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Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats :

This page contains Animal Crossing: Wild World cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 278 cheats in our list, which includes 44 cheats codes, 2 passwords, 34 unlockables, 36 easter eggs, 19 glitches, 143 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Animal Crossing: Wild World on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Torture your hated neighbours on Animal Crossing!

by MileyCyrusLover Mar 08, 2010

(I know this isn't a secret, but it kinda is.)
Have you got neighbours you hate in animal crossingEveryone does. I hate Cyondo and yesterday was the WORST DAY OF HER LIFE!! Heres how i did it.
1. bury holes in the shape of a square with a gap. Pretend the circles are holes

2. Find desired animal and push into gap. Warning: May giveout on the way down. Pretend the "A" is the animal.


dig a hole in gap when animals trapped . If he's trying to get out, push it into side of thing. May grumble. Dig it when walking into wall. Or easier, stand in gap and go into invetory and when it walks into the wall, there's your chance.
3. When trapped, get rid of these holes.


The arrows are the the holes you get rid of. It can't get out but you can hit it with the net and talk to it.
4. You can hit it with the net for as long as you like. It won't be able to move, but it will give out to you. Then, i finished it off with a pitfall seed . Bury it into one of the holes.

Thats how i made Cyondo hate me. Nowadays she gives me THE MEAN GLARE.
If you repeat this everyday, your hated neighbours should move away. Also if you talk to it, Select Made y0u look or whatever option at the bottom. Also opening the mail they asked you to deliver then talking to them then they'll take it back. That annoys them.

Thats the end of my guide to torturing your hated neighbours!
Thanks for reading and please comment!

Yello Goodbye!

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Unlockable - Get Nookingtons

by Unregistered May 14, 2008

Just do what it says and nobody gets hurt

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Get NookingtonsSpend $250,000 or something like that in Nookway
pressing dfgsfjdbfbcfnjnyfnugshtgeubfvjffgcxhReally hurts my fingers and my deoderant
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Code - The dandelion puff flower

by Amelia Apr 25, 2011

One time I was in a town, and I picked up this mysterious flower onion looking puff. Then I saw it was a dandelion puff! If you take it to your character your character holds it in His/Hers hand. Then if you press A, your character blows it and it disappears!

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Unlockable - Cool hints

by mizzfran Feb 18, 2009

Just read these

Unlockable:How to unlock:
store ten designschange flag to 1 and use the other as your inventory backround
get a friend codebuy a nintendo USB powered by buffalo mines 4167-9832-7774!
reset clockwhen your in the bed in the attic at the start select the phone and reset clock
get a ocean sunfishfish early morning (5am) or early night (5pm)
get a scorpian without being stunggo near it and stay still when it turns its back charge at it and catch it
get k.k. songswhen he says im taking requests if your giving them select not this time and sit down
get a tanin the middle of summer stay outside for ages then go inside and out wow your tanned
get bellsdig up fossils and tell blathers to check a fossil then give it to nook they cost $4000
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Code - Nook glitch

by Spuds Apr 05, 2010

Ok the glitch is to work for nook forever (but who wants to do that!). hehe no worries. he pays ya. now go to his shop and look to the left of your screen. there should be a small door that says EMPLOYES ONLY. oh and the door is only there with the Nook Market model. If you don't have that model (if you have nook cranny, nook n go, nookway, or nookingtons) you need to upgrade. You can do this by selling him all of the stuff in your house then skipping 4 years ahead. Then you should have the nook market. when you have it, go through the employes door. if you can't enter, use a platinum axe to chop through the door. member, the golden/regular axe won't help ya here!!!
okay now that you have entered the door, there should be a single table inside. go to it and there should be a whole chain of passwards you need to get through. to break the code walls, enter the codes at the bottom of this page in order

now, nook should walk in and this is what he says, "Wow, I've been trying to get through that wall for years. You've earned your gratitude for a...
PAID JOB FOREVER! Aww, don't give me that look! It's paid! All I need you to do is run the register. Your neighbors will come in, buy stuff, and I'll be RICH!! ..I mean...WE'LL be rich! Great job to you."
And now the screen goes black and you can go to nook's whenever it's you shift. It's really fun. Enjoy your new job!

Bye now.

beeline socken1st code wall breaks
flora genus2nd code wall breaks
aero sator3rd code wall breaks
homely knicks escape regurginfinal code wall breaks
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Secret - How to get curtains in your house!!!

by supercute2496 Nov 07, 2011

Okay, u need 2 first get more than 1 million Bells. U can get 3 types of curtains, NORMAL, ROLLERS and

BLINDS. 4 Normal, fill up each room u want curtains in with normal saplings. 4 Rollers, pine tree saplings, and 4 blinds, PEARS AND PEARS ONLY!!! 2 fill a room, tap the fruit or sapling in ur pocket and then tap DROP ON GROUND. Good luck!

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Secret - The Legend Of Zelda

by Unregistered Jul 27, 2011

If you have a villager called Bob and he is inside his house, try to enter, first DO NOT send gift to him, then, sometimes if you open his dresser, the text is appear that written:
" You got 10 rupees! Lucky!

Too bad you can't use them in your town..."

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Code - Nookingtons

by Line_Rider Aug 11, 2008

OK!Imma answer your request!Do you have an AR (Action Replay)?If so heres some codes to get a Nookingtons seed in inventory slot 5(If you have something in that inventory slot empty it or you will lose that item!!!).If you don't have AR if you can get someone to come to your town through Wi-Fi or DS download play and you have Nookway,have them buy something from the store and Tom Nook will remodel it.Anways heres the codes

For Versions 1.0 and 1.1(I've tested this for v. 1.0 and it works but it should work for 1.1)

121d8906 00005010

In case you have EU(Europe) version heres the code.

121D8906 00005010......(I guess it's the same?.....wierd....I haven't tried it for EU so be my guest.)

Enjoy!!And in case you do have the EU version and it doesn't work (I'm sorry) pm me and I'll see if I can help k?

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Hints - Exclamation point

by Unregistered Aug 26, 2006

Ok this some times works for me but not always when you see some one but they haven't seen you run in front of them most of the time the will show a exclamation point.

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Secret - How To Get Free Paper!

by SecretaryBisonMonkey Jun 29, 2009

Ok, so you still have to have the job with Nook. You know that part when he gives you paper to write on to deliver to a villager Well, exit the building after he gives you paper for that, then enter the building again. When he asks if you need more paper, click "Grand Idea!." Exit the building after he gives you more paper, then repeat the whole "exit building, enter building, talk to Nook, Grand Idea" process.

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Unlockable - Serena the fountain godess

by marie808 Feb 15, 2010

Serena is a solid white chihuahua with a white toga. She has large beady eyes and wears golden jewelery. At the back,she has a veil with golden ear rings hanging down. She also has large pointed ears in front. She is sometimes by many mistaken for an angel. She is also considered by many to be the cutest special character.

SerenaTo get to Serena, you must first unlock the fountain by donating 500,000 Bells to the Town Fund. Talk to Pelly to donate. Then, you must literally throw an axe into the fountain. To throw the axe, make a horizontal swipe across in front of you. Doing so will land the axe into the middle of the fountain. It should be noted that the day the fountain is bought Tortimer will be in the way so you cannot throw an axe into the fountain. Serena may come out and ask a possibility of 3 different questions, which will lead to further questions.
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Secret - How To Make Millions

by LittleMissCheater Feb 18, 2008

Ok so like your poor and have no money and you need to pay off your loan or something or you just want loads of bells. Well I've got a cheat that will probably make you more than just a billionair. Its simple, really. Its easy as getting married. So first things first, visit a Walmart, Best Buy, or any various electronic store. Go to the Nintendo or Games isle and look for Action Replay DS which is really cheap (only about like $20.00 or if your specific, $19.99 bucks). Then go home and insert your Animal Crossing: Wild World game cart (please be very careful with AR because it can ruin your game cart but theres a way to fix it). A screen should apear once you turn it on. Now click on the star-looking thingy. There should be a list of cheats. Only select the onlys following. Max/Infinite Bells, Savings Acount Full, and Jay FNG's ULTIMATE WEED CODES. When you select the third one, two choices should apear. Choose the one that says Press L+R to Change Weeds to Bells. Then click the B button to times and you'll return to the home page. Click the red button that says START and your game will start. You'll have LOADS of bells and you savings account will be full. Now press L and R and take a look at your weeds. Wow, sudenly their all 69,000 bells! Who would've thought girls were so smart?

*Spend Wisely!*

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Code - How to get the red ribbon !!!

by Unregistered Sep 30, 2010

you have to donate 100,000,000 bells to the charity thing and then recycle 200 tin cans and 50 tyres then get 50 fossils and bury them the next day you should get a letter with a red ribbon 20,000 bells and a picture of w ishy the star ( she/he sends you the letter for being good) and then if you collect all the feathers you become MAYOR of the town and you get to go to the city . I tried this and got to go to the city i'm mayor and i' m rich also i have a mansion ( you get that if u pay your morgage) thanks for giving me the chance to write this cheat ryt bye !!! and keep on payin <off your mortgage!!!!! this above is my mansion please email me at

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Secret - Have a Lover

by hacker17 Jun 02, 2010

Can you get married on animal crossing well no but what you can do is always be nice to him/her and then they will have a heart on there head everytime they talk to you.In my other animal crossing,there was an aligator hos name was Alfonso and he had the ! on his head and when he talked to me he had hearts it was funny

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Glitch - Money

by meganrocks Oct 31, 2007

you know the way you always neeed money for your bank, mortgage or even

jus to spend on yourself

well now you can

just follow these tips

1. turn on your ds and go into time and date settings

2.change the date to 1.1.2000

3.go into your game

4.put 20,ooo in your bank only 20,ooo there can not be any other money your game

6.turn your ds bac on again and go back to the time and date

7.change the date to 1.1.2099

8.go onto your game will recieve a message from the town hall saying you have 99,999 in your bank plus the extra 20,000 you put in you can do this cheat over and over again

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Hints - Become friends with Celeste

by cGub Jan 14, 2006

This is a really easy trick. Just buy 10 letters, leave them blank, than pull an item onto it so that it becomes a present. Tada, 10 extra slots.

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Cheats - How to get colored roofs...w/o paying your mortgage!

by scaredycoolcat97 Feb 23, 2007

Once you get the last upgrade at Tom Nook's store ("Nookington's"), go to the second-floor of the store, and you will see Timmy and Tommy. After they greet you, go left, then straight. You should now see a bucket of paint. Press "A" (on the paint), then "ok". Within 24 hours, you should have a different color roof on your house!

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by Unregistered Sep 22, 2008

right first skip 5 days into the future.
then go in your house.
then you should see bugs.
just step over them.
then you will see there soul go up for a few seconds.
Enjoy please rate this.
This is my first cheat.
Enjoy anyway.

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