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Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats :

This page contains Animal Crossing: Wild World cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 278 cheats in our list, which includes 44 cheats codes, 2 passwords, 34 unlockables, 36 easter eggs, 19 glitches, 143 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Animal Crossing: Wild World on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Easter Egg - Retro animal crossing bootleg

by popye Apr 06, 2009

To get the Retro Animal Crossing note to listen to at your house, tell K.K. Slider this request. Forest Life This song is the full version of the gamecube AC. If you don't have the game, but you do have AC for the Gamecube, and are just surfing the site, Then to hear "Forest Life" on the Gamecube, just turn the game on and open the disc cover as soon as you see the train monkey.

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Secret - Fish time!

by aries Jun 06, 2008

The best time to catch a fish is when it is raining and it is night! i caught a hameerhead and a some other fish that was rare.

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Code - Some easy cheats - tried and tested - 100% true

by Unregistered Jan 07, 2011

Ok. I know you and I have things to do, so I'm going to keep this short as possible.


There's a lot of dispute if this cheat actually works. If you do it right, it will work.

a. Get 50,000 bells. Go to the town hall, and put it into your account.

b. Save your game and turn off your DS. Turn it back on, go to the DS menu and fast forward the year 10 years. If it's 2010, change it to 2020, if it's 2011 change to 2021 etc.

c. Turn off your DS again. Turn it back on, and go onto Animal crossing. Go to your mail. You should have a letter from the town hall. It will usually say you have earned 30,00 bells of interest. Toss the letter and save your game.

d. Repeat. As you keep doing this, your interest will rise from 30,000, and be about 99,999 bells. After repeating this about 5-7 times, you should have around 350,000 bells in your account.

e. Go back to the current year, and withdraw the money from the bank - You're rich!

Ok, you might get some weeds, but you can pick them up in no time.


Make sure you have 10 letters in your inventory. Then, simply drag the item (can be anything apart from fish and bugs) as if you were sending a present, but put it into a letter you have read. When it's time to remove the item, simply tap the letter and select 'present', and the item will return to your inventory! Easy!


a. Sometimes, when you're walking along your beach, you might see a coconut. Pick it up.

b. DO NOT SELL IT TO NOOK! You will only get 500 bells. What you can do instead is plant it. Plant it on the bit where your soil becomes sand at the beach.

c. 4 days later, hopefully, you will have a coconut tree! There will be two coconuts growing on the tree.

d. Shake the tree. Plant two more coconut trees.

e. Repeat, until you have a long line of lovely coconut trees on your beach! Then you can sell the coconuts to Nook for 500 bells each! Yay!


a. Get a slingshot from Nook.

b. The secret to knowing when these will fly past is that the time will end in a 4.

c. Example:




d. When the wind is heard, and the time ends in a 4, head to the north of your town. Shoot it down when it floats past.

e. Sometimes it wont come. Sometimes it comes every 10 minutes. If you shoot down 15 presents, the 16th will be the 'Golden slingshot' which shoots three pellets at a time.

Trust me. I've been playing animal crossing... 

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Unlockable - Bigger House?

by lovinlife101 Jul 09, 2010

Need a bigger house? If you have Action Replay for DS, it will automatically plop coin bags everywhere! Everywhere you have space (outside, of course), there will be a coin bag. I forgot how much money, since I saw it everywhere from my friend's town, but you can use this to do anything! Buy stuff, get your hair done (only Nookington's, sorry) donate some to Boondox, or use it for your mortgage! I used it all on my mortgage, and I have the biggest house you can get! Hope this helped!

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Secret - Winning The Flower Festival

by ducky411 Aug 25, 2008

If You want to win the flower festival all you have to do is steal everyone else's flowers. By the way, please don't leave bad comments because this is my first secret ever.

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Glitch - Glitches

by Madd_dogg Jun 11, 2009

Turnips that never spoil.

First get a table and place it in your house. Now take any item preferred item is fishing pole or shovel and set it down in front of the table, now stand directly on that item and try to place your turnips on the ground. Instead of the turnips falling on the ground they go onto the table. This prevents any spoiling as opposed to setting them on the ground.

Cause all the mail to be sent

Normally, the mail will only come at 9am and 5pm daily. However, there is a way to make the mail come whenever you want. When you order an item from the catalog, or when you or one of your villagers sends a letter, it becomes "pending to be sent" at the post office. However, the post office can only hold ten letters as "pending" at a time. If more than ten letter are sent, all the mail will come. So, in order to cause the mail to come whenever you want, simply send letters to one of your villagers or another character in your house until there are more than ten total letters waiting to be sent. This is a great way to get items from the catalog whenever you want.

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Secret - Become freinds with Sable

by darkeus1 Apr 14, 2008

talk to sable (the 1 at the sewing machine) and eventualy she will talk about her parents resulting in u getting her picture

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Easter Egg - Villager Personalities

by Sakira Dec 01, 2008

This is obvious, but the villagers have personalities.

Here's a short and sweet list of them for you:



I grouped them based on...Um...The gender that can posess this personality. Or something.

Doesn't help at all, but it's nice to know. :P

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Easter Egg - Rock money!!!

by animalcrossing123 May 28, 2008

Everyday go threw your town hitting rocks witha shovel if u find the wrtie one money will come shooting out from it the max u can get is 2.500 bells which i think is ok for hitting s rock hav fun with it please rate =]

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Easter Egg - Hit the rock

by cowmoocow Apr 03, 2008

If you get your shovel out and go hit a rock you will get money sometimes you can hit it twice but you can only hit 1 rock per day so be carful

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Secret - Lyle

by zeldafreak42 Jan 24, 2012

many say lyle's insurance is a BIG rip off. and if done wrong, it is. but next time you see him, sign up for insurance. then, continually shake trees till you find a beehive. DON'T RUN!!! let them sting you. and when the mail comes next, it will contain a letter from Lyle with 100-1000 bells.

that's not all! if you go to mable and sable's shop, if you come across a king tut mask, BUY IT!!! then, put it on, and run around. you will occasionally trip and fall. do this a few times (just to be sure) and when the mail comes again, Lyle will give you 100 bells!

so all and all, Lyle isn't that bad of a guy when you think of it!

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Unlockable - The Golden Axe

by china96 Jan 11, 2010

Ok, what you need to do is a long trading sequence which all starts off with Joan the turnip pedler. First you should buy one set or red turnip seeds and plant them. Water them everyday for a week and then after a week they should be ready to dig up. After this you should put your tunrips on a table in your house to keep them from rotting until you see Wendell the walrus.When you see him give hime the tunrips and he will give you either a country guitar or a turban. I f he gives you the turban give it to Sahara the camel and she will either give you a red vase or a massage chair. If she gives you a massage chair give it to the mayor at the next festival. He will give you a scallop which you then give to Pascal the next time he's at the beach. He will ask you a couple of questions, just go for the gold ones, and then he will give you the golden axe.. P.S if you get the country guitar give it to KK Slider for the KK pic. If you get the red vase, give it to Crazy Redd for the Safe. Then give that to Tom Nook for the Nook pic. The safeis available in your catalogue afterwards.

The golden axeThrough a long trading sequence
The KK Slider picUsing the country guitar
The Tom Nook pictureUsing the safe
The safeForm Crazy Redd
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Glitch - Never-rotting turnips.

by Olive Oct 06, 2008

Make sure you have a table in your house first, then stand next to it, facing it. Drop something that you can stand on (ex: any of the tools like a fishing rod). Then go to your inventory and select the turnip to place it in the room. If done properly, the turnip should end up on the table, and won't ever rot.

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by candyninja12 Jul 02, 2008

if you leave your gate open, residents in your town will get better and there won't be any chance of a beehive falling out if you sahke a tree

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Secret - Pay off your mortgage!

by Unregistered Jan 15, 2008

1. Go to the 1/1 of any month
2. Your "mom" should give you a letter to celebrate the new year
3. She'll give you a present of 10 000 bells
4. Go exactly one year to the future and you'll receive another letter
5. Repeat this process
NOTE: This process takes a while. And you WILL get weeds with it.
Also if a neighbour has a birthday in January they'll keep sending you letters unt il they actually move which can take ten years!

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Easter Egg - Just a little sumthin

by animalcrossingpep Aug 18, 2011

if u press the y button wen selling it sends it to tom nook 4 bells nd if u press b button wile talkin then it makes them talk faster if you run on the beach when its rainin the u fall over and your face print is in the sand if sum1 asks u if u hav a cup wif u then tell them yes cos they will give u sum thin

please rate the cos its my first animalcrossing cheat please :) thanks <3 animalcrossingpep

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Easter Egg - Get Smashed By Katrina's Tent

by BloomMoon4ever Jun 01, 2009

So most of you might of read the cheat"Get Smashed By Redd's Tent", I found this cheat a while after I read that cheat. It says that you need to warp to a day when Crazy Redd visits your town, warp the time to 5:59, go to the place where Redd sets up his tent(Bottom right corner of the town hall). Wait a minute, a message that says"Morning everyone! Rise and shine!" comes up, you will see yourself under Redd's tent with stars around your head. Then you will find yourself infront of your house uncontious. I thought, Redd and Katrina both have a tent, then why can't I get smashed my Katrina's tent One day I found Katrina in my town, I did the things I mentioned up the top, and then I found myself uncontious under Katrina's tent then I was back to my house!

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by gaarakazekage Apr 09, 2008

Golden Axe: Give a Scallop Seashell to Pascal. This requires some trading. Start by purchasing a Red Turnip from Joan. Trade it to Wendel for a Turban or Country Guitar when he appears in town. If Wendel gave you a Turban, trade it to Sahara for a Massage Chair or Red Vase when she comes to town. If Sahara gave you a Massage Chair, trade it to Tortimer on the next holiday to get the Scallop Seashell.
Golden Bug Net: Catch one of each type of bug.
Golden Fishing Rod: Catch one of each type of fish.
Golden Roses: Plant red roses next to one another until black roses appear. Use the Golden Watering Can to water dying black roses. They will appear as golden the next day.
Golden Shovel: Bury regular shovel in the ground. When dug up after 24 hours, it will be a Golden Shovel.
Golden Timer: Obtain the Golden Axe, Golden Bug Net, Golden Fishing Rod, Golden Shovel, Golden Slingshot, and Golden Watering. Tortimer will give you the Golden Timer.
Golden Slingshot: Shoot fifteen items out of the sky. A Golden Slingshot will appear in the sky. Shoot it down to collect it.
Golden Watering Can: Keep the environment perfect for sixteen consecutive days to get a Golden Watering Can from Pelly or Phyllis.

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Secret - Golden Shovel !!!

by Pretty_princess06 Mar 26, 2008

Buy 2 shovels bury 1. The next day dig up the shovel (or just change the date on the ds) And it will be golden. If Anything goes wrong plz plz tell me!!!! :-):} lol By By have fun playing

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Secret - Golden shovel

by Unregistered Nov 26, 2007

bury a shovel in the ground leave it for a day then dig it back and it will be a golden shovel

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Secret - Weeds

by meganrocks Oct 31, 2007

i know it says that if you put down your design all over town it will stop weeds

but wen u pick up your designs it wastes the same time as weeeds do

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Easter Egg - Wave to your neighbors

by ArceusBlue Oct 08, 2007

Simply touch them with the stylis at a good distance away from them. You will wave to them and they will either, wave back, bow, or smile.

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Easter Egg - Rock Money!

by roogle Aug 28, 2007

To get money from any various rock in your town, just hit it with your shovel. You can do this once a day, and try hitting the rock a few times so the more cash comes rolling out!

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Easter Egg - No weeds

by Unregistered Aug 08, 2007

if u cover your city with the patterns weeds cant grow on your patterns so your town stays weed free!!!

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Unlockable - How to make hybrids

by aqurisduck Jan 08, 2010

Well ill give you a few tips yellow tulips next to red ones,red roses next to red roses,white pansies next to white pansies.A few ok many more that i dunno

Purple tulipsYellow tulpis next to red tulips
Black rosesRed roses next to red roses
Black cosmosRed cosmos next to red cosmos
orange rosesYellow roses next to red roses
Pnk tulipsWhite tulips next to red tulips
Pink rosesred roses next to white roses
Blue pansiesWhite pansises next to white pansies
Orange pansiesYellow pansies next to red pansies
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