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Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats :

This page contains Animal Crossing: Wild World cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 278 cheats in our list, which includes 44 cheats codes, 2 passwords, 34 unlockables, 36 easter eggs, 19 glitches, 143 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Animal Crossing: Wild World on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - DONT DO THIS!!!

by Unregistered Jan 10, 2008

If you've seen the cheat to give you 99999 bells DONT DO IT!!!!! I did it and nothing happened exept fill my town with weeds! And if you go back to the regular time the weeds are still there!!!!! I'm so sad about my town because i got so far but then i had to pull out all of the stupid weeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Glitch - Make Tommy run around in circles

by Nintendogs_Dude May 06, 2010

(Make sure you have nookingtons or it wont work).

Ok, go upstairs where Timmy and Tommy is. Go straight down then turn left at the end of the room, imediatley turn left at the end of the room and imediatley go forward and stop in between the first two carpets, if you have done this correctly, Tommy should be running around in circles.

If this doesnt work for you, tell me and ill sort it out.

Please five me thumbs up for this, and thanks for reading... Enjoy!!!

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Secret - Music from kk slider

by music9510 May 01, 2009

Every Saturday night, K.K. Sliderthe too-hip-for-record-company-contracts, guitar-playing dogshows up at the museum's coffee house, The Roost. He'll play a random song for you if you take a seat in front of him, but you can actually request a specific song if you know the title. Speak to K.K. before sitting down and input one of the following song titles. Some of these songs won't ever be played unless they're requested, so consider this a cheat sheet to Slider.

* agent k.k.
* aloha k.k.
* caf k.k.
* comrade k.k.
* dj k.k.
* forest life
* go k.k. rider!
* i love you
* imperial k.k.
* k.k. aria
* k.k. ballad
* k.k. blues
* k.k. bossa
* k.k. calypso
* k.k. casbah
* k.k. chorale
* k.k. condor
* k.k. country

* k.k. cruisin'
* k.k. d & b
* k.k. dirge
* k.k. dixie
* k.k. etude
* k.k. faire
* k.k. folk
* k.k. fusion
* k.k. gumbo
* k.k. jazz
* k.k. lament
* k.k. love song
* k.k. lullaby
* k.k. mambo
* k.k. marathon
* k.k. march
* k.k. metal
* k.k. ragtime

* k.k. rally
* k.k. reggae
* k.k. rock
* k.k. rockabilly
* k.k. safari
* k.k. salsa
* k.k. samba
* k.k. ska
* k.k. song
* k.k. soul
* k.k. steppe
* k.k. swing
* k.k. tango
* k.k. technopop
* k.k. waltz
* k.k. western
* king k.k.
* lucky k.k.

* marine song 2001
* mountain song
* mr. k.k.
* my place
* neapolitan
* only me
* pondering
* rockin' k.k.
* seor k.k.
* soulful k.k.
* steep hill
* surfin' k.k.
* the k. funk
* to the edge
* two days ago

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Unlockable - Animal Crossing Unlockables

by mudkipmaster Apr 03, 2009

Gold ones

Golden ShovelBury a regular shovel in the ground, when you dig it up in 24 hours it will be golden
Golden SlingshotShoot 15 items out of the sky and a golden slingshot will appear. Shoot it down for keeps
Golden Rosesplant red roses nextPlant red roses next to each other until black roses appear. Use the golden watering can and the next day they will be golden
Golden TimerGet a golden axe, golden bug net, golden fishing rod, golden shovel, golden slingshot and golden watering can. Tortimer will give you the golden timer
Golden Watering CanKeep the enviorment perfect for 16 days to get the golden watering can from Pelly or Phyllis
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Secret - Tips and Tricks for Newcomers

by Roselina Mar 28, 2011

OK here are some tips newcomers will want to know.

1. Wishy the Star:

Between 7:00 p.m and 9:00 p.m you can see a shooting star. During these hours walk around with NOTHING AT ALL in your hands outside. You need to be around at COMPLETELY CLEAR NIGHTS. Sometimes you'll hear a *bling* high pitched noise and a white line coming across at your top screen. While it is in the sky IMMEDIATELY PRESS A! Now your character should bow and the next day you'll get a spotlight item from "Wishy the Star" as a present by mail.

2. Waving:

When you and a neighbor is standing a certain distance and tap them you'll wave to them! Cranky Peppy and Snooty will wave back but Lazy and Normal will bow back.

3. Lost&Found + No bees in your trees.

OK when you talk to Booker in the gate ask about the lost and found. At first he'll ask things like "Why are you here!?" or something like that I don't remember but choose anything in the yellow box to say then he'll ask what do you want. Choose the lost and found for free items. Take whatever you want! Talk to Copper there and open the gate for DS to DS visitors. While the gates are open no bees will be in your trees AND you can get all the furniture and bells from shaking trees with no fruit without getting stung!

OK that's all folks!

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Unlockable - Katrina's Fortune

by marie808 Feb 03, 2010

Katrina's tent will appear randomly in front of Town Hall once a month. She can tell the player their fortune for 100 Bells. She can tell him/her about their love life and she can tell the player what will happen tomorrow. The player can also have their spirit cleansed for 10,000 Bells, which cleanses them of the misfortune of tripping over.
The below fortunes are the responses given by Katrina to the player. These are also followed by the effects.

LoveVillagers of the opposite gender will take a liking to you.
UnpopularVillagers will act coldly toward you.
Lucky FinancesYou'll earn and find more Bells than normal.
Lucky MaterialsIt will become easier to acquire rare items.
UnluckyYou'll fall down a lot.
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Secret - Things to know 1:

by totodile9000 May 29, 2008

golden shovel: First get 2 shovels.then u bury one and wait a day.u could time travel but beware some weeds will come! when u dig it out it will be golden!

golden watering can: First get a watering can.then u have to keep the town perfect for 16 whole days.on the 17th day go to the town office and talk to pelly.she wll give u the golden watering can.

golden net: catch all the bugs.

golden rod: catch all the fish.

golden sling shot: shoot as many presents from the sky. i hink u will get it in 1 of the presents.

change your bed: if u have a bed in your pocket (how does it fit? also hammocks work) then go to the end of your bed and press A. your pocket should come up so u pick the 1 u want! u can change it more then once.

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Secret - Back ground patter

by cowmoocow Apr 04, 2008

Go to the able sisters shop and designe a pattern then walk out and go to your pockets to look at your patter then pick up a pattern and put it in the bottom left hand corner and a box should come up drop it in the box and see the BESTEST MOST WONDERFUL LOVELYEST SURPRISE

Please give me a thums up cuz it really works try it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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by Unregistered Nov 14, 2008

Get pics: send 6 letters (or more) to desired animal. go to an outside place where no one can see you.

Find animal after 5 minutes or so.
they should have a ! over their heads. might give pic. keep trying if not. :P

NOTe make sure animal is walking around outside (not in house) or this wont work


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Unlockable - Crossbreeding flowers

by animallover Nov 25, 2008

Put flowers together.. and whola! A new flower!!!

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Black RosePut red rose + red rose together
Black TulipPut red tulip with red tulip
Gold roseWater a dying black rose with gold watering can
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Hints - Easy Money

by Unregistered May 02, 2006

Every day take your shovel out and hit rocks. One rock will shake and money will come out. Up to 15,000 bells+ can come out.

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Unlockable - Rafflesia Flower

by candyninja12 Jul 02, 2008

if you time travel alot or dont play for a VERY VERY long time, weeds will develop, as you may know. if this happens too much, a giant red flower called the raffelsia will appear. the only way to make it go away is to pick ALL the weeds; EVERY LAST ONE. i know this isnt a really "good" unlockable- it's more of a warning.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
the rafflesia (not a good unlockable!)too may weeds from not playing or time travel
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Secret - Go Golden Shovel!

by cheetahgirl Apr 07, 2008

When you get a golden shovel(Buy two shovels, bury one in the ground, wait 24 hours, come back to that spot) you can then plant money trees. What you do is you dig a hole and put money in it. It will then be a little sapling. Wait 24 hours and in its place their will be a tree that grows money!

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Easter Egg - Change your bed

by ArceusBlue Oct 08, 2007

Up in the attic of your house, go to your character's bed and press A at the end of it. You will now be able to switch your bed with one in your inventory. (Only if you have one)

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Secret - Time travel

by mizzfran Feb 18, 2009

when your in bed in the attic select the clock and select reset clock this doesnt affect your nintendo ds time either!
please rate this my friend code is 4167-9832-7774 so give me yours and we can connect sometime!

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Easter Egg - Funny Pitfall Seed Trick

by jencheats1024 Jun 01, 2009

You know how sometimes when you walk on a star on the ground, you end up falling It's because you walked on a pitfall seed buried in the ground. The same thing happens to the animals! Here's a funny trick you can try out!

Well you need to have these things first:

Pitfall Seed (find some at the Lost&Found)
Shovel (any will do)
A nearby animal

First bury a pitfall seed into the ground. Then push the animal into the star. At this step, you can see that the animal is stuck in the ground. If you talk to him/her, he/she will say something like "Help me!". When they get out, smoke will come out of their head or purple circles and be in a very bad mood. They won't be mad for long, though. Try it!

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Secret - Ants.

by candyninja12 Jul 02, 2008

buy turnips from Joan on Sunday. drop them on the ground. the next day, or later that day, there will be a line of ants marching near it. use your net and swing!! there you go- an ant!!

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Secret - Golden Shovel

by SweetieX Mar 31, 2008

Buy a normal shovel from Tom Nook, and then the next day buy another. Bury one and then the next day dig it up; it should be golden.

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Easter Egg - Golden Roses

by SweetieX Mar 31, 2008

If you see dying roses (black), water them with the golden watering can and when they return, the next day, they are then golden roses.

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Hints - Growing Fruit Trees!!

by Haven Apr 04, 2007

You can plant a piece of fruit to grow a tree that bears that fruit. However, not all parts of your town are suitable for growing. To ensure that your fruit tree grows, chop down an existing tree (preferrably one that dooesn't grow fruit) and dig up the stump with a shovel. Bury the fruit in the hole you dug and it will always grow into a fruit bearing tree.

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Easter Egg - Change Pattern

by SweetieX Mar 31, 2008

Go on to your patterns and select one, then drag it to the bottom left hand corner; the pattern is now set as your background for your pockets. Also when you do this you immediatley receive the big dot shirt, which appears in your pockets.

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Hints - Shopping spree

by lust Jan 22, 2007

if theres something expensive that you want to get at one particular date, remember that date and then when you have enough money you can change the time on your DS back to that specific time to buy that item (i.e. crown- able sis.s- 1 mil) if youre not doing that you can change the date multiple times and see whats in stock in the future or somethings youve missed!

you can change the season too to get unique bugs and fish etc. or just replay an event.

WARNING: once i changed it and my whole town was COVERED in weeds and all my flowers died! please be aware of the ATTACK of the WEEDS.

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Cheats - How to get different colored flowers

by scaredycoolcat97 Feb 23, 2007

In order to get custom colors for your flowers, you need to do a little flower-husbandry: get two of the same type of flowers (in the same color) and plant them next to each other. After 7-10 days, one of the flowers (you planted previously) should be a different color! For example, two white [or two red, whatever] cosmos will make a pink cosmo; two red roses will create a pink rose; two red pansies will make a purple pansy; etc.

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Unlockable - Characters

by PokeGal Aug 01, 2008

These are special characters:
Blanca: Appears after you use wi-fi.Can draw on her face and see what others draw.
Rover:Occasionally appears in the roost.In search of Blanca. Also appears in Tag Mode
Resetti:Annoying mole that appaers turn off without saving
Taxi driver:Occasionally appears in Roost.(Pervert) Also appears when you make a new character or move.
Gracie:Fashion giraffe. Appears in random day.
UFO:Appears random day.(in sky)Can shoot
Pete: The bird that flies in the sky on a random day can shoot
Katina:Fortune telling cat that appears on a random day.
Redd: Rare furniture seller. Appears the day you talk to Llye about.
Llye:Insurance seller. Random day(chases you)
Dr Shurnk: Expression giver. Random day.
Bees: Shake a tree, run or catch them!!(beehive)
Pascal: A beaver that appears on the beach on a random day[url=][/url].
Bees:Shake a tree, run or catch them!
Snowman: Make 1 snowman
If theres any more on city folk or other games, post here~!!

Unlockable:How to unlock:
paintingbuy from redd,tom nook, dig up
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Secret - Crown

by BadWolf Mar 05, 2008

If you want the crown I will give it to you if you rate all my (Badwolf) Cheats and Questions! You will have to give me your freind code thing! And do I get Nookington?

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