go down to the beach and collect all the shells you can find. Once you sell them, you'll have some extra money on your hands. How much depends on what you sell and how many you sell.

Coral250 Bells
DALL'S Top90 Bells
Sand Dollar60 Bells
porceletta30 Bells
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TaLk to your friends

by animal1crossing Jan 10, 2011

To talk to people in your town:

Tap them or press a when your near them

To talk to friends from other towns:

First you must get a friend code, to do this go to your town gates and talk the guy on the right(forgot his name!). Then invite a friend by opening your gates, or go over another person’s town. Then to talk to them tap the blue arrow in the top right corner and tap the purple icon at the top of the touch screen. Type what you want to say, and then both people will see the message.

To wave to people in your town:

Make sure your facing the person and you are on 2 separate sides of the screen, one at the top of the touch screen, from far away(most likely the person your trying to wave to) and the other at the bottom. Now tap the person your trying to wave to.

P.S. I found a site for animal crossing!

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HoW To Catch Insects

by Unregistered Jun 27, 2011

Insects Are Tricky To Catch But There Are Some Ways:

Swing your net to airYou caught the flying Insects
Swing the net to tiny dot that jump over the villagerYou caught flea
Swing the net to holding pond or river poolYou caught a Pondskater
Creep SO slowly and charge the net quicky to backYou caught a Tarantula and Scorpion
Charge and swing your net to treeYou caught a Beetle or Cicada
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HoW to stop the angry mole Resseti

by bestestfriend101 Jan 05, 2011

In order to stop Resetti from lecturing you when you don't save before shutting down.When you get out of your house at the beginning of each time you play do not move just put something in front of you where Resseti stands to lecture you.Just place something in front of you and and just keep walking.

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coOl town tunes

by memegal Jan 23, 2009

when you want to change the town tune, go into the town hall and talk to Pelly or Phyllis and they will ask you what you want to do. select town tunes. then change the town tune!
(to change it hold down on it with th A button.)
here are some unes I thought are quite cool that I made myself!
(key:(brackets) means high notes)

G_DG_ _(E)_A_DGE(B)BAname: Running Flame
G_B_A_C_B_DGABAGname: Beautiful Life
A(E)_EAG_CBFGE(B)G_ _name:strange things
G_ _ _ _ _A_ _ _ _(B)_ _G_name: sad song
CCCDFGGGAGG_ _BG_name:kiddies song
B(G)_ _B(G)_ _GE_ _B(G)_ _name:DeeDee
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TiPs On Money:Without Action Replay!

by cottoncandy Apr 04, 2013

Hi Guru's! I'd Like to Start Off by Saying;Rich=No Action Replay. You don't Need that Fancy Thing.

Tip 1:Be Kind,Do Chores for Your Neighbors! This Earns You 500 Bells or Furniture {You Can Sell It}.

Tip 2:Collect Shells Hourly/Fish,Catch Bugs,or Shake Fruit Trees.

Tip 3:Shake Trees for Money, Furniture, or Bees...

Tip 4:Hit Rocks With Your Shovel. {May Work}

Tip 5:Visit Other Towns and Collect Exotic Fruit.

Tip 6:Visit a Friend's Town and Trade With Them! {Have Fun!}.

Tip 7:Write Letters With Unwanted Items and Sell What You Get Back.

You Can Do Alot More, But These Are Just Some Simple Tips! Subscribe Guru's...And Remember,Live In The Video World. (= See Ya'! *For More Information, Questions, and Comments, E-mail Me At!*

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TiPs On Money Making

by Unregistered Aug 09, 2012

Hello, this is Doorimee. I can't say this is a real cheat, but these are some really helpful tips. So...I hope they come in handy.

Want to catch valuable insects? Plant palm trees. Every once in a while a coconut will wash up at the beach. Plant them at the edge of the sand. They grow better that way. Rare insects usually show up late, a good deal after sunset. And summer is the best season to catch valuable insects. So that's recommended-about 1:00 or 2:00 AM on a summer day. But even if you don't have a palm tree, rare things will show up during summer nights anyway. And be careful! Tarantulas and scorpions can be a lot worth of money, but if you are not careful they will attack you. But they don't if you are not holding a bug net. So when you spot one of those two insects, you have to remember to swing your net with good aim and great accuracy.

Now, don't CHASE the tarantulas/scorpions. They will run away from you except when you are holding a bug net. If you chase them, they might fall into the river or such. So don't. That's wasting good money.

Expensive fish usually show up during summer, too. The huge ones are the most valuable. When fishing at the ocean, try to catch the big ones with fins. When fishing at the river, try to catch the really big ones, like arapaimas and gars and such.

Happy money-making!


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DoN't Want Your Friends In Your Town To leave.

by Unregistered May 28, 2012

On Animal Crossing if animals that you like and you don't want them to leave then all you have to do is when you go to their house and the boxes with all their stuff in them are their. Talk to the animal and then they will tell you that they are leaving and other stuff. All you have to is keep saying no don't go or t-t-that can't be about 5/6 times but do it more times just to be sure. Then TADAAAA easy peasy they aren't leaving :)

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WiTh Action Replay Or Codebreaker

by Unregistered Sep 12, 2011

Unless you have those your outta luck

94000130 000002BE 121d8e90 0000137b 121d8e92 00001379 121d8e94 00001377 121d8e96 00001375 121d8e98 00001373 121d8e9a 0000136a D2000000 00000000Get All Gold tool (Only with Action rplay ds
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If you use A R (Action Replay)Yes

by Unregistered Sep 12, 2011

You just use the full grown tree hex codeType in the hex number in the chat and press start and select. The the item will appear in the inventoryfor 1.0

Use the Item to text Code

002Ffull Grown Regular tree
0033Full grown Peach tree
003BFull grown apple tree
004Bfull grown PearTree
0056full grown Cherry tree
005BFull Grown money tree
0061full grown Pine tree
00CCFull Grown Palm(coconut) tree
0069Full GrownAcorn Tree
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ShOoting STAR!!!

by Veleraz Aug 31, 2011

I was walking around in Animal crossing and then a shooting star fell across the sky!!! I thought I had the slingshot in my hand so I pressed the A button and then the shooting star got big and I was making a wish!!! The next day a letter from the star came with a rare Item.

So next time its night and you do not have any equipment in your hand press the A button and get a nice gift in a letter the next day!

´Cheat written by veleraz .

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geT rich quick

by Unregistered Aug 26, 2011

first go to the DS DSI or 3DS menu then change the year two 2000

next go on animal crossing and get 10,000 pound

then go to the town hall give ur 10,000 in

next save the game and the turn off the DS DSI or 3DS

then change the year two 2011

next go on animal crossing

then u se u got mail read it and one of them from the town hall says u got 6,000 or more

then read the one from ur mum then get the prezzy and its 10,000 quid

then get ur money outta the bank

now save the game then turn the DS DSI OR 3DS off

then keep changing the date keep it on new years and ull keep gettin money from ur mum

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SeCret-bee stings

by kittykat2204 Aug 03, 2011

everyone hates getting stung by a bee right? for e.g. ur a happy little kid, shaking trees at random when - BAAAAAAMMMM!!! U shake out a beehive!

u run for ur life but u just are'nt quick enough. u get stung, and there is no more medicine in the shop and ur good looks are ruined. now wat? well, all u need 2 du is go to bed! its that simple! then u wake up and ur totally fine!

i dont no mi friendcode but my character is called Fifi (not mi real name) and mi town is Birthday. hope this tip is useful! ;D

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